Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Discovered by firebrand rapper Sage Francis, the Sol.iLLaquists’ combustible live presence prompted the world renowned MC to take them along on two global tours. Steered by machine-gunning MC and Vocal Polyrhythmatician Swamburger, The Sol.iLLaquists achieve lift-off with the fervent virtuosity of MPC (Midi Production Center) whiz DiViNCi. Yet the urgency of this group’s approach is keenly tempered with the harmonic vibrance of Alexandrah’s soulful vocals and the spoken contemplation of Tonya Combs. This should be a great album concidering there was very little or no promotion for this. Look for it if you are a fan of Def Poetry with a mix of Digable Planets, and heavy drumkits.


I was visiting one of my favorite sites that I really wasn't gonna expose to everyone and thier mother, but this is just too ill. MF DOOM DUNKS... with the piping manufactured by everyones favorite office supply company "3M". They feature an embroidered doom logo from the MM Food album and the now famous doom mask on the tongue tag. Where do I get this crazy shit from????? KIXANDTHECITY is an online sneaker community/magazine dedicated to giving us all what we want. The EXCLUSIVES!!!!!! They are more circulated toward sneakers than clothing, but this is the spot to hit for all your new kix pix, info on those you so desperately want, and of course all the Air Jordan release dates. They won't tell you where exactly to get them, but then that would take the fun out of the whole sha-bang. What they will do tho, is give you the info on if it is an internet release only, which in turn, could save you a shitload of time, frustration, and best of all, money. Slide over and check 'em out. You don't have to thank me, just buy me some new laces or some shit.


Apparently we haven't heard the last from baseball legend Pete Rose. It is said that during the time he was trying to push his latest book, he concocked a plan that would ensure the value of his autographed memorabilia. He released a minimum of 30 baseballs that hold a minature confession that reads "i'm sorry i bet on baseball" followed by the hustler's signature. There could be as many as 300, but that is just heresay as far as we know. Either way, the Roseman keeps popping into our lives as if he dosen't want us to forget that we (the Rose fans) stuck behind him... and then all looked like complete assholes after he contradicted himself that day in '04. Whatever way you look at it, he fucked up, he belongs in the Hall of Fame as the greatest hitter that ever lived, but doesn't deserve it as far as he can be thrown. The movie with Tom Sizemore was dead on in my opinion, and if you get a chance, you should peep it. Rose fan or not.


The new promo video from Thelonius Spunk is now up for your viewing pleasure. Check it out at Beatdown Collective. An avid support thread of Origin Ill and Jack N. Vinyl.

mAgIc MuShRoOmSsSss

This morning Willie Nelson got busted again for drug possesion. 1Lb. and 1/2 of tree, and some shrooms. awwwwwwwilllieeeeee.

*************VICE CITY STORIES**************

The lastest news on the new Rockstar release Vice City Stories is that the game will NOT be released for the PS2 home console. It will be exclusive only to the PSP and that thier upcoming game Bully will be pushed for the main system. No word on what they have planned for the PS3, but I'm sure if you do some research you could find some press on it. Peep mo!
In no way is the game bully, to be confused with the 2001 release of the movie with the same title.

--Incredible Bongo Band - Last Bongo in Belgium (remix)*
*great jam, the original for Nas and AZ's song Serious.
--Ras Kass - Freestyle*
*one of the best freestyles I've heard this year by far.
--Black Sheep - Whodat*
*take note, it has been appx 15 years since thier last album.

I candy

Homegirl Krystal Steal. Innocent looking egh?

...time to write some lines.


Thursday, September 07, 2006


AAAAAWWWWWWWW Shhhiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!
Monday night football is gonna be a mufvvva this week with a double header starting at 7pm. The first matchup will be the Vikings VS. the Redskins. I guess they think this is whats gonna make up for the lost ratings without John Madden. People are gonna watch anyway...it's the fuckin' first monday night football of the season foo!!!!!!! Wiggaz just care about the wing specials.
RAIDERS VS. CHARGERS @ 10. Don't make the RAIDER NATION hunt you down.

FEAT. on my next album. SOUF PAWLEY
Recognize Wiggaz.

CORNY music....and an even STUPIDER promotion tool.

The tru definition of a Bird. This big dummy got pinched drinkin and drivin...pure idiotski or album promotion???? Big ups to BANKSKI

-----------THE LOST TAPE------------------

I recently got a hold of a real dope collection of commentary by the late Dilla and music blended together. He breaks down what it was like to deal with the industry and the troubles that follow over a number of years. It's zipped so unless you have winrar or winzip it ain't happening for you. go head... grab it!
instructions: (stupid fuc's only)
uno-click on link, scroll to the bottom of the page
dos-select free account (this should bring you to another page)
tres-scroll down till you find the file name...
quatro-wait for the ticket to time out and the REAL link to appear. then download.
See it's just that easy, it's just that cheezy, it's always sleazy round heeere.


"Damn it feel's good to see people up on it"
Here the veteran wrecks the decks keeping onlookers dazed. Do me a favor, break out any album of his you own, crack a blunt wrap, grab da 40oz and let ya hip hop of today troubles fly out the door. Sane?

