Saturday, December 02, 2006


Here's a quick on that ya boy couldn't resist. A little bit of everything... funny shit , exclusives, and yes, a bit more bitching!!!!

Driver's Side Advantage- usually pertaining to peeps working at the local car wash, this is slang for watching out when women in minikirts hop out the driver side. Examples...

....and then this happens...

...and then you're like "oooohhhhh"
..and she's not as hot the secret is out.

..but some photographers just don't stop. Just when she thought things were going to change for her. Sad isn't it. Please don't pray to that cross or you will go to hell.

This album made me realize why I really enjoy what people can do with an unlimited amount of instruments and effects. Brazilian Landing Strip is the jawn of the month. His tired, but humbling voice over the tweaked out production will have you wanting to go and turn on the equipment and start doin' the mess around. Go head 'wit cha bad self charles.


Can't get enough of these just have to try to imagine what must be going through someones mind when this type shit happens. I wish I had this problem and I'll speak for you too.

NYC is taking back hip-hop!

It's official...from what I've heard on the new albums from both these fellows, everyone is in for a big surprize. Most of us, speaking from an upstate of mind, really can't stand the weak shit that has been flooding the radio waves. These cheezeeeeee synthed out beats aren't what we're used to in the home of the Yanks. We need that raw shit, that stuff that made your mom toss tapes in the trash. I'll tell ya what... you moms would be making a huge mistake if she sacrificed these to the trash can gods. I've got some freebies for all you readers that have been so loyal this year and keep coming back to read my silly ramblings. aNYway... time to jump in the santa suit and pass out these cookies I've scored. enjoy.

---Under The Tree---
Nas feat. AZ, Jay-Z, Ghostface, and Raekwon - New York
---what a lineup. the song is serious too.
Ghostface feat. Sheek Louch - Blue Armor
---two of my favorites in action. pure heat...they should've called it blue fire.
Mos Def - Napolean Dynamite
---the new album is the true follow-up to the black on both sides lp.
---***X-MAS Bonus***---
Biz Markie feat. Big Daddy Kane - The X-Mas Freestyle
---classic shit, extremely rare, and given to you for FREEEEEE!!!!!!

Guess he still thinks Santa is real.

Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonite is really a man.

Level Vodka, OJ, and straw/kiwi V8 splash is my own drink...I call it a Bitchslapper.

Brain awaits me. Later.

Go Santa!
"That's what i'm talkin' about..." -kip dynamite

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