Wednesday, July 27, 2011



As taken from their page...
Team Facelift is a New York-bred rap group consisting of three rappers: Machine, Fat Jew, and Alden Pact (aka Karim Shallah or Ginger Ale), and one producer, Tommy Bermuda. Our aim is basically to do to rap what Elton John did to being gay.

We are in full support of: not giving a fuck, our moms, silent investors, groupies, transvestites, Jews, Asian men with delicate feet, dancing, knife fights, getting attention, dust, Spanish girls, Dr. Malachi York, public access television, manicures, sponsors, dropping out of high school, going to college, our albums, love, dressing like Ray Romano, getting fucked up, New York, 109 and Second, 101st and Lex, 94th and cracksterdam, 89th and Madison, hating on tourists who live in Brooklyn, friends, godbodies, our legal team, the gutter, Dominique Wilkens's flat-top, loofahs, heavy eye contact, Philipinos, getting dusted, tangerine bathrobes, looseys, reading the Post, shitty rap, meeting up with people to talk, sniffing blow, pinky rings, dames, piss, mechanical parts, starched collars, learning new things, rap music, blood sweat and tears, dudes who weep, white people, Claw$, slam dancing/mosh pits, selling drugs, exciting activities, shame, trust falls, beating up other rappers, people who listen to our music, parents, thugging it, hustling everything from nude photos to overpriced bags of crystal, frantically screaming at relatives, lying to girls, babes, David Dinkins, tasteful floral arrangements, stealing, gonzo pornography, Belgium, loosey spots from seven deuce to two fifth, emotions, hitting anyone with a bottle, firing managers, touching, hiring lawyers to review criminal cases, being charming, Central bookings in all five boroughs, wearing powdered wigs, selling out, riding horses in the nude, AIDS jokes, embarrassing our families, sweating/vomiting profusely, hypocrites, Israeli discotheques, regal riding jackets, anyone selling CD's and DVD's off of a blanket,, the whole Park Ave., moral bankruptcy, believers/fans, dance all night get depressed and undress, strip malls, vasoline, people who want to get put on because they think we will be famous, idiots, eating things you're supposed to drink, frenzied behavior, old-timey stuff, Jewish girls from Long Island, shrimp in baskets, bowties, depression, cheap champagne.

Now that you are somewhat familiar, let me also add that the three met while attending college at Skidmore in Saratoga, NY. Maybe it was the corners of Broadway and Caroline St. that helped mold their style. Their producer is Tommy MAS who also produced Action Bronson's "Dr. Lecter". I spoke with MAS recently and he said they were taking a break to work on other things. He's a super talented lab tech that informed me his recording, mixing and mastering is kept extremely simple. I can appreciate what he is doing while hitting both sides of the spectrum. Some of the faster jams remind me of early dance music with a crisp flip on the drum and voice overs. As far as i know they are signed by Duckdown and continue to work on music. Machine already has released a mixtape (which I posted below) and has one on the way with fellow emcee Ginger Ale. Both Action and Facelift have also been working with Don Producci. He created the majority of songs on J-Love's Bon Appetite....Bitch mixtape. There are a few Team Facelift releases out there including Passion Cove, Their self titled mixtape, and Mixed Emotions. 6 Grams was pushed by Duckdown.

Download "6 Grams"


This is hot sex on a platter. Get you some.
That girliein the vid was flizeye, I hope oneofum tagged dat.


Today I grabbed the latest Producci disc of the net. It has all the stuff he has been working on with no tags. Yay! It always sucks when you want to play a song, but you don't want to look like an asshole for having 10 J-love tags on it. I'd rather just wait it out. Night Court is one of my personal favorites be sure to check this dudes page if you need beats. Tight kits, hot samples and great prices.
Download "Spillage"


The latest from Facelift member Machine.
Just in case you want to drift a little deeper.
Download "BloodyLoveLetters"

Bout to go out to the firepit and chill , fuck this.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Hov and Yay working on WTT. Distancing themselves from all the rest to record with no distractions. I don't care what anyone says...that is a smart move.


