Saturday, December 31, 2005


Big Shouts goes to all the soldiers that are away fuckin' Iraq's shit up right now and keeping it safe for all of us over here celebrating out freedom. Shup Wiggaz! I tip my hat to you. Ya'll should too.

gyeah boi.


New Bangers:
Kweli - Drugs, Basketball and Rap...features Planet Asia (beat is serious)
Canibus - Vitruvian shit, old lyrical ability. (can't snooze on this one)
Nokia - Cat's Get Thrown... not the rapper, the phone. (can't get enough of this kind of marketing)

Album of The Week:

DJ Revolution's - The ABC's of High Fidelity.
If you are into just kicking back, lighting a dutch or 4, and wanna hear some great breaks, this is the album to purchase. Don't say that I didn't tell you so.

Cop Killer.

In case you haven't been following the story...let me bring you up to date. Basically, the dude who played Calogero in "A Bronx Tale" was out late drinking at a Bronx strip club with his ex-girl's father when they decided to go get some drugs to top the night off. The two men showed up at the house of an old friend, (who moved out two days previous) and proceeded to break into his house looking for Valium pills. A NYC police officer who lived next door heard the ruckus and went to check it out. Holding his badge and gun in hand he confronted the two men and a gunfight broke out. The man who was his ex-girls father shot the cop 2-4 times before being shot in the balls and twice in the chest. Calogero, was shot twice in the chest also by the cop. After a long ride to the hospital the officer died and now his family wants answers. Calogero says he feels horribly for what has happened, and that if he knew that his companion was carrying a gun he would've not let him in his car. The family of the NYC cop says that Brancato (Calogero) is a professional actor and that what he is doing is acting, and that he feels no remorse. He could be just doing this to shorten his sentence and possibly make a movie out of what happens when you use drugs and alcohol excessively. The family want to see him go to the chair. Is he acting...???could be. read for yourself and be the judge.

Battle of The Boces.

This year went by faster than extractions after a Gus's Hot Dog eating contest. What was funny though was this....Dick Clark (ABC) looked like he was gonna heel over and die during the ceremony and his wife got tongued down good, Carson Daly (NBC) botched up the countdown...let's just hope that the reason that he forgot that 3 comes after 4 is that maybe he counting on crowd participation, and not the fact that he was completely sober. Last but not least, Regis Philbin sang "New York, New York" and also rocked the crowd...He was later found in a Best Western ass naked running around after Marv Albert and boning Paris Hilton while drunk dialing Kelly Ripa.
"Oh What A Night" ---The Diabolical Biz Markie

HIP HOP YOU DONT STOP...flyers. (totally blogworthy)...good looks toast.

Sly Candy ------O-0------->

Ever wonder how Fergie got to where she is??? This is her previous girl group...Wild Orchid. Couple of hotties...huh...I said couple...which means 2, the girl in the middle is bduh bu busted, no wonder they never had a hit single. Fuck Fergie by the way. Her humps are lumped. Until the next time I feel like filling you in. Happy New Year my fellow bloggers. ----Vdot.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Sup Ya'll...back aagain with that ish you love reading. I just recently finished the first installment ("bluntly speaking" produced by Madlib) to the long awaited Vinylcologist solo project. You may be asking...damn, this dude's got alotta shit goin on...where does he get the time? While you guys are busy shopping for people that are goint to give you a sweater that three sizes too small, thinking that they love you, or when you are laying your oversized noggin/domepiece down on the pillow to pass out for that job you hate in the morning, I'm in the studio puttin' in work. Just think...everyday I make new joints, so that makes me ahead of you by at least a few years (or 200+ beats). It never stops, and it never will. The only thing YOU need to remember is that I don't watch a clock or put myself on a schedule. I go to bed when I'm tired and sometimes that ain't till five new tracks later at 6am. I advise you to sleep because if you try to do what I do you will need as much rest as humanly possible. Oh shizznit...almost forgot...peep the new myspace page Animal Cracker and Ed Powers set up for me. Check it regularly, cause there will be exclusives that wont ever be released on albums.

Chestnuts Roastin'

It's ....It's Christmas time again and I have some great tips on how to save a few bucks, as always during the holidays. If and when you use these great thrifty tips is really based on your own judgement, I can't help with that. What I can do though is give you darn info already, right? Riiiiiiight!....

