Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What the deal??! This week in Hip-Hop kinda sucked compared to 10 years ago, wouldn't you say? There really is good music out there though, you just have to search...the local music stores. Check the new Akro track w/ Lif. It's worth a listen or three.

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole.

Has anyone seen this chick lately. What happened to "my weight is a problem" girl???? Someone should get her to a doctor quick! ...but on the way stop for a Meatnourmous Sandwich and an extra LARGE order of Oreo's dipped in hot hick mustard. Pleasseeeee Nicole, get a day job, sit on your ass and eat some deep dish yak dick. Maybe then you will get the junk in the trunks back.


Sween and Jak Progresso are working on a new EP that will be the equalivent of snapped bones from jumping threw an airplane motor. Slide over to Creative Juices music for more info on dat sheeeeeit.

CD's Of The Month!!!!!

-This was one of the most slept on albums of all time. It included 16 tracks stacked with great samples, soundbytes, and real instruments with a comedic type feel overlayered. Always an ill disc to kick back and smog some beasters to. Wanna know what inspires me???? Discs that can be played from apples to zirconias. Datzwhut.

Big Daddy Kane-Daddy's Home
-Try not to forget who paved the way with his witty medaphors and supersmooth pimp-like lyrical rainstorms. It's putting words together like that effortlessly and still keeping your cool. See any resemblence????? Although Big Scoob pretty much ruined this album, Daddy still held down the throan. Let's go back.....way back. Pop in this tape before I shoot off those raisins you call balls.

The Beatnuts-Intoxicated Demons
-Psycho, Fashion, and Juju. This is a shorter cd, but that only means one thing. It can be played twice as much in the same amount of time as a regular disc. Every joint on this shit is major. From the "world famous" intro to the story they had to tell, this is how you wanna come if you trying to come hard. Intoxicated... and like a full blown demon. That's the shit we've always been on. Have you? Question that. This disc will always be one of my all time favorites. Go to Vinylcollege and do the knowledge. Fuckwow I'm good. uh ah, I mean hood. Nyes Nyes yawl.

Capone and Noreaga-The War Report
-The cover was bootleg as hell, but the inlay kinda made up for it. The verses were exactly that, a report on the war going on outside that no one was safe from. Tracks 10 and 7 are the diamonds of the cd. I still remember when T.O.N.Y. hit the mixtape circuit. That shit was playing in cars going by and the soundwaves were followed by mass amounts of treesmoke. It was all so simple back then and it seemed that what was real, was what made it to the top. If only Hip-Hop was like that now...there'd be a lot less emcees' wanting to quit fuckin' with it.

No Mo Madden... :(

It's gonna be hard listening to Monday Night Football without John adden's great commentating. He's moving to Sunday nights and is set to release his new "Madden '07" in the coming weeks. Previews have stated that this is the best football game ever made. Is it just me, or do they say that shit every year. I think we all know by now. For christ's sake it's like a national holiday when that shit drops. All the dudes that actually went out to get a job start calling into work and pullin that Madden bullshit. People actually get fired cause they are addicted to the game after only a few hours of play. This is what you spent those hard earned dollars on putting your kid through a university in which his or her only benefit is thier hand-eye coordination.

Then there's this asshole.

the unorganized bank robber. <----read how this dumb fuck got caught out there. haha. This must have been why he lost the job at FedEx.
This is a great site to check out. I happened to come across it in my zoom flume innanet travels. This is too Ill. Super Mario theme song played on a 11 string bass. This site, or blog I really should be calling it, has great tips and tricks for musicians not to mention a ton of other shit too.

EYE CANDY ----0-O-----woah.

Stacy Dash (clueless, mo' money, etc.) has a new spread...and I mean spread in Playboy. Peep it if you can find it. ooowwwwCH! By far, the hottest female ebony on the planet.

FREE SHIT!!!!! (J version) -just click on link, DL, and N-joi boi.
J-Zone - Triggerphobia (chickenshit) --hot off the press.
J. Dilla - Body Movin' --one of his greatest, period
Jaylib and Madvillain - Take it Back --doom, lib, dilla, should I say anything else?

Proly not.

Till I feel like Pimpslappin' you again...later.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


get yer dig on. We do! Everyday.

Those... in a size 10 1/2...