Some Slick Rick you may not have heard. Sounds like a mix of old unreleased with new. Ypu can tell by the sound quality. I've enclosed an extra freestyle as well.
Download "Rickey D"


Lord Finesse's set
1) Sadat X - Stages and Lights (instrumental)
2) Sadat X - Hang Em High
3) Mic Geronimo - Men Vs Many (w/OC & Royal Flush)
4) Fugees -
5) Fat Joe - Firewater (w/Raekwon)
6) Royal Flush - Worldwide
7) Lord Finesse - Actual Facts (w/Sadat X, Grand Puba, Large Professor)
8) Organized Konfusion - Bring it on (Buckwild Remix)
9) Lord Finesse interview/freestyles
DJ Mayhem's set
10) Natural Elements - Shine
11) INI - Fakin Jaz (Remix w/Pete Rock)
12) Fab 5 - Laflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Part 2)
13) Tragedy - Funk Mode (w/Havoc, Large Professor)
14) Mad Skillz - The Jam
15) Kool G Rap - Fast Life (w/Nas)(Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
16) Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black on Black Crime 17) Onyx - Evil Streets (w/Method Man)
17) Onyx Interview/Freestyle

Old Finesse mixtape. These are great to archive and break out every now and again.
Download. "New York Live"

Here's one a little more rare.


This features Hip hop on one side and RnB on on the flip. Classic old school flava and sound.
Download "World Series"


BHF '11 - Show & Prove Super Bowl from BrooklynBodegaTV on Vimeo.

A few posts ago I shared some pictures with you from Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest. Here's a vid that my man Katz posted. He's up in there on the keys and his boy Jeff got some camera time as well. That trip was dope and I hope I can swing it again next year.
I'll just charge it to the game.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Scram_Jones-The_Panic Room-2011-UC

Scram Jones is a grammy nominated producer, emcee and DJ that doesn't discriminate when it comes to the types of music he likes. He dropped this mixtape yesterday to show heads that he knows his music....even house.
Download "The Panic Room"

He is working on a few new joints with Raekwon (I'm assuming for his new mixtape) He also is set to release a new EP called "Wasted Talent" on his label Beast Music. Here's the link to the first leak off that project.
Download "Back in The Park" (right-click save as mp3 format)

This is the latest video from Scram. No doubt this dude has the skills to pay the bills.



I have here the prequel to The Daily Bread LP mixed by House Shoes. The full length release will be coming shortly from Mello Music Group.
Download "Daily Bread Mixtape"


produced by Has-Lo.
One thing is for sure...these guys have no shortage of new music coming your way.
Download "Due West Remix"


Brand new song from Curren$y, Wiz and Big Sean. I'm not too much a Wiz or Sean fan but I happen to like Curren$y. His voice is smooth, laid back, and i almost have to get blazed when I listen to his music. word is that there is an entire project coming out with these three. Guess it was a good idea to get that Sean drop after all.
Download "Weed Brownies"

Ain't nothing fake over here.

Till the next time I have a free minute.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



I made this beat in late 2003 and kept it on lock till I felt it was right to let it go.
This was the result. Don't ever take for granite the concept of timing. Ever.
DOWNLOAD "rule number four"


The Chronicles are a Jazz Fusion Progression that are making a name for themselves by pushing the limits of music. They recently helped kick off The Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest playing behind J-Live at Brooklyn Bowl. I was lucky enough to be invited along for the ride. I took a few pictures and videos of the show. Enjoy

1-the summit
2-rain drops
3-purple diesel
4-suburban grind
5-tri umph

Download "Purple Diesel"


Load in, Set up, and soundcheck.

The set list.

Diggin and shopping for gear around the corner. Many gems in that spot.

We took a walk to the the park to spark and chill, and saw this drizzle art in the street.
A ton of talented people down there. Check out the detail.

"The Artifacts are from the...."

"...wrong side."

The crowd at Brooklyn Bowl. So sorry about the light. God came to take the wack emcees to their final resting place.

J-Live soundcheck with The Chronicles

The acoustics in the place sounded so good. I did miss the crowd noise in the background though.
You won't find this on 2dopeboyz, prefix, hip-hopdx, or any of those other sites, until they steal it from mine. We don't drop bombs, we just sit on shit till we feel like releasing it.

J-Live getting the crowd involved....

This that slow to fast shit. Great turnout for a Monday. the Jack Daniels Honey was flowing all night.


Here's an older BBAS video that has some ill cinematography. Marco Polo and Element laced the backbone to this track. #SALUTE

KILL WHITEY. (no not Mr. Bulger)

Tosh had a clip of this video on his show.
This is the remix...
Jeeps pump this new remix...


If you are a fan of A Tribe Called Quest and/or Michael Rappaport, treat yourself and go see this movie. Grabbing my tickets this weekend. Who's with me?
I've heard nothing but good reviews from even the toughest critics.

....and if you like that "i know you gon luv thisss" (in my dj battle record voice)


After dropping the "Summertime 2" mixtape with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mick Boogie returns with a tribute to one of the greatest hip hop groups in history.
Download "Excursions"

I'll leave you with this...


