Saturday, December 02, 2006


Here's a quick on that ya boy couldn't resist. A little bit of everything... funny shit , exclusives, and yes, a bit more bitching!!!!

Driver's Side Advantage- usually pertaining to peeps working at the local car wash, this is slang for watching out when women in minikirts hop out the driver side. Examples...

....and then this happens...

...and then you're like "oooohhhhh"
..and she's not as hot the secret is out.

..but some photographers just don't stop. Just when she thought things were going to change for her. Sad isn't it. Please don't pray to that cross or you will go to hell.

This album made me realize why I really enjoy what people can do with an unlimited amount of instruments and effects. Brazilian Landing Strip is the jawn of the month. His tired, but humbling voice over the tweaked out production will have you wanting to go and turn on the equipment and start doin' the mess around. Go head 'wit cha bad self charles.


Can't get enough of these just have to try to imagine what must be going through someones mind when this type shit happens. I wish I had this problem and I'll speak for you too.

NYC is taking back hip-hop!

It's official...from what I've heard on the new albums from both these fellows, everyone is in for a big surprize. Most of us, speaking from an upstate of mind, really can't stand the weak shit that has been flooding the radio waves. These cheezeeeeee synthed out beats aren't what we're used to in the home of the Yanks. We need that raw shit, that stuff that made your mom toss tapes in the trash. I'll tell ya what... you moms would be making a huge mistake if she sacrificed these to the trash can gods. I've got some freebies for all you readers that have been so loyal this year and keep coming back to read my silly ramblings. aNYway... time to jump in the santa suit and pass out these cookies I've scored. enjoy.

---Under The Tree---
Nas feat. AZ, Jay-Z, Ghostface, and Raekwon - New York
---what a lineup. the song is serious too.
Ghostface feat. Sheek Louch - Blue Armor
---two of my favorites in action. pure heat...they should've called it blue fire.
Mos Def - Napolean Dynamite
---the new album is the true follow-up to the black on both sides lp.
---***X-MAS Bonus***---
Biz Markie feat. Big Daddy Kane - The X-Mas Freestyle
---classic shit, extremely rare, and given to you for FREEEEEE!!!!!!

Guess he still thinks Santa is real.

Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonite is really a man.

Level Vodka, OJ, and straw/kiwi V8 splash is my own drink...I call it a Bitchslapper.

Brain awaits me. Later.

Go Santa!
"That's what i'm talkin' about..." -kip dynamite

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


AWWWWW Shiiiittttttttttttt!!!!
Buckle your safety belts and hang on tight!

Time for more fun with your favorite upstatian...
Jack Mehoff.

***********Major Operations************

Ghostface drops his second album this year entitled More Fish . Production on this album will include Pete Rock, MF DOOM, Just Blaze, and Madlib. Sure to be an Ill studded event! I've always looked forward to any Ghost album, and why shouldn't I...that cats never SOLD OUT! ...and DJ's let's make sure that we go out and buy 2 copies if it good enough to chop. Who the fuck am I kidding...everyones a downloader. Geezzz. It drops on Dec. 12 Just in time for the holidays. That's it!!!!! This is a great present for my mother's, sister's, son's girlfriend to get me. Nyess.

Note: Like dat from the Flav show gargles hot goat droplets.

Alfie. oh , Alfie

Reebok dropped the new "pumps" made with tennis ball material. I might just have ta..... these come in Maroon, Orange, and Off-White. i'm guessing that they will drop the real neon tennis ball colorway in a much more limited fashion. Dank, I'm hood.


People bout to start gettin fucked up this year because this one flew by like the wind when Christopher Cross is sailing with 12 year olds. Make sure that you don't underdo it, that would be the pussy way out. You should yak at least once a season. It tends to clean out all the bad demons.

single exposure.

Dez, Nobs, Katz, and myself chillin' at Mission Studios early fall. Good times. This was just a rehearsal, but I wish I had it on disc.... The scene was official for a few white guys. There's a live vid floating around somewhere of pretty much 1/2 this session. I still need a copy of this instrumental album and Works well with others. Captain hook me the fluck up as soon as you can. I'd love to run that.


Dudley Perkins- Testin Me (prod. by Madlib)
---taken from his new album 2012 a.u. serious flava.
Ras Kass- K.O.T.W. (prod. by Dr. Dre) ? maybe.
---unreleased heat that I really shouldn't have right now.
Rhymefest- Provin' 'Em Wrong
---produced by The Molemen, jacked from thier
new album Killing Fields.


Here at Origin Ill we strive to be the dirtiest and most clever. We make sure that each sample is hand-picked, but never picked too premature. We're not perfect, nor are we premadonna, but we bring something that no one else could ever have. Our desire to create and construct the optimal product for our patrons. We are not swayed by others who think that thay are doing you the service of giving you "great music", when we understand that it has been thrown together and embedded by repetition. We don't care if you happen to repeat, because the more you repeat crap, the more likely we are to expose the truth. Never sacrifice quality for quantity. You could take this as our way of covering for sitting on our asses, but in reality hand crafting takes time, use of the mind, body, and soul. There's something "they" say about soul and rhythm... "You either got it, or you don't."