Trees and Wreaths:
--When searching for the perfect tree or wreath you may get adjatated with all the workers that really don't know what the fuck they are doing. Bunch of kids that don't wanna be slingin' trees in the cold anyway. The best way to solve this problem is to take advantage of the situation. Just choose the tree or wreath you want, tell them that you need some rope to tie that shit to your vehicle. When they go to get the rope, you tell another one of the workers that you aren't interested anymore and this will be your alibi later on. Take a similar tree and slip it into the same spot, almost as to compare the two, Then when everyone is occupied, boat off with your new tree. "Yeahhhhhh Boooiiiiii HAHA." When the guy comes out with the rope for you he'll be like "where'd that dude go I was just helping???" ...and his co-worker will be like "ahhh, he wasn't interested and he left." He'll end up just moving on to the next customer, and before he's caught onto the scam, you got half you shit decorated already singin Christmas carols off the new cd you just downloaded. Do you think they actually take an inventory of the shit they have on the lot, it's impossible, because they are selling them too fast. Of course, the tree scam is a little harder than the wreath, so you may wanna just practice with wreaths till you get the hang of it. You can always find some idiot out there that wants a cheap wreath. After getting them home, decorate with dollar store ornaments and steer clear of tinsel and garland. That shit will have your animals dropping shiny stool samples of they happen to engulf some of it.
--This one is kinda tricky...You could be the Family Dollar king and just go there and drop the paycheck on cheap picture frames and Voit clothing. You could always do what the smart people do, and buy those gifts that you can benefit from as well...i.e. dinner, lingerie, concert tickets, champagne, etc. Or you could just bite the bullet and go nuts on buying regular shit. There is a catch though, as with any great idea. So let's say that you have ideas, shit let's even say that you wrote out a whole list, now you still have to deal with all the assholes in your way. The best thing that I've come up with thusfar to help relieve a little of the tention, is to shop late night. Like, I mean 830-930pm. This way you really don't have to fight in lines and over the gifts you want. It never fails, you walk into a store, there's 5 out of 10 registers open, and then when you finish shopping and go to get in line, there are fuckin' lines as long as Tommy Lee's cock with no registers open and even the 10 items or less lines are filled with people that forgot how to count cause it's Xmas! yay! Don't fret...just hit up the customer service counter or jewlery counter and have them ring you up there. If you have too much shit...just grin and bear it, and try not to pimpslap any grandmothers that are in line. Everyone else is fair game though, Fugly women, screaming kids, and we can't forget the dumb dads still rocking the zubaz and the expired members only jacket.

--This one is easy...Most people get goofy games and gifts during the holidays, so just wait for one of your friends to get something you want, borrow it, and it's yours just like that. Just keep forgetting to bring it back every time you visit. Believe me, this type of thing happens all the time. I'm still waiting on a kid I knew from the fifth grade to give me back my Power Glove. Along with the games is usually a party or three to go to. My advice to you is if you hate going to these and don't wanna be invited anymore, just get completely wrecked and start making out with everyone there, you'll have people pulling you off thier lists of birthday parties, office parties, and family gatherings real quick. This will help you save money too, just think, now you don't have to get stuck with the stick of venisin pepperoni and old can of peanuts ever again.

Secret Santa:
--This one you can have some fun with. Just try to think of the most repulsing gift or group of gifts you can find. Oh, and don't has to be under 10 dollars nukka. That leaves a ton of stuff wide open. examples: 1 box of nubby ribbed condoms, a couple cans of Great Value beets, a gift certificate to Golden Corral, a soggy Jamaican beef patty with hot sauce slopped all over it, a random box of garage sale clothing...I think you get the idea. Because it's kept secret, you can just sit back and enjoy while someone gets your gifts, and know that even though you did get WWJD mouse pad, you still made out like a bandit.

Boozin' it up.

I'm about to go and get my drank and dank on....but before I go, there are somethings I'd like to bring to yer attention.

Mr. F.

Flava Flav is coming out with a new show on Vh1. It's almost like a version of the bachelor, but where Flava is the bachelor. I can't wait for this...I'm putting the choice dro buds in storage, because this is gonna be a hilarious show. Be ready. I was unable at this time to find the title, or the premier date, but keep the knob locked to Vh1 for more info. Don't even bother with the website...they're more behind than Vida Guerra's ass.

Cactus Jackass.

