Wednesday, August 22, 2012



The newest mixtape/collab with XBOX from Green just dropped. Features mixes and beats exclusive to the Evil Genius as well as some new songs. You know if you have ever owned a Green Lantern mixtape, that his shit is always dope. He stepped up his production in recent years, and whatever formula he has cooked up seems to be working great for him. Did that 518 Green Lantern mixtape ever happen?

Download "ITG"


For weeks I've been stressing to get yo funky ass up on that ol next shit. This is that ol next shit.
That's all I need to say.

Download "Golden Pen"


Ras Kass shot this to me VIA email today and this track is fire. I'm not giving it out for free though. I just gave you 2 free albums. Buy this song and support one of the few real lyricists left. Don't be a chump.

Ras Kass - Sushi by empiredistribution


Sunday, August 19, 2012



A good amount of controversy surrounding this guy right now. In the midst of what has been stated, Nas drops another joint complete with classic and unreleased tracks. I wonder who wrote these...?

01. Good Morning
02. Surviving the Times
03. One on One
04. Film
05. Talk of New York
06. Street Dreams Pt. II (Feat. R. Kelly)
07. Foul Breeze
08. Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. 2 (Interlude)
09. Don't Body Yourself (50 Cent Dis)
10. Courthouse
11. Death Anniversary
12. It Wasnt You (Feat. Lauren Hill)

Download "LT2"


GM drops a joint I gave him way back to help promote the AV album he has dropping in the coming weeks. This was a jawn that was chillin on the hard drive for a minute. Honestly, I totally forgot he recorded this. Although I do remember knocking out these cuts on some quick shit.

Download "FFF"


Three Loco dropped their song "we are farmers" a few days back. Here is some more footage you may not have seen. Jody Highroller steps into the boots of Clarence.

Download a copy of their new EP here.


Wais The Pimp blesses this heater produced by Vanderslice. DWA, the collabo album with Vandy and Stu Bangas also has some treats on there. So if you like what you hear, grab that or the new Awar record, "Laws of Nature", They produced half of it.

Download "RUNup"

Strictly Underground

Monday, August 13, 2012


Here's a sneak peek at the new film sent to me by Dstroy of RSC/Arsonists fam. It is being produced by Mr. Complex


DAVID is the last romantic guy in New York who collects 90's memorabilia. He is devastated when his fiancĂ© who is sleeping with every guy in the city dumps him to pursue a career as a TV dance show contestant. Fed up he starts "phone fishing"; leaving cell phones in bars near hot women and then calling the phone pretending it is lost and sets off dating adventures. David’s looking for love but finds ladies with vicious pit bulls, a dominatrix into aerial acrobatics, a sexy drug dealing gangster, cross dressing thugs and a woman in a Catwoman suit. He is infatuated with his gorgeous coworker and barely avoids getting shot by her jealous fiancĂ©.

When his ex returns to him, David must decide if he wants to continue the ladies man act or accept that she may be the only person who has the love he’s been longing for.


I've never been a huge fan of Kool Keith and all his pseudonyms after the Ultramag years, but I had to post this video because anything that focuses on graffiti is cool with me. This is actually one of the better songs that I've heard as of recent from Dr. Doom.


Even though 2Pac‘s former original running mates Digital Underground disbanded back in 2008, that hasn’t stopped former member Money B from actively making music. Recently, Money hooked up with Milwaukee native Scott Knoxx to form the group M*A*S*K, and having spent most of the year locked in the lab, the duo came out for some air back in July to release their first single, “Living In The Sky.”

Now, just over a month later, Money and Knoxx return to the surface to liberate a brand new recording entitled “Make The Sound,” which is produced by legendary beatsmith DJ Premier, and features Chi-Town emcee/activist Rhymefest. Listen to M*A*S*K as they continue to “restore Hip Hop since 1989″ down below, and stay tuned for their upcoming album, Stuntin’ In A Recession.

Download "MTS"


Don Streat exclusive featuring the great Kool G. Rap. G. Rap is offering features at the moment so if you have some feddi and want to make a track with one of the best, hit up his twitter acct. Find it yourself, I can't do everything for you.

Download "VK"


The latest Dirt shit that hit my inbox. Always funny. Always entertaining. Another retarded 80's flip.

Download "PATT"


More dumb shit from the overly drugged up DN. I love that these guys really don't give a fuck and just do dumb shit, they were the first. Sometimes it does get annoying and old though. We even got a few wannabe copycats in the area. I'd much rather see a video with just Dirt... These other two goofs do absolutely nothing for me.


The Good Life, DJ Smoke LES, and R. Powell drop their third installment, shitting on heads like pigeons in the parks of NYC. This is the real cover BTW. Another great listen that actually would've been family friendly if The Rickster wasn't being his usual self and dropping bombs throughout. A must listen.

Download "Zooted"


Y@k Ballz finally releases the album that has been in the works for 2 1/2 years +. This dropped almost a week ago today to the date. Y@k has been my peoples since college and I had to show him some love. This album is Y@k similar from what we heard on the Scifentology releases. He is experimenting with new directions in sound due to his recent influences such as: Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, and we can't forget his close friend El-P. All of the production is done by Y@k and Chapter 7, this album was well worth the wait. After slowly leaking out track after track for over a year, he decided to let loose the rest to the project for free. Y@k has started getting his feet wet by producing more and I can't say that I haven't been enjoying it. To stay current on what's happening with Y@k and the rest of his camp, hit up his website.

