Friday, April 29, 2005


This was a classic game for the Indians last year. I remember when Yankee's fans used to ask...
"not, a Yankee fan...who you like, Boston????, the Mets???, Atlanta??" and before I could answer they had already belted out 3-5 different teams that weren't mine. Then I would tell them "I'm a Cleveland fan."...(slight pause) "A what???...hahahaha, you would've been better off being a Boston fan." they'd say. Now, they really don't have anything to say after I say that. hrrrmmmmm, wonder why? Actually I've been a Cleveland fan for eons and people think that i hate the Yankees. I like the Yankees, I just can't stand the fans and the way they act. These fuckers are so die hard that even when the Yanks lost the series after being three games ahead, they thought the game was fixed. Or the times when they brag and boast all day at work when they win the game the night before, but get mad when you asked what happened to them if they didn't win. "Chill dog, I don't wanna hear it" they say. We'll to all you stubborn Yankee fans I have a little wake up call for you. It doesn't matter how many series they won, how much Georgie spends, who he buys, what he says, or who he fired last week. The Yankees aren't the best. Maybe to you they are, but not to everyone, so stop trying to give yourself something to do by being a die hard Yankees fan. I know die hard Yankee's fans that WILL shut off a game if they are losing. Then again I also know some that won't shut it off even if they are up by 10 runs. This could be because they wanna gloat more, or it could just be because they still could lose and a die hard fan knows that. Let's stop being so serious, it's only a game.

See, they do work together. People just don't know.


I didn't really like this CTS at first, but this shit looks crazy ill with the aftermarket ground kit. Remember, the rest of the car is stock and it still looks like a gem. Damn, I wonder how much I could get one of these for? Well, soon enough.

This album, originally released in 1991 acted as the early handbook for gangster rappers. Just when everyone thought that they knew gangster rap, this record dropped. The reason it is my choice of the week is simple... Ice-T was plainly way ahead of his time and this is what I was bumping all this week during smokebreaks. If you have this album, break it out, listen closely and understand what I am talking about. If you don't have it , get a good copy here for cheap. You'll see similarities in the way people are rapping and writing today. You will also hear breakbeats and samples that people have used in recent years flipped a little differently, but dope with that old school flare. Honestly, this album sounds anything but retro and can change you from average joe to a supersmooth street hustler in a day. Mind Over Matter.

Still the greatest game ever made for PS2. Even though I've beaten all the missions in this game I still like to come home after a hard day at work, or if I get into an arguement with someone, turn this on and blow some wigs back. It's a great alternative to going postal on people who piss you off. I find that after killing some gang members and outrunning police for 10min. on a guntoting rampage, my body is cleansed of all the demons. Awaiting the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series could have people going through withdrawl in a few short months. Rockstar games has already inked a deal with Sony Gaming and Entertainment to release another Grand Theft Auto game to help support the release of the PS3. (I knew it Dave) No word on if it will be released for the XBOX 360 yet, but I am assuming that Sony will want to keep all the exclusive rights to themselves. This game should be better than San Andreas, and I'm very excited to hear what the time period will be for the game and the new soundtrack.

Back to the Boards...I'm out.

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