Stocking Stuffers:
Jaime Cullum remix f. Casual (audio)
Kanye West lo-fi freestyle (audio)
Madlib - sound directions (movie) <---totally blogworthy. thx katz.
Let's save the music. If everyone donated just one dollar, I'd have enough to actually put out wax instead of cds. If you feel the need to bring the talent back into hip-hop, donate a dollar to via paypal. The spare silver you could find in your couch cushions is enough, one of those dollars you lose on a scratch off is enough, even the extra pennies you leave behind at gas stations could do it. Please pass this message on to at least 2 friends. Help us put out the wax, and the chance we deserve.
Until we meet next year, (maybe). Happy Holidaze. and have a Floppy New Year.

Friday, November 18, 2005


When getting drunk, high, geeked, perked, and shroomed out just isn't enough.
By the way...She's actually cheating on her big black boyfriend. Way to go girl...

Where's Da Beef?

Yet "mo money mo money mo money" and of course... exclusives. (ownage audio).

Tru City Killah

If you have been craving the early sound of the underground hip hop scene....I mean like when it wasn't overpopulated with watered down fruits n berries with that stupid make no sense jibberish...there was a sound, a gritty sound. Something that was just right in the way that fries go with a burger, how it is essential to drive with your eyes open...and most importantly like how Queens breeds it's emcees. Yako is back with a collection of some old, some heard, and some never leaked out of Mondee's bedroom freestyles. This is an independent quit shammin', sell those Ja Rule cds you used to love so much. They're just sitting there collecting grit cause those songs got played out the first week they were released...and now you can't stand to even be near a radio playing them. DOOFIS TERMS: JA RUE = SELL ON EBAY

Gaymers Corner

It's kinda sad to see that people are buying these XBOX 360's up in bulk and hoarding them for the holidays. Now going for about $1200 on ebay, this is the hottest Xmas gift to come out so far...but from what some sources say it isn't living up to the consumers expectations. READ. According to a number of reviews, the 360 lacks the ability to play the old xbox games, and the power to hold up to people playing for more than 7-8 hours. Again, these aren't my reviews...they are random reviews from across the internet, so my advice to you is...PLAY IT LIKE A PIMP. A BROKE PIMP! Wait till your uppity asshole friend that has everything gets one first, then just play his and make your own review. Why should you waste your hard earned money when his parents will buy one for him even though he's 40, still living at home. We all know that everyone out there has that one "innovator" person they know. The one that has to have everything the day it comes out. Guess what folks...? Lemme fill you in on this little secret. The companies like Microsoft, Sony, Panasonic, etc....they count on these fuckos to sit outside the stores in 10degree weather waiting in long lines and telling all thier friends that they are getting the "IT" gift of the year. It helps them promote product. Peep Dis. Ever notice how a few months down the line (after they have sold a shitload at the entry price) the cost all the sudden drops? Sometimes a few hundred bucks on the high priced items ie..plazma, LCD, video cameras and even cell phones. That's because they now need to maintain the high earnings and keep thier sales at a constant rate. So the price went from $10,000 for a plazma in '02 to now as low as $1,500 for a plazma now. The companies still make out because they aren't making what they used to, but they are selling twice as many. A bit of advice...and the point of this whole entry: WAIT...don't be one of these jerks that loses money because they gotta have it'll be there, who says it's going somewhere???? You could end up saving yourself or someone that cares about you a nice chunk of change
. Spend it on a vacation, a night out, or even on crappy teams during rivalry week..whatever. Don't be the asshole unable to feed your kids because Madden '06 is hot, or for that matter, the same dumbass thug standing at the bus stop with brand new tims and a brand new coat, wondering why he is still cold and riding the public transpo. Wake up people. PS3 will be out in April and is sure to have a much better selection of games.

Awe Shit.

The cold weather is here and with that comes shoveling the shit that is brother to winter. Snow is good for some things though. Throwing your friends in it, pegging cars with it, keeping beers cold on the back porch, and of course pissing in it. I just love the steam that rises after the shaky back chill following a nice urination. brrrroooowwwwww.

I apoligize for being away for so long. new hours...xmas shopping @ the dollar store...and shooting my own out with my carbon powered red ryder bb gun. "hell that ain't no this here's a tree!"

The Producers...

