Sunday, August 28, 2005


Why? (you ask), because...Jadakiss and Styles says so, dats why. While Shitty Cent was trying to use piggybank as a way to promote his new album 'The Massacre', he forgot that some people take this shit serious...especially people who can walk the walk when it comes to writing diss tracks. The door swings both ways...Peep.
"Hey yo It's Hov....H-to-the-OV"

Jay-Z the current President and CEO of Def Jam Records is back in the studio hopping on track after track to help promote Rocafella and it's string of new artists...He seems to have the industry in somewhat of a chokehold, with fans salivating for his return. Meanwhile, Kanye West gets ready to drop his sophomore album with the hit single Gold Digger f. Jaime Foxx going strong, blazing up the charts as we speak. Check out the write up that Billboard gave him along with a breakdown of his new album. and, before I forget... all you fans that can't wait for Hova's official return here's a little something to keep you at bay. Note: this is highly exclusive and probably wont be out for at least 3 months. Enjoy wigga.
Kels.....Go Home (Homo)

If any of you had the chance last night to catch the MTV music awards you saw R Kelly make a complete ass of himself with his latest 'trapped in the closet' series. My question is this...Why the fuck would anyone wanna see you tell a 10 minute story that has 6 other parts to it on national live tv? What if they didn't buy your weak cd? What if they hated it on your cd? Do me a favor...rape another 14 year old...and this time shit on her instead of pissing...that's something that people would actually wanna see. Sick fuck. Better yet, try buttfucking Nelly on live tv, I bet that they wouldn't even cut the video off and Nelly would give an extraordinary reach around. You two are a couple of FAGITS!!!!, and the girls in your videos are there to add to the front.

...and dare wuz butter oozing out his leg...

The latest scene in South Beach when the second bullet missed Suge's Head and hit this crackwhore. How funny is it that she actually has Cory Feldman to escort her to the hospital? Actually, what really happened was this...She was on her cell and that shit ran out of minutes and self destructed in her ear...the people around her laughed since her bloodstained shirt was homemade. We The ReEEEEEEEtards... well, you know the rest.

EYE Candy ------0-O----->Gina.
more for you morons soon.

Monday, August 22, 2005


If you are an avid fan of card games especially poker and/ or ripping off people VIA hustling...this is the movie to see. SHADE starring Sly Stone, Melanie Griffith, Jaime Foxx, and Stuart Townsend takes you deep into the world of the high rolling gambler looking for action, adventure, and easy money. A must see for any degenerate who likes gangster movies. Big ups to Voedog for putting me on to this flick.


Not only is Dame Dash the CEO of Rocawear and Rocafella Records, he recently purchased the Pro Keds company and plans to release limited edition sneakers that will promote Rocawear and the Rocafella artists. On an episode of "it's the shoes" (espn2) he gave fans an exclusive look at the new cookies n creme keds that are due out later in the year. The sneaks actually smell like chocolate and milk. All that I can say is go for yours Dame it's a wonderful thing to own a company that has such a history with the public. Although Dash is only designing for Rocawear for another year or so, he admits that he never gets attached to any of his businesses, he hustles. Once the hustle is over, it's time to move on. Beanie Sigel has just been released from jail, but the way his album has been selling he might as well go back... he'd probably make more money in the penn. Pure ButterWafers.