Here's the Itunes Exclusive track from the new Greneberg EP out on DECON Records.
Produced by Oh No.
The whole project is dope, be sure to check it out.
....and here's the original sample. If you listen close you can hear all the sound that were used in this beat.
Download "Jaws original"

No sense in beating a dead horse. I got all you other bloggers beat.
Stop talking shit.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Classic Ghost and Rae early on in their careers. I remember that "Rowing" rugby that Rae was rockin. I had that same one. "That's word, I'm not the herb, understand what I'm sayin???"


In the last post I gave all of you a preview.
Here's the full project. I produced tracks 2, and 18. Let me know what ya think via Twitter.


This is an early interview and freestyle from almost 20 years ago.

Trek Life-What_It_Is_Remix-CDS-2011-MMG

New Apollo Brown remix of Trek Life courtesy of Mello Music Group.
Head over to the site for updates on artists and more free downloads.


The dope new Yak Ballz track produced by him of his Gas Galaxy LP soon to be released on Def Jux.


Here's a classic house jam I dug up that Katz, Treez, and myself used to love back in the day.
We weren't about that pussy stuff, I was into that hard dance music. I can still remember leaving The Imagination Station pretty drunk and zooted and cruzing straight to Smoothies, which is now Lanie's Cafe at 4 corners.


Elzhi - It Ain't Hard To Tell

Meyhem Lauren - Lost Souls

Vakill - Armor of God

More regular content coming soon... just trying to lace you with what I get when it's fresh out the studio or just fresh in my head.

Time to go lounge in the lounge. Peace yall.

Friday, July 08, 2011



The new project that dropped at BeatShotMusicFest3 this past weekend. All bottled up...short and sweet. Do yourself a flavor and Download it.

...and some more upstate sthuff that dropped recently.


Nick Nice is set to drop his new album "Nice Guys Finish Last" soon. Here is a joint off there. Remember what I always say though...."Nice Guys Finish The Bottle".
Download "Wait A Second"


Big Malk's back with another unreleased joint taken of the digi12in.
Jack of All Trades on the verses
Produced by Big Malk
Artwork by yours truly.
Download "Alarm Clock"


The latest leak from Awar. Produced by The Alchemist w. cuts by DJ Majic
Download "Nuclear"

Here's an old pic I dug up of Awar and myself cooling out at P.J. Katz' crib circa '06.
This was right after we rickrolled Flavor Flav at Red Lobster for his viking hat.

totally random...i think it was actually a Halloween party.


one of my friends and fellow upstaters just dropped this joint about a week or so ago. Real dope with production from BBAS's and RIOC fame, J57.
Download "Paul Stanley"


Taken from Wais P's Random Pimp mixtape dropping Monday.
The concept is dope. Wais P brings his a game and pimpslaps the fuck out of some of those Random Axe instrumentals.
Download "Hans Solo"


This song was just leaked yesterday off the new Wu-Tang Clan album "Legendary Weapons"
So now everyone can compare the two side by side.
Download "Meteor Hammer"


The latest Hawthorne project released by Stonesthrow VIA free download.
You know what you're getting with Mayer. Super tasty soul food.
Download "Impressions"


1. Jesse West–I’m So Fuckin’ Hip Hop (prod. by Jesse West)
2. Fizzy Womack & Termanlogy–Too Hot For TV (prod. by Fizzy Womack)

3. Prop Dylan–Shock And Amaze (prod. by DJ Premier)

4. Tragic Allies (f. Planet Asia)–God Gifted (prod. by Purpose)

5. Apathy–Check To Check (prod. by Evidence)

6. Kool G. Rap–$ Ova Bitches (prod. by Marley Marl)

7. Tef–4 Tha Love (prod. by DJ Premier)

8. Rasheed Chappell– 1, 2, 3 (prod. by Kenny Dope) (scratches by DJ Scratch)

9. Maffew Ragazino–Bridget Fonda (prod. by DJ Skizz)

10. Random Axe (f. Roc Marciano)–Chewbacca (prod. by Black Milk)

11. Math Hoffa (f. Method Man)–Double Barrel (prod. by J. Glaze)

12. Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah–Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away (prod. by Statik Selektah)