Staple your eyes open so you don't miss the new album from Jack N. Vinyl ....which is untitled at this time. This will feature guest appearances from some of your favorite upstate underground artists. It's pretty simple to explain you now = gay we would like to bring the dope back and sling it durt cheap. We as producers, feel the need to let you hear some of the gems that have been in the vaults now for quite some time. Because no one person or group of people are really worthy of these beats, thus we will be dabbling with the flow as well as the constant raping and pillaging of samples to overlay in between. That's enough about that... no word has been discussed yet about the projected release date. But what we do know for sure is that this will be long awaited attempt to put an end to all the nonsense that's been going on in this thought we used to call music.


I'll be back shortly. Time to put that plastic piece of shit you call a tree up. Shout out to all the females that broke up with thier boyfriends to save money this year...and to all the boyfriends that were cheating anyway. UNo.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I Just love makin' fun of this clown...It seems that he still thinks that he can hang with the best of them. In his latest freestyle he targets Nas and somehow left Jadakiss out of it completely... But that's probably mostly because I really don't think that he wants his ass handed to him again. His career is slowly coming to a close and by the looks of his new will be official. It really must suck to have everyone on your dick, and a short time later everyone hating you cause you suck. My question is...Why did it take everyone so long to realize this...I always knew that he was gonna become the next DMX. That's why I never got too hype over him, cause all those people that were like that when he came out look like complete assholes now. If you wanna jump on a bandwagon I suggest you contact the River Bottom Nightmare Band from the movie Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas and stop fooling know music about as much as Mike Tyson singin' on the Jimmy Kimmell Show.

WE TAKE HITS FROM THE 80's... yeah yeah

Well I'm glad to report that everyone in attendance to the Back To The 80's Halloween Party continues to boast about the great time they had. It was a fun night filled with games, alcohol, hilarious costumes, and classic tunes. We will be having another party for New Years, not sure if there will be a theme attached, but it's very possible. I'd like to personally thank everyone who came, spent thier hard earned money on costumes and helping us pay for the keg, and also the people who decided to not show is because of YOU everyone had a grand 'ol time. lol. Some people in attendance were Debbie Gibson, The Top Gun film cast, Dr. Egon Speigler from Ghostbusters, Pinhead from Hellraiser, She-Ra, John Kerry and D. Trump, and the lost dancer that found her way there from Robert Palmer's Simply Irrisistable video. There will be many more parties to come...and next time we'll be sure to actually hook up the turntables.

Hired Gunz Stay On The Stealth Tip.

Ok...first we said August, then we pushed it back to October...heads are still buggin the shit outta me...Now we are trying to complete the artwork to get this project out by the end of this month. Sorry to keep everyone waiting so long but perfection takes time. That's exactly the same shit they would tell you if you were waiting on chicken and vodka sauce from Poalo Lombardi's, and when you finally got'd enjoy it that much more. Every suculant bite of it. Believe me, this disc is totally worth the wait and just to prove's a little something off the Puncture Wound Promo, due out with a purchased copy of the cd. This joint features Smog first and Myself second. Enjoy it, and download it as quick as possible cause once the link is dead, I'm not putting it up again. This is a treat for my blog audence ONLY. I'm not gonna give you too much info, but there is some upstate fam on the official album and also cameos from Jack of All Trades and yours truly. Expected actual release date: 12/17/05...just in time for Xmas. Awwwww I know what to get my mom for Jesus' B-day!!!!

pUt ThE FoRk DoWn .......NoT nOw, BuT rIgHt NoW!

Fat women are always an easy target when it comes to crackin' jokes. I don't care about any other fat women...just Star "cellulitebrite" Jones. She recenlty has been fighting to lose weight and has, but the Lbs. are slowing creeping back. It could be that she's comfortable enough now to treat herself to a ham or three every once in a while, but really I've always hated this woman. Her face, her attitude, her way of acting like she is better than everyone, and the fact that she is lucky to even have to connects she does. Anyway, apparently Juelz Santana feels the same way about husky bitches. So much so, that he dedicated a song just to them. This shit will have you cracking the fuck up...but be on the lookout for any chunky hoes that may snuff you and take your nuggets and whatever sauces you think you have on lockdown.

Sorry you had to look at the above picture, but when I think of a fat bitch...Star Jones is always my first pick.....and since Halloween just passed heres some candy...some EYE CANDY.

UNO haters.

