Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Last week's show featuring DJ Premier on the tables, Torae, J57, and Panchi of NYGz. I was hyped to hear my man JOAT's track being spun by DJ Premier.

Here's the playlist:
1. Kool G. Rap & A.G.–Rap Is Outta Control Intro (prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by Eclipse)
2. Heavy Metal Kings–King Diamond (prod. by ILL BILL)
3. Wyld Bunch–Slippin’ Deeper
4. Rapper Pooh & Chaundon–Idols & Role Models (prod. by Focus)
5. Money Making Jam Boys–500 Horses (prod. by Frank Knuckles, cuts by Jazzy Jeff)
6. Camp Lo & Pete Rock–Mic Check (prod. by Pete Rock)
7. Busta Rhymes (f. Notorious B.I.G.)–I’LL Knock You Out (prod. by Hill)
8. Ed O.G.–Fast Lane (prod. & cuts by DJ Premier)
9. Heavy Metal Kings (f. Q-Unique, Slaine)–Metal In Your Mouth (prod. by Jack Of All Trades, cuts by Kwestion)
10. Rapper Big Pooh (f Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul)–Rapper Pooh-a-Lude (prod. by Focus)
11. MC Eiht–Where U Goin’ 2? (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
12. Mobb Deep (f. Nas)–Dog Shit (prod. by Alchemist)
13. Nametag (f. Guilty Simpson)–Raw Dirty Filth (prod. by Nameless)
14. Heavy Metal Kings–Blood Meridian (prod. by Gemcrates, cuts by Kwestion)
15. Trinity (f. A.G., Sadat X)–The Bronx (prod. by Rob Dinero)
16. DJ Premier (f. Young Maylay)–Temptation (prod. by DJ Premier)
17. Ed O.G. (f. Bishop Lamont, Def Jef)–Dummies (prod. by Young Cee)
18. DJ Deadeye (f. Big Shug, Bumpy Knuckles, Panchi of NYGz)–Had It Comin’
(prod. by Victory & DJ Deadeye)
19. K-Rino (f. Dougie D.)–Under The Radar
20. Wais P–Pimp-vs-Thug
21. Lee Bannon (f. Planet Asia, Tri State, Killa Ben)–Weakness
22. Maffew Ragazino(f. Jon Connor)–1995

Hour 1
Hour 2

I have a ton of shit to do. See ya soon muhufuchuhs

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The new Ed Powers full length Inktoxicated is on it's way. The album features production from The Vinylcologist, Jack of All Trades, and P.J. Katz. Special guest emcees will include Don Smog, Mic Mangler, Animal Cracker, The Vinylcologist, Oddy Gato, and Vital to name a few. No release date yet as restructuring of the project is ongoing.


Here's the latest from Action Bronson and Tommy MAS.


This popped up on radar when I was scanning the net. It was a hip hop documentary that was due to to be released and then nothing ever came of it. It features some of our own 518 brethren and jumps around different parts of upstate New York to showcase some of the talent the upstaters have to offer. I'm glad that Dez made it pretty clear and spoke for all of us as he talked about the scene as a whole. The Doc tackles an array of subjects from, Underground vs. Mainstream, Definition of hip hop, and what it means to different people. I'll keep you all posted as I've already inquired about this to Juse One, the man who produced it.

Not Even 48Hours old.

Play a reggae song to this and see how hard you laugh.

Later lip crud.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here's a video taken live at The Tree Fort, which was my old studio in my Dub-V apartment. I wasn't even aware that this existed. Shouts to P. J. Katz a.k.a. Thelonius Spunk for hooking up the video and to DeeJay Tone for bringing it to my attention. Do they even sell chocolate wraps anymore? That's how we got the graham cracker crust blunt for our hyperdooperkeylimehaze tree.


In celebration A dope mix of songs to roll up to mixed by Aries.

What About Bob?

Marley's are in effect today for sure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here's and old pic of Guru and myself. (circa 2002) He was just getting ready to release the Baldhead Slick album. We linked up for a lunch and chatted while I smoked a dutch after an invite only Tommy Boy party and panel at CMJ. I made sure to tell him how much his music influenced me over the years, and how grateful I was that he gave me some time to kick it with him. Truly a humble individual. It's hard to believe that a year has passed since his death. It just shows you all that time is precious. So the next time you are hesitant to bask in the glow of the now, take a look at how fast a minute on a clock really is. This seems like just yesterday to me, and it was almost 10 years ago. Damn.