Recently NIKE released thier newest version of the AIR JORDAN IV. These are the "Mars Blackman" edition or as some people are calling them..."the urkel's"....and if you are lucky enough to find them in the US be ready to wait in a long ass line. That is, if you aren't buying kid's sizes. It seems like every time a new Jordan comes out
all the men's sizes are gone before they even hit Eastbay. Just goes to show ya that you have to be on your sneaker game all year round. My boy Ev Boogie (Evil Empire...NY's down south music supplier) said that he waited in line for almost 3-4 hours to get a couple pairs when he was in France a few weeks ago. I asked if he thought they would ever make it to the states and he figured probably not. Bottom line...who'da thought that you'd have to take a vaca over seas to cop a hot pair of kicks. gee wiz paw.


For all of you who are true boxing fans, this should be a good oneor two, or three for that matter. A heavyweight fight night featuring Troy's own Shannon Miller VS. Chicago's undefeated Malachy Farrell. On the same card, more action...Saratoga former crusierweight Gary Wilcox will test his endurance and stamina against Vinny Maddalone. The early match will be Albany native Wayland Willingham VS. downstate's Brandon Mitchem who has a 24-4 record including 8KO's. There will also be another match soon to be disclosed.I'm seriously considering getting a front row seat to this one... and now a few quick words from Pugnatious....
“We’re happy to be promoting another high-quality show in Saratoga with Star Boxing,” said promoter Lisa Elovich, Pugnacious Promotions. “Having four exciting and crowd-pleasing heavyweights on the same card will give fans a thrilling night of boxing.”
Click here for ticket info.

I got my money on the white dude.


"the witty unpredictable"

Inspectah Deck is set to release the disc we've all been waiting for...well, except for the last two tracks. His new album entitled The Resident Patient is such a better album than The Movement. Movement wasn't bad at all, it's just that this is as close to an uncontrolled substance as it will get. Going back to his roots of rhymestyle, Deck handles the mic professionally and has hard hitting beats surround and accompany him all throughout. I'm sure either himself, the Rza, Mathematics produced some of the bangers on there. Get this shit, there's even a jacked instrumental from Yak Ballz first album entitled "c.r.e.e.p.s."...I mean you can even hear the crowd chanting "YAAAAAK BALLLZ" in the backround which was taken from a show he did in New Paltz, NY a while back. My question is... did Inspectah just jack it, or is Mondee (yak's producer) making jawns for the rebel ins???? ...and if so, then is Yako gonna have a collabo in the near future? I'll get back to you with all the info, cause I'm curious as hell.


Blaq Poet has just dropped his debut disc featuring production by DJ Premier, The Alchemist, Easy Mo Bee, Himself and a few others. He stated that this was a mix of all his verses from the past along with some new stuff. He thought that since he's been under the radar for so long some people may not be as familiar with his works. This project is a cool collective of what the key member of Screwball has to offer. Buy it! Only then will you be able to judge it for yourdelf. We don't give ratings, or review for that matter. You should just know that if I'm talking about it and spending my time posting something that it is worth going to cop. I wouldn't lie motherfucker.

Ohio Dogs On Top.

After all the bullshit that has happened between fake friends, corny promoters, weak comeback disses, Copywrite continues to prove why he is one of the best that's ever done it on the underground scene. The new DJ E-V - ODOT Takeover mixtape is in heavy, and I mean Marty Mcfly heavy rotation in my deck. I'm glad that this cat doesn't let anything take away from the fact that he knows he'll run circles around fools lyrically. Hopefully one day in the future the O. Ill and ODOT will collabo on a track. That would be something for the masses. Cat's think they throw nice punches, but thier punchlines are better off left unwritten. Go Copy! Can't wait hear more of that real shit that these stale fucks only wish they could think of.

Ok its time for the shit you really want...
Free Vinyl Tracks Of The Week!
-DJ WALLY- Something in Those Trees.
-LUDACRIS- Tell it Like it is (another T.I. Diss)
-NAS- Where Ya'll At????
...and also, you know that the Vman always get the exclusive dopeness. Here's some more schmoove instrumentals from our friends at Origin Ill Inc.
The Orphans - audio live from Lark Tavern. Believe don't have it fuckface.

What time is it?????

It's Post Time... Time for Enchantment, Excitement, and time for your punk ass to gamble all yer dough on a horse named POTSMOKE. If you are a leather tanned mexican that's feet stink like bbq fritos, they have a position for you. They strive on being an EOE.

C-ya nextime. I gotta go get my Grolsh on.