Friday, October 28, 2005


DJ Premier has recently started his own label called YEAR ROUND. He has started to sign the artists that he thinks will make this label a success. Blaq Poet HOTSHIT* (former Screwball member) is among one of the first he signed. You may remember him from the underground classics "h.o.s.t.y.l.e.", "on point" and the "Y2K" cd. His new single "We Goin' Ill" dropped last week and is selling off the shelves. Another artist Primo was interested in, Big Shug, who has just dropped his freshman LP "Who's Hard?". The album almost sounds like a classic Gang Starr album, but without the Guru. It's jam packed with songs that will bring and end to this mediocre shit we are so custom to on the radio. Thank God. Fucka Radio Playlist...AND FUCKA WEAK DJ THAT THINKS HE'S A VET!

<------OUT DA BLUE------>

If you are looking for some new music from some artists you've never heard before peep this shit out. The Black Milk album was something that I put on while I was scanning my emails and deleting the junk. I thought that it was just a mixtape from some unknowns, and that I would be deleting that soon too. To my surprize after listening to the first few songs I was scanning all of them hoping for more fire, but then the album kinda died out toward the end. Still though, the production on the album was fasinating and I'm looking forward to hearing some of these instrumentals. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS.

"Hey...hand me that piano."

Our favorite comedian George Carlin is back with his new special Life Is Worth Losing airing November 5th on HBO original programming. Guess I know what I'm doing that Saturday night. The link above contains a new poem sure to make you piss your dickies. Any one of his books are great bathroom reading material for you or your inconciderate friends that always happen to feel the need to drop a doogan at your place.


Raekwon is set to release his long awaited followup to the Only Built For Cuban Links LP. I'm only calling this the followup to that because from the sound of it, he's on that shit again. What shit you ask???? That gritty, grimey, ghetto gully, Mutumbo sneaker under the bridge shit. I'm goin to guess that what he has on that table is not 4 Lbs. of tobacco. His new label Ice Water Inc. will most likely be the centerpiece of this album, including the usual, drugs, hoodrats, and snitchbashing. It seems that more and more people are taking thier fate into thier own hands, and building a label, and putting up most of the lucci for thier projects. Good for's about time that these fools stopped losing money that they don't have to. Sure they won't get the promotion that a major can give, but as long as it's hot the radio jocks will take care of that. Rae...a little sidenote from me if you are reading this...make sure the album lives up to the hype...or your career is ooooover...ova.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SHUT THE #@!*%$ UP!!!!

First off, I just wanna say that when he played for The Raiders, he was nasty. Nasty, meaning that I knew that he was an above average player, but couldn't figure out why. Now I know why...I also now know what a fucking retard Romanowski is. Not only is he a giant clutz that is mad about his popularity now-a-daze, but he is ruining any chances of getting into The Hall of Fame by blowing up his own spot and taking others with him. Is this just a cunning attempt to clean the skeletons in his closet?? Could it be that he is stirring up all of this to sell copies his new book????(obviously) Maybe if he is lucky he will end up on next season's episode of the Surreal Life starring Sinead O'Connor, Sammy "the bull" Gravano, and the guy who played "Doofy" in Scary Movie. Come to think of it, he looks a lot like my cousin Tucker, I haven't seen in ages. His nose itches because he sniffed away his septum. bru-bu-bu-broow.


From one quick glance you'd think that you were looking at the backside of a superresort, one that is all inclusive and very expensive at that. The last thing that you would think is that you were looking at rapper 50 Cent's cribo. Purchased from, and previously owned by Mike Tyson, this gated community estate boasts a backyard waterfall, an indoor club, raquetball court, and narcissistic paintings of himself all over the building. The sad part for his fans is that this is FAR from the hood. So I have a question for you???? Is he keeping it real???? It's actually a trick question, there is no possible way he can be. That is unless the ghetto delivers. Sorry 50, but you can't convince me.
IN THE HOOD (yet another 50 diss)


Redman has recently finished his new album entitled Red Gone Wild Thee Album. Some cameo appearances from Ludacris, Ghostface, and Icarus. Scheduled release date is set for Nov. 15th. Peep the preview...What I'm Here For ( corny djs screaming)
This is by far the best song I've heard off the album to date.


