Saturday, April 23, 2011


The new Ed Powers full length Inktoxicated is on it's way. The album features production from The Vinylcologist, Jack of All Trades, and P.J. Katz. Special guest emcees will include Don Smog, Mic Mangler, Animal Cracker, The Vinylcologist, Oddy Gato, and Vital to name a few. No release date yet as restructuring of the project is ongoing.


Here's the latest from Action Bronson and Tommy MAS.


This popped up on radar when I was scanning the net. It was a hip hop documentary that was due to to be released and then nothing ever came of it. It features some of our own 518 brethren and jumps around different parts of upstate New York to showcase some of the talent the upstaters have to offer. I'm glad that Dez made it pretty clear and spoke for all of us as he talked about the scene as a whole. The Doc tackles an array of subjects from, Underground vs. Mainstream, Definition of hip hop, and what it means to different people. I'll keep you all posted as I've already inquired about this to Juse One, the man who produced it.

Not Even 48Hours old.

Play a reggae song to this and see how hard you laugh.

Later lip crud.

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