1. -DSMU - chapter 7
2. -The Compass - chapter 7
3. -Vitamin D - yak ballz
4. -Ready To Roll - yak ballz
5. -Zodiac Killer - yak ballz
6. -Black Sunset - chapter 7
7. -Mixtape - chapter 7
8. -Gas Galaxy - chapter 7
9. -Youniverse - yak ballz
10. -Mind Reels -yak ballz
11. Hypetronic - yak ballz & chapter 7
12. -Machine - chapter 7 (bonus)
13. -Hypetronic - lunice remix (bonus)
14. -Zodiac Killer - circuit bored remix (bonus)

Download "Gas Galaxy"


Rock The Bells is right around the corner and to set it off they acquire DJ Muggs musical expertise. A ton of exclusives that spans the spectrum from Supernat to Rza. A dope as mix of songs that will have you wanting to load up the ipod and go mow your lawn.

01. Chasers (feat. Supernatural) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:51]
02. Y.N.M (feat. Cassie Veggies, Niko, G4 & Rocket Da Goon) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:50]
03. Slash Gordon (feat. Murs & Fashawn) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:42]
04. Millinium Dodo 2 (feat. Atmosphere) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:34]
05. The Agony (feat. Deltron 3030) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:01:54]
06. Reckless In The Booth (feat. Ice Cube & OMG) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:17]
07. Street Hustle (feat. Supernatural) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:04:13]
08. These Bitches (feat. Slim The Mobster & Twista) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:16]
09. Platinum Patron (feat. Xzibit) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:15]
10. Lighters (First Light) (feat. Hieroglyphics, Pep Love & Opio) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:35]
11. Rock The Bells Anthem (feat. KRS-One, Supernatural, Murs, Sick Jacken, Chali 2na, Tech N9ne & Everlast) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:59]
12. Blowin In The Wind (Single From Man With The Iron Fist) (feat. RZA) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:06]
13. Change (feat. Prodigy) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:01:42]
14. Haraam (feat. Sean Price) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:49]
15. Stand Up (feat. Hit Squad, Goon Dox, PMD & Sean Strange) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:40]
16. La La (feat. Keith Murray) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:03:18]
17. Get Your Money Up (feat. DMX) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:12]
18. Water (feat. Supernatural) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:09]
19. Fuck You Bitch (feat. DMX) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:01:51]
20. Paid Dues Anthem (feat. Sick Jacken, Murs & Supernatural) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:03:33]
21. Destination Unknown (feat. The Grouch & Eligh) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:02:52]
22. Exist To Remain (feat. I Self Devine) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:04:22]
23. Work (feat. Watsky) (DatPiff Exclusive) [00:03:03]-

Download 'RTB 12"

Now you can get back to shakin your stinkin ass.

This actually looks like a girl I know. She smokes.

Thursday, August 02, 2012



Here's an early promo of the Wu-Block album that has been floating around. The cover will probably change, and also the tracklisting. Word on the streets is that this is a rough version. Sheek Louch and Ghostface make up this pugnacious duo that seems to be the "new " odd couple. They have an upcoming show at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park. Grab tix here. See for yourself how these two veterans make a most excellent combo. Man these fooos even bringin' Lil Cease out the woodwork.

1. Wu-Block
2. Wu-Block Pt II
3. The Heist
4. Block 36 Chamber
5. Ready for War
6. The Outsiders feat. Papoose and Lil' Cease
7. Batman
8. Barry
9. Flash Back
10. Tradin' Places
11. Hands Up


Download "Wu-Block"


Domo Genesis and The ALC bring you this LP on the fly that features the other members of OFWGKTA, Action Bronson, and Prodigy to name a few. There was practically no promotion other than one song leak for this record. Alchemist stated on his twitter page the day before it was to drop, that this is the was it's suppose to be done. Industry giants cant leak what they dont have access to. I'll be the first to tell you I could give 2 shits about Odd Future, I think they are over hyped and undereducated in the hip hop game. I do love the Alchemist and the people he fucks with tho, Hence this post.

Download "No Idols"


DJ 7L, Frank The Butcher, and Stussy team up to bring you this dope mix of originals. If you are looking for something good to do, pop this disc in, get half a load on, and play name that tune. Broken up into XII parts, this mix will prove that sampling is still alive and well within the mainstream.

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
5. Part V
6. Part VI
7. Part VII
8. Part VIII
9. Part IX
10. Part X
11. Part XI
12. Part XII

Download "Searchin'"


This jawn popped up on my timeline the other day and I had to show some love. Nottz on all production and some great features on this record. For all you heads that dont have a clue, The Bad Seed, who resides in Menands from time to time, actually put me on to this. Rugged beats and fresh rhymes. Get you some.

Download "LFES"

I'll be watching the Olympics.

Always more new shit to come. You just never know when.