Moonshine. (mun shin)
1. moonlight.
2. informal foolish talk or thought.
3. illegally distilled whiskey made from corn mash; also called white lightning.
You ask...why moonshine? Well, because... it's cool to talk about and cheap to make. If you are caught making it you could be forced to serve jail time or be fined 2 to 3 times the tax on the seize. In the new movie "The Dukes of Hazzard", Uncle Jesse played by Willie Nelson is a moonshine distiller that is also trying to evade the law. In recent stories put out by CNN and NBC they claim that the problem has always been there but is getting worse. Kids in high school are making it by the gallon and drinking it till they have to have thier stomaches pumped. I personally don't see a problem with that and neither should the goverment. It's just another form of population control in my eyes. More kids dying off this shit means less money the states have to pay in health care and benifits. Here are some more interesting facts about moonshine that you probably didn't know taken from CNN. Pardon me while I run to the store for corn syrup, yeast, and some 50 gallon drums. I know that this shit is long but it is very interesting and you may even learn something .
In 1970, the ATF seized 5,228 stills, along with 86,416 gallons of illegal liquor and 1.9 million gallons of mash. From 1990 to 1995, only two stills, 2,200 gallons of liquor and 192 gallons of mash were seized. Since 1995, the ATF, which no longer tracks the amount of liquor seized, has investigated 20 moonshining cases, Brady says.
Moonshiners' battles with the government date back more than 200 years to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, when Scots-Irish settlers in Pennsylvania rose up to protest a federal excise tax on whiskey.
Moonshining thrived during Prohibition, and old-timers still tell stories of road duels between Appalachian bootleggers and law officers. Some drivers who mastered the backroads went on to become the early stars of stock-car racing, among them NASCAR legend Junior Johnson.
"It was sort of a family business," says Johnson. "It was a way of survival then. It was back in the '30s, and everybody was having a hard time."
While moonshining provided family income, it also exacted a price. Johnson, his brothers and his father all spent time in prison.
"My daddy went off five times," says Johnson, who spent almost a year in prison himself after federal agents caught him firing up his father's still in 1956.
That legacy of fierce independence continues today in the work of moonshiners like John and Henry.
When their mash is ready to run, the two fire up the 550-gallon boiler using two oil-fueled burners normally used in tobacco barns. Steam from the boiler is piped into the cooker, where it bubbles up through the mash, and is filtered through "backings," liquor left over from previous runs and not suitable for drinking, to increase the potency.
The distillate then runs through two truck radiators submerged in cold water and flows through a hospital blood filter into a plastic barrel.
As the liquor flows into the barrel, John repeatedly fills and shakes a small bottle, checking the "bead" of tiny bubbles to determine when the proof has diminished to the point that the run should be cut off.
Moonshine rule... sell, don't drink.
John's still can produce about 16 gallons of brandy from each 225-gallon batch of apple mash in about 40 minutes. Each 300-gallon vat of rye mash nets about 40 gallons of illegal liquor in 90 minutes.
A day's run can take 15 hours of nonstop work.
In addition to risking federal prison time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, John and Henry work in a hot, hazardous environment, relying on their pipes and welds to contain the high pressure steam.
"It's dangerous, but if you pay halfway attention and keep your stuff in good shape, it ain't," says John, who collapsed from heatstroke two years ago while working his still.
His apple brandy is surprisingly smooth, the flavor of the fruit precariously balancing on a volatility approaching that of gasoline.
But John does not drink the liquor he makes. "This stuff is for selling, not for drinking," he says.
It's a moonshiner's rule he learned as a young boy and passed on to his own son.
Pretty crazy huh, this may or may not deter you from making moonshine, but whatever you choose to do, rememeber they are watching, documenting, tapping, and recording all that goes on relating to this form of alcohol.
Deacon Dr. G. Trump...

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a pimp??? Well here's your chance to get your own pimp on. peep! 50 cent ain't got shit on us G's. Speaking of G's...


Unofficial tracklist for Nas’s new album ‘NASDAQ Dow Jones’
Tracklisting : (subject to change)
01. Wake Up New York (Intro)
02. Bullet X
03. What’s Good NY
04. We Were Gangstas (featuring Scarface)
05. Mexico
06. QB Savages (featuring Bravehearts)
07. Polo and Guess
08. Unauthorized Biography of KRS-ONE
09. The Nasty One 10. Seed of Sekou
11. Legendary
12. Rebel to America
13. Hallie Selassie
14. Moon (featuring Kelis)
15. Talk of NY - (bonus track)

It is reported that during the course of working on this album Nas heard a track that he just had to have. He apparently wanted it so bad that he offered to pay the producers (The Neptunes)$2,000,000 plus 3 points on the record. WOAH! Damn...that's the kinda break I need. Now to the question of the day...What would you do if a beat that took you an hour to make, or even 10 hours to make made you 2mil instantly???? Hit up the comments. While you ponder that check this ishbomb.
What's happening DORK?!!?!


Don't Get NAS dissin 50Cent.


The new Kanye West album is a treat and much better than Common's. I always liked Kanye as a producer and not an emcee, but things could start to change. Here's a brand new joint that will not be coming out on the Late Registration album. It will self destruct a week from today.

Bootleggers Beware who comuth.
peash. 4 now.