...Back in the Game now

Mike Tyson has been fighting a bunch of bums trying to gain a title shot. Meanwhile, Evander is beating dudes down left and right and is possibly making a comeback. Raekwon has recently signed with Dre's Aftermath Label and is said to be working on the second installment of Cuban Linx. We should see a few collabos with The Game.

Inother news: 50 cent still sucks.

Salma Hyeck has big biddys.

Gussy got me today.


See yu sooner.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Back with the usual shit...updates, free music, and yes...funny tales and photo ops. It'sa ben a lil' hetik this month that's why I' haven't been posting much. More to come as shit boils down. Simma down now Chuck. Don't make me jab a pen cap in yer throatskin.

If you remember a few weeks back me putting you... well, trying to put you up on this shit ri-here. All who jumped at the chance to download the "dugout" jam know what I'm talking about. If you didn't, try not to be the last fuckin' person on earth to realize this shit is a classic already.


This year has turned out to be my favorite year for collecting due to one shoe. The Air Jordan V....these were one of the most popular designs I remember when I was in middle school. Yes, like a big dummy I bought, and ruined my pair. God if I only knew what I know now. Cat's are getting almost 2G for a pair of these originals in deadstock. If you do happen to stumble upon a pair that is mint, you won't win the bid, or you will find out that they are about as fake as G-unit. Come on, Ice T was the only real gangsta I ever knew. Fool had truck jewelz. Shouts to DJ Aladdin.

One For The Voters...

This is a Picture of John Sweeney at a college get together, very innocently kickin it with some of his wiggas. They took and blew this whole thing out of wack. Maybe he wasn't wasted and maybe he was drunk and high, either way, I'm voting for him. I think he knows how to have a great time...and I like that tie. If he's willing to take a risk like this, wearing that Yankee hat after their horrible playoof post season... than I guess he'll be willing come smoke pot with me sometime. Nice!

Eye Crack...
find her yercelf.

How bout' you reegie noble..??!

"ChikiCheck 1, 2, and..a." -Diamond D.

In My deck At da MoMent....

Jay-Z - Addicted to the Game (an oldie, but illy)

Ill Bill feat. Raekwon - Enemy Remix (knocks the original out da box)

Moka Only feat. MF DOOM - More Soup (just try findin' this one)

Ofva Shit.
Alchemist has returned with a new disc of the better side of the ALC production we all love. Appearances by Prodigy, Obie Trice, and Agallah, just to name a few. Highly Exclusive! Great for Raiders fans.

Classic Flick of the Week:

HEAT. Pacino, Deniro, Com'on now. You had to know that sooner or later they were going to take this shit to the next level. Read more about the new video game scheduled to hit store shelves sometime in '07

"Show 'em what ya got.." -Flava Flav

Check out the making of the beat for the new Hova banger.
Peep. -just blaze tv

Wanna make you own joints???? check out RockstarGames new Beaterator and make dat sit happen gee.

Ok...Ok. enough. I have tracks to make and Mom's famous Orange Iced Tea to slurp. I'll give you that ghetto recipe next blog. Grab some freebies and come back in a few weeks to get some mo' of that crack you grubbie little maggie. 1

...and remember, don't hassel the Hoff.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Aight, time to do my weekly bitching. This we should be real easy, starting with this ASSHOLE. T.O. What a fuckin' douchbag, huh. Last season he couldn't get along with his team, his coach, and even himself. So what'd they do, what anyone who is smart would do, ...traded him.
Now, this clown goes into the first week of football with the Cowboys and can't catch a pass to save his hyde. What's his excuse????? Apparently he had sprained, or, broke, or whatever dickheaded his finger. So I guess that's why he couldn't receive for any yards. Now, this week, he is in the media again. What a fuckin' joke this guy is. Some story about how he almost overdosed on pills leaks out to the press. Then he's comes to the conference and claims that it's all bullshit. Now all the sudden everything is great in week 4....I mean seriously, get off your own dick man. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about T.O. I just wish he would've OD'd on shit he took, but really... we couldn't get that lucky. If that was the case I'd go play mega millions tonite. I always say the same thing about Owens... "If it ain't the T.O. show, It ain't no show." He is a bigger attention whore that Janet at the SuperBowl. Fuckin' dick. Get your shit together or I'm gonna hire Haynesworth to flashback to last weeks game and stomp on that superdome you call a head with his cleats.
Go hang with your boy Shay Hillenbrant and swallow his next seed fuckface.

I Know You Got Soul...