Here's a nice tribute to play or download while checkin' the rest of the blog.

...one of my favorite Gang Starr tracks.


Here's another tribute that will take place tomorrow. Tune in and check it out.
As long as they play anything that has Guru on it, they can't fuck this up.


Narrated by Guru's nephew Justin Elam.


Guru Gallery

Guru, Lil Dap, Melachi (circa late 80's)

K. Elam

The Foundation

Just to get a Rep.


Guru and Preme




Gang Starr


Best record to cut doubles of.


Moment of Truth Sampler

On tour.

"...A never ending saga, when I rap to these beats."

Cop the tee HERE.

Sunday, April 17, 2011



This shit had me fooled back in the day. You can totally see the strings. I'd definitely have to pull over and say something disheartening if I ever saw someone doing that now.

I really couldn't help myself on this one. I loved this movie as a kid and it shows you how hip-hop was attempting to go mainstream trying to focus on the dancing as oppose to the rapping aspect. The Chappelle joint is classic though, I wish his show would come back. Every once in a while he snaps jokes on people through twitter.
Turbo and Ozone are still out there as well. Ozone also known as shabba-doo did some choreography for Madonna and helped Jaime Kennedy put together dance sequences on one of his more recent movies. Turbo scored some small roles and movies like Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey , Naked Gun 33and1/3 (the final insult), and played as "urkelbot" on 4 episodes of Family Matters. As of 2011 they have yet to pop up on radar.


Daaaaaamn yo, are doseda "Air Siena's"?
Filmed on the steps in front of RPI.

...nice lineup on this album. Brick has been dropping dope records for years.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011



SEV STATIK - SONDIAL - 01 It's Yours
SEV STATIK - SONDIAL - 02 Passerby
SEV STATIK - SONDIAL - 03 Old Man f. Animal Cracker
SEV STATIK - SONDIAL - 04 Bless Me To My Days
SEV STATIK - SONDIAL - 05 Wiser Times
SEV STATIK - SONDIAL - 06 Assassination f. Motion Plus, Theory Hazit, Jurny Big

I bring you the new Sev Statik album entirely produced by my man Raw Threat. Features include Animal Cracker, Theory Hazit, Motion Plus, and Jurny Big. I'm peeping this now and enjoying it. Nice selection of tracks here. Raw Threat holds a production dagger that kills, and Sev always continues to impress. Here's a few tidbits as well. The sample on track 7 was also used by Fat Joe for Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Scram Jones, Loose Cannons, and for various freestyles. The title track "Sondial" features a rare sample that i won't give away, but was also flipped by our own Jack of All Trades for the Durt Murchants track "You Have No Idea", released on the Jack and Vinyl 80 Proof mixtape in 2008. It in no way takes away from these songs. Threat always flips it tight, and half of hip hop has been sampled more than twice. So fuckoff if you thought I was trying to downplay my wiggas. They just gave you a free album so show some support and go to a show, or buy some shit you cheap bar stards.

Free Download


UPDATE!!!! I made a mistake last week for mentioning that DJ Eclipse wouldn't be around to do his radio show this week. Well, luckily for you I was wrong.
Here's the latest RIOC radio show. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to the show here.


TCK (True City Killers) is a graf crew from NYC that is currently putting out a pretty dope podcast. Cool blend of old school hip hop and breaks. Yak Ballz is part of TCK and released a song a while back all about the crew.
Here's the latest podcast courtesy of yakballz.net


I told you I'd leak another track from Elsphinx.
Taken from his upcoming release: Brain Cave Deluxe
Grab it

Don't even let me catch you sleepin.

Saturday, April 09, 2011



Midnight Marauding

The Big Dough Remix

This the Joint.

How High?


The Lionel Subway Edition
It looks black, but it is actually forest green and about the size of a six in hero. A wonderful throwback and big up's to Lionel for bringing something dope back. Damn, that rhymes, and now you just became an emcee overnight.

An understatement.


Before the Buff.

As far as the eye can see.

Stacks upon stacks.

Corel Reef.
How cool would it be to have bought one of these at auction to have as a canvas in your back yard. If only I were rich. I'm sure my daughter would love to use one of these as a playhouse too.


Rock Steady Crew still catching wreck and continuing to blow our minds with their dedication to all things hip hop.

The Head Banger

Shit looks like what Lennox Lewis did to Hasim Rahman.
She was ugly before this happened so it really don't matter none.