Everywhere you go, boards, blogs, chate rooms, word on the street, is that this is the must buy album of the year. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this release really sucks...not as bad as the GZA and Muggs project, but almost as bad. The beats are very mediocre and this also sounds like it was thrown together. Some of the emcees don't even sound like themselves, and I will be the first to scream it. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY...or your bandwidth for that matter. Actually, the download may be worth it, but seriously, this is one of the worst anticipated releases to ever come out of the Wu camp. That logo dosen't really mean shit now. I remember when you could but any record that had the WU symbol flipped every which way, and know that it was totally worth your money. Now it seems that everyone that uses (aside the original members) is just ruining the face value of the 36 chambers. Here's the best track on the album in my eyes...and ears. R.A. the Rugged Man and J-Live (mp3)

Pablo Francisco make fun of clubbing in NYC. (video)

A TrU AsShOLe.

The new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has been underway for about three weeks now and each episode gets funnier than the last. At first I have to admit, I was snoozin on this show, but after watching it for a couple of weeks, I'm loving the simple everyday comedy. A new episode premiers Oct. 30th... tune in and find out whats so funny.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Chillin' in the studio...just another late night... me... some warm brandy... and blunts of sour deez. Beats are getting broken...I'm running out of ink...and my eyes look like I should be working at a fish market on Canal St. Live, no Memorex...just memories...of when hip-hop was actually worth following. Keep your ears peeled for the new Refried Redneck Remixes due out late November.
Something actually worth buying.


Rockstar Games has done it once again. They are set to release (out of nowhere), a game that is bound to become a classic among cult followers of The Warriors. The new special edition DVD has also been released and includes 10-20 minutes of bonus footage including comic clips, and a cast commentary. A MUST for any fan of this flick. Ev Boogie knows...late night dorm room sessions with Vinyl, catlogs n spoofs... and we can't forget IJAY.


Not only is (Money) Mike Tice having a shitty season, now he has other problems. Apparently some of his squad were having a little too much fun boozing on a recent luxury cruise. Sources say that at least 17 Vikings players were actually working overtime (as players) and had a large public orgy on the ship. If anyone has any photos or picture of this please send them to me direct...not only would they be great to break out for Xmas eve dinner, the cops would like to be able to identify the players who were getting extensive slowneck. Remember...the answers always NO! --david spade

Well don't just stand there...Kick a Freestyle.

Not sure how many of you know this, but tonite on almost all of the local news channels I saw a story about the kid who got killed outside The Hudson Duster. One of the bouncers involved may go to jail for a few years...and on a sad sidenote, The Duster may be closing it's doors for good. Read more here. Damn. NOW where we gonna have our shows? Lark Tavern is way too small and all the other bars around here just suck anyway. Who the fuck am I kidding...I haven't went to a show in 3 months. Nyay. lates.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


After letting us all in on the secret that "George Bush doesn't care about black people"...his albums sales suddenly slowed down then came to an abrupt halt. I guess that he really didn't count on any of his white fans taking that to heart. And just for a sidenote...this wasn't about black or white, it was about a disaster that no one (not even congress) was prepared for. I'm surprised that some of those people even stayed to try to ride out the all the victims of Hurricane Katrina, I salute you...and to those still at the bars drinking...have one for me, after all you are on your 100th beer concidering that you've been on a 1 month drinking binge, you haven't been home yet, and the worse part is... your dog is probably pregnant.


One of our favorite DJ's, Dirty Harry is back with his latest installment. Nas Legends Vol. 1.
This mixtape is dope from start to finish and is an essential addition to any Nas collection. J-Love has released his series of Nas Legends Cds, and they aren't even worth comparing to this disc. Consisting of all Nas' classics and a few exclusives, this is the way it should be done, from a true soul survivor. I wear chains that excite the F.E.D.S. too. Crystal dogtags to be exact.


Forreal, this joint is still just as hot as it was when I bought it. The beat is bangin' and it prompted me to break out "Da Fat Gangsta" CD. Don't sleep on this one, it was, and still is ahead of it's time. Not to mention that it is 10 times better than anything he has recently released. Buy it, Download it, Get it...whatever it takes.

----EyE cAnDy----0-O------>

Debra Messing...The only other redhead worth noticing. She actually may surpass Julianne Moore for the dopest redhead on televison. ROoOaor.!