>>>>>>The RED ...The Black ...and The Green<<<<<<

Veteran Brooklyn Hip Hop group X Clan appears to be more motivated than stagnated by the death of Professor X, as it prepares the group's new album, 'Return from Mecca,' due October 31. The LP, the group's third and first in almost fourteen years, will come just nine months after Prof. X died of complications from spinal meningitis. Leader Brother J, Ultraman Ra Hanna, ACL, DJ FatJack, Kumu M. Haynes, Master China, and Grand Arkutect Paradise plan to continue the squad's Afrocentric based movement through a new venture with Suburban Noize Records. 'Return from Mecca' will feature a revamped version of X Clan's signature ancestral and cultural teachings. The crew, originally comprised of The Rhythm Provider Sugar Shaft (who died of AIDS in 1995), Brother J, Prof. X., and Paradise the Arkutect, was apart of Blackwatch, a musical/cultural movement which included X Clan, Queen Mother Rage, Isis, YZ, and Daddy-O. The Clan espoused the views of militants like Malcolm X, Huey Newton and Clarence 13X, moving dance crowds simultaneously. The group's 1990 debut 'To the East, Blackwards' was followed in 1992 by 'Xodus.' Both albums peaked at # 11 on Billboard's Hip Hop/R&B charts. The Clan split at one point in the nineties and Brother J formed Dark Sun Rider, releasing one LP. If the new LP is anything close to what Xodus was, then we can guarantee that the movement will awaken the spirits that be and flow back to east my brother, to the east!


Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood - Tequila and Chocolate
-great bunch of musicians...gotta love this collabo.
Joe Gibbs and The Professionals- Majestic Dub
-the classic reggae dub buddas from way back when.
Camron - Swagger Jacker (Hova Diss)
-this is really a wake up call for all who think Hov is the best out.

!!!!!!!EyE cAnDy!!!!!!!!

Kianna Dior. "me lov yu long time!"
back in 5...days or so.


Saturday, September 02, 2006


Catch A Beatdown...Collective, that is.

This just in....BeatdownCollective and the staff are working on a greatest under the radar series from Upstate NY artists. There will be some well-known joints on there and also some exclusive (only for this cd) type shit. Make sure you quit smoking before then so you can keep up with the lyrics while your ghostrapping your heart out in that piece of shit bucket you call a vehicle.

The Other POPE.

Pope is back in the studio working on his latest. This is sure to be a more underground based album. Giving it that "NY" feel will be Jack N. Vinyl on all production. How did he get us to do pretty much his whole project???? If you had to ask, then you couldn't afford it. Be up in the lighthouse looking out for this release. No name yet, but that's just us being lazy fucks.

20-0-seven dunkage.

Nike has begun to release thier '07 line of SB Dunks. I really don't know how they'd outdo thierselves after last year, but I'm sure they will find a way. Check out some of the new samples. For those who can't afford the real deal you could always order from an ebay seller with a China address, (way bootnick) or simply buy the minature collectibles that are on ebay right now.

Dropping Bombs...

looking for the hot gear to match dose shits, slip n slide on ova to check out The Hundreds new fall collection. They specialize in hard to find colors that are linked with on another. Superhot!

Swagger Stole The Show.

The new Ghostface Killah New Era LE Fitted.
Swagger.com has teamed up with the Wu to release a series of limited edition tees, hats and other accessories. Peep this out.

Losers Love

Apparently L.L. Cool J. is in the studio working on a new album collabo with rapper 50 Cent. Maybe if we are lucky we can hear more garbage beats from Scott Storch on this project. Oh, and if we are truly blessed they may have that cornball Usher sing a hook for this sad idea of an album. It will probably sell a shitload of copies, but the people buying them aren't hip-hop, hell, they aren't even rap fans. They're just a bunch of people who got this shit fed down thier throat till they've convinced themselves that it tastes good. As far as I'm concerned G-Unit is deader that Jim Nabors and L.L. should quit while he is ahead. Read more on this dumb shit.


New York's Finest were kept busy by the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, busting actor-rapper Mos Def outside Radio City Music Hall during the show.
Def (aka Dante Smith, 32, of Brooklyn) was staging an impromptu performance of his song "Katrina Clap," which criticizes President Bush's response to the hurricane last year.
Police said his entourage rolled up in a flatbed truck and were "inciting the crowd" outside the VMA venue. After the driver refused to comply with a request to move, Def was issued a summons for "operating a sound reproduction device without a permit," according to an NYPD spokeswoman.
The incident happened about 10 p.m. "He was free in plenty of time to see the awards show," a police source said. "It was real quick - just a summons."
King, meanwhile, got his summons for trespassing.
The 33-year-old Angeleno and sometime Howard Stern guest has made a career out of crashing awards ceremonies. He was snatched off the stage after grabbing the mic and promoting his Web site during the live broadcast.
Can you believe these assholes? damn.

La Coka Nostra (video) (ill bill performance)

GEMS (music of the week)
Raekwon - Flawless Crowns (vatican mixtape vol. 2 exclusive)
Big Noyd - Money Roll ('bout time noyd hit us with some more)
Ayatollah - Love's Ghetto (hot ass beat off his new album, ill drums)

EYE Candy----0-O-----Famke

Aight fuckers....gotta go make myself a big breakfast, and dumbo drop a doogan.

more shits n giggles to come.