Pete Rock is still at it working on a new album, along with a boatload of other projects. He has just released "Underground Classics", a collective of some of the greatest remixes he's ever composed. Keep a watch on this guy, he'll hit us from every angle and then some. Here's a video of his makin' beats and a fresh track for those eardrums.
The best that ever did it.

VINYL & ED POWERS (brotherly advice) Vol. 1
The new release from Lost Poetz a.k.a. Animal Powers is in the works. It will feature production from The Vinylcologist and his getaway driver Jack of All Trades. There is also a show coming up that will double as a Halloween party, and if you have that night off from your job at Byrne Dairy I suggest you go. It will be a night of fun, funnels, fun with knives, and funyuns caught in your gums. Now that's enough promotion for something that doesn't need it. Now go and get your ass a fuckin' J.O.B. wigga before I have to wreck your career with a diss track before you have a chance to start it.

Dads first nut.

Allah U Akbar

Hopefully the production will help, because I haven't liked Sadat since he tried to be Clint Eastwood.

Music by Funk Flex and Clark Kent. Click da icon for tickets.

Speaking of Shoefeddishes.

Clarks has released a string of new Wallabees with the craziest color and pattern scemes I've ever scene. They include, but are not limited to, Camo, Pinstripe, Quilted, and Plaid. This is why I love the fall. Jeans, hoodies, and wallys.

BushBusters...special photo segment.


More music next time....

I swear.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Discovered by firebrand rapper Sage Francis, the Sol.iLLaquists’ combustible live presence prompted the world renowned MC to take them along on two global tours. Steered by machine-gunning MC and Vocal Polyrhythmatician Swamburger, The Sol.iLLaquists achieve lift-off with the fervent virtuosity of MPC (Midi Production Center) whiz DiViNCi. Yet the urgency of this group’s approach is keenly tempered with the harmonic vibrance of Alexandrah’s soulful vocals and the spoken contemplation of Tonya Combs. This should be a great album concidering there was very little or no promotion for this. Look for it if you are a fan of Def Poetry with a mix of Digable Planets, and heavy drumkits.


I was visiting one of my favorite sites that I really wasn't gonna expose to everyone and thier mother, but this is just too ill. MF DOOM DUNKS... with the piping manufactured by everyones favorite office supply company "3M". They feature an embroidered doom logo from the MM Food album and the now famous doom mask on the tongue tag. Where do I get this crazy shit from????? KIXANDTHECITY is an online sneaker community/magazine dedicated to giving us all what we want. The EXCLUSIVES!!!!!! They are more circulated toward sneakers than clothing, but this is the spot to hit for all your new kix pix, info on those you so desperately want, and of course all the Air Jordan release dates. They won't tell you where exactly to get them, but then that would take the fun out of the whole sha-bang. What they will do tho, is give you the info on if it is an internet release only, which in turn, could save you a shitload of time, frustration, and best of all, money. Slide over and check 'em out. You don't have to thank me, just buy me some new laces or some shit.


Apparently we haven't heard the last from baseball legend Pete Rose. It is said that during the time he was trying to push his latest book, he concocked a plan that would ensure the value of his autographed memorabilia. He released a minimum of 30 baseballs that hold a minature confession that reads "i'm sorry i bet on baseball" followed by the hustler's signature. There could be as many as 300, but that is just heresay as far as we know. Either way, the Roseman keeps popping into our lives as if he dosen't want us to forget that we (the Rose fans) stuck behind him... and then all looked like complete assholes after he contradicted himself that day in '04. Whatever way you look at it, he fucked up, he belongs in the Hall of Fame as the greatest hitter that ever lived, but doesn't deserve it as far as he can be thrown. The movie with Tom Sizemore was dead on in my opinion, and if you get a chance, you should peep it. Rose fan or not.


The new promo video from Thelonius Spunk is now up for your viewing pleasure. Check it out at Beatdown Collective. An avid support thread of Origin Ill and Jack N. Vinyl.

mAgIc MuShRoOmSsSss

This morning Willie Nelson got busted again for drug possesion. 1Lb. and 1/2 of tree, and some shrooms. awwwwwwwilllieeeeee.

*************VICE CITY STORIES**************

The lastest news on the new Rockstar release Vice City Stories is that the game will NOT be released for the PS2 home console. It will be exclusive only to the PSP and that thier upcoming game Bully will be pushed for the main system. No word on what they have planned for the PS3, but I'm sure if you do some research you could find some press on it. Peep mo!
In no way is the game bully, to be confused with the 2001 release of the movie with the same title.

--Incredible Bongo Band - Last Bongo in Belgium (remix)*
*great jam, the original for Nas and AZ's song Serious.
--Ras Kass - Freestyle*
*one of the best freestyles I've heard this year by far.
--Black Sheep - Whodat*
*take note, it has been appx 15 years since thier last album.

I candy

Homegirl Krystal Steal. Innocent looking egh?

...time to write some lines.