13. Royce da 5’9″–Second Place (prod. by DJ Premier)

14. Blaq Poet (f. Capone)–Life Of A Hustler (prod. by Vanderslice)

15. Bumpy Knuckles & Krs-One–Flowing With The Vets (prod. by Freddie Foxxx)

16. Kool Keith–New York (prod. by DJ Junkaz Lou)

17. DJ JS-1 (f. Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz, Bumpy Knuckles)–Reppin’ NY (prod. by DJ JS-1)

18. WC (f. Young Maylay)–The Spot (prod. by Fredwreck)

19. Masta Killa–Loyalty Is Royalty (prod. by Whyz Ruler)

20. Nick Javas (f. Khaleel)–Anonymous (prod. by DJ Premier)

21. DJ Fudge (f. Afrika Bambaataa)–Jump and Dance(DJ Premier Remix)



Cold Heat & Blacastan were our guests on “Rap Is Outta Control” this past Sunday. Make sure you check for the Cold Heat (Jak Danielz & Johnny Walker) “Raising The Bar” album which is out soon as well as some upcoming projects from Blacastan. We also had General Steele from Smif-N-Wessun call us up to talk about what happened at their record release party for “Monumental” and the altercation with NYPD. And along with that is a batch of brand new music for y’all to check out.” – DJ Eclipse

“Rap Is Outta Control” 7/3/11 Playlist (w/Cold Heat & Blacastan)
1. Kool G Rap & A.G. “Rap Is Outta Control Intro” prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by DJ Eclipse
2. Mike Boogie “Me & Big L” prod. by Ahk2G
3. Common feat. Nas “Ghetto Dreams” prod. by NO I.D.
4. DJ Absurd feat. Armageddon, Trife Diesel & Blaq Poet “Life Is Hard” prod. & cuts by DJ Absurd
5. Cold Heat “Hard To Chill” prod. by Johnny Walker
6. Blacastan “Betta My Self” prod. & cuts by DJ Doom
7. Nutso feat. Panchi, Torae & Punchline “Street Corner” prod. by Pete Cannon
8. Maffew Ragazino “Yowzers!” prod. by Vinyl Frontiers
9. Timbo King “Tombstone” prod. by Bronze Nazareth
10. Timeless Truth feat. Sean Price “True Grit” prod. by Roc Marciano
11. The Day Laborers feat. Little Vic “Get It On” prod. & cuts by DJ Supadave
12. DJ JS-1 feat. Craig G “No Fool” prod. by DJ JS-1
13. Rob Kelly “Half Mast Flag’ prod. by Danny Diggs, cuts by DJ Mayhem
14. Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun feat. Memphis Bleek “Top Of The World” prod. & cuts by Pete Rock
15. Cold Heat feat. Blacastan & Craig G “Raising The Bar” prod. by Johnny Walker
16. Vast Aire feat. Cappadonna “I Don’t Care” prod. by Kount Fif
17. Bumpy Knuckles X Statik Selektah “Rock Solid” prod. by Statik Selektah
18. Ghostface, Sean Price & Trife Diesel “Laced Cheeba”
19. Khrysis feat. Laws “Love Today” prod. by Khrysis
20. Tone Spliff feat. Emilio Rojas “Perseverance” prod. & cuts by Tone Spliff
21. Co$$ “Judgement Day” prod. by The Soul Academy
22. Cold Heat feat. Sadat X & J-Love “Taking It All” prod. by Johnny Walker
23. Blacastan feat. V-Zilla “Concrete” prod. by Colombeyond, scratches by Will C
24. Jak Danielz & Blacastan Live Freestyle!
25. Smif N Wessun “Bucktown” prod. by Da Beatminerz





Evidence is getting ready to drop his "Cats and Dogs" LP on 9/27
Production lineup is heavy with Alchemist going in on more than 4 tracks along with DJ Premier and Ev himself. Havoc and Prodigy are also said to be on the project.
Here's a link to him performing a song off the new project live as a preview. The song sounds ok... well, except for the fact that is is live. Anyway.
Evidence is coming to Northern Lights along with Atmosphere in August.
Here's the flyer...
See you there.

Saturday August 13th. 2011 @ Northern Lights Clifton Park, NY
click here for tickets

Alchemist and N.O.R.E in the Lab-2011

Alc and NORE. Smoking tree, making heat behind the scenes.
Do I really need to say any more?


The new leak off the Greneberg Project available from Decon Records.
Greneberg is Roc Marciano, Alchemist, and Oh No.
Also, an interesting side note...Roc Marci's manager just announced that they will be releasing the "Marcberg Instrumentals". I know you're excited. I'm excited...I may even just have to buy doubles.


Jakk Frost has been killing it on the scene as of late and he never disappoints with his hard caliber punches and his laid back delivery.
Download It.

Click the banner for the info.

aighty then.

New Blaq Poet shit is fire as well. Buy it! Click the banner for one of the illest tracks off the album.