Diggin' In The Eighths

Madlib a.k.a. Loopdigga a.k.a. Beat Conductor a.k.a. DJ Rels a.k.a. Quasimoto a.k.a. Yesterday's New Quintet has a new album out. It's 11 tracks of heat with no vocals...that's right no vocals. Some of these tracks will be released seperately for the 7inch series that Stonesthrow has been doing for a while now. A DIVINE IMAGE-----(audio from the album) Enjoy your free sneak peek and make sure you go out and buy his shit so that he can keep doing what he does for us.
...a new update with video (coming soon). till then playaz. UNO!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Just a quickie on a flip n fuck for this week... Here's yours truly rockin the custom M. James Swarovski Astros '05 season hat with the National League Kent Jersey. M. James are the official joints...the first to do it...the right way to do it...all others are just the M.O.'s ...
M.O. tations.
Rhinestones are for suckers.

"kICk IN tHE dOOR"

Wrexclusive shit to the soon to be released Don Smog-Puncture Wound will contain some lost songs, exclusive freestyles, and remixes that will not be released on the album.
It will also be very hard to find concidering we are only releasing 5-10 copies...the spread of this will mostly rely on dubs...but you guys should know plenty about that you pirates of the music sea.


I still can't believe that this dude is gone...It's almost about that time when he would've been dropping an new album. I hope that RZA saves some of his acapellas for real cats, and not make the mistake that Diddy did with B.I.G.'s unheard verses. Damn.


They always say that most Part 2's are never even close to as good as the first. I beg to differ cause I'm a bit deffer than helen keller's iron made her.
D-Block's Peer Pressure II (snipper) is one of the hottest joints on the net. The mixtape grew on me, will it grow on you? Also the new Clinton Sparks n Clipse pt. 2 is very well put together. I respect that...but a little inside note to Clinton...I AM FAMILIAR, you can get rid of that sample now. I'm sure you know enough people that can give you hot drops. DO IT...............DO IT.



"WHAT THE FUCK you mean theres no Coke!!??!???,
There's Gotta be Coke!!!"

Well if you haven't heard it yet, your gonna hear it from me. Kate "da snoblower" Moss has been dropped, fired, or whatever you wanna call it from all the companies that she worked for. These companies include, but are not limited to: Burberry, Chanel, and Christian Dior. Apparently her close friend Sharon Stone has come to her rescue, and is defending her in a recent article. I never thought that she looked that great anyway, and I'm sure that you will agree. This picture is a rare shot of her actually looking attractive and not like a coke head. The thing that I can't believe is that no one caught it up until now. All models look like twigs and have the makeup that makes them looked cracked out, but maybe that's why she was so good, they could put an 8 ball in her dressing room and cancel the makeup specialist for the day. It's a lot cheaper to spend $125 for a day than $125 an hour. The other thing that bothers me is that if this was just your average girl, she would be locked up and forced into rehab for her "problem"or "addiction", and still be stuck in jail after the fact. Why is it then that when a movie star, musician, or model/actress does it, they go away to get "help" and come out a hero. What a fucked up world we live in. The next time your are reading the latest issue of OK mag, or watching Pat "pain killer" O'brien on Cracksess Hollywood, think to yourself that you and me are not any different than any of these fools, we just hang around a different crowd, got to different parties, and have different numbers on our bank statements. Other than that the only thing that seperates "us" from "them" is that "they" are in the public eye and "we" have yet to get there.
Smile back wiggas.

$100 on Oakland to win.

There are actually two brand new movies that I can't wait to go see in theater...Two For The Money starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey is about an upscale sports gambling ring that....well you should go see it too. and...

"Domino Muthafucka!!!" ---Ice Cube Boyz in The Hood

If you are into the whole bounty hunter thing... Dog the Bounty Hunter, or Midnight Run, you should go and check this movie...The cinematography is seriously serious. It has and all-star cast including Christopher Walken and Lucy Lu. Pirated copies of the screener are already circulating around the net and Mickey Rourke is no joke in whatever movie he plays in. (i.e. Barfly, Spun) This is def a movie I will be going to see...I never said I was gonna pay for it...I just said I was gonna see it. So I got an idea check this... I'll catch Two For The for the first and then sneak into Domino, or vice versa, it depends on who I roll with and how I'm feeling. One thing is for sure, you can'y do THIS in the city. When it comes to great movies I'm always feeling thrifty...hence the large popcorn and soda w/ free refills...all day long.