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This was recorded almost a year ago and all of us forgot about it. I was going to release a 2011 year in review mixtape and never got around to it. One reason was because everyone and their mother did a year end list/release, another was that there was too many releases to keep track of. Eventually I will drop something similar to Wonderful Wino Radio with unreleased tracks, beats, and remixes. I'm not sweating it now because I have a few other projects in the works. This track will most likely be released on GCE Vol. 2 which will be coming shortly.
You go ahead and be sure to keep up. 2012 is gonna be epic.

Download "spanish fly"


The latest release from one of my friends and favorite producer/emcees. I think he changed his name up for this release, but it will always be Junko for me. Dope track, very heartfelt. This kid shouldn't be slept on, he has a ton of talent and thrives off of making classic material. Wake up people. I will always consider him one of us because he continues to contribute to the Cap region.

Download "hardcore"


The premastered leak of this has been circulating around town for weeks, I figured I'd release it since everyone keeps telling me to. Taken from "Show and A" produced by Showbiz

Download "booshwah"


Be on the hunt for more new stuff in the near future from JB aka Dirty Moses and Raw Threat. They've been in collab mode for the past few months. This track features Dephyant from Ironbar Collective. I will be posting more from them as I get it. Gorilla Tao and Dephyant will also be the only featured artists on the new project Sev and myself have put together.

Download "black man, white guy"

and speaking of that....


As you already know or may have heard I've linked with one of the building blocks of 518 hip hop for a new EP. Sev on verses and yours truly on the cuts and production. Sev and myself go back to the early days of Cap City underground hip hop when he was with a group called Master Plan. PJ Katz was working with him on a few things and he introduced the two of us. We never really linked on anything, and crossed paths numerous times but continued to remain friends. Since then he's continued to stay on his grind releasing a string of great albums including, Stu Dent, Slow Burn, Back 2 Dust, Shotgun, and Sondial, just to name a few. I flipped a few remixes and songs in the past for Sev and they came together well. It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. Hence, this record. We wanted to put together a solid piece of classic material without all the hoopla and immaturity. We have a wonderful scene here that draws people from all walks of life to check us out and I've had various conversations during the sessions with Sev on how to help expand and build it more. That's what we've all been doing from the beginning, isn't it? We have all grown up, lived here and learned lessons from different situations and people we've come across over the years. Time is limited for some of us with lives and families outside of this music, but we make the time and still all strive to enhance our overall product. I'm speaking for everyone that I know in the 518 that is on the same page. The title and cover to Sinderblock is meant to symbolize a bond and link between artist, producer and talent. You can't just learn talent you have to be born with it. Obviously, you can't build an entire building with just one block, but that is where it always starts. The artwork was done by Michael Manasseh. The album is complete and set to drop 3.6.12 There will be also 2 videos coming soon. One of those videos will be the first release off the project called "right and exact". It will be available via various websites and blogs. This album will also be released on Itunes.

Here's an early remix I did for Sev's PCM edition of Slow Burn. The lyrics were ahead of their time then , and still are relevant today. This is just a preview and to remind you about how important it is to make tracks that are timeless.


Peace and love peeps.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



This mixtape just hit the scene yesterday... A good collection of anything Hova has dropped as of recent. A few songs from the throne on here, but a few newer ones and freestyles as well. A great listen for anyone who is a fan of Carter.

1. Glory Ft.B.I.C
2. Tower Heist
3. I Do Ft.Andre 3000 & Young Jeezy
4. Talk That Talk Ft.Rihanna & Rick Ross
5. No Church In The Wild Ft.Kanye West,Rick Ross,Meek Mill & Frank Ocean
6. Niggas In Paris (Remix) Ft.Kanye West & TI
7. Mr.Nice Watch Ft.J.Cole
8. Boongie Drop Ft.Lenny Kravitz
9. Illest Motherfucker Alive
10. 713
11. Dj Self Freestyle
12. Gotta Have It
13. Made In America Ft.Frank Ocean
14. Why I Love You Ft. Mr.Hudson
15. Lift Off Ft.Beyonce
16. Criminology

Download "blue"


...and Mick Boogie as usual remixed it. Real dope.

01 Two Words From The Ruler
02 Takeover From Hell
03 Can’t Tell H.O.V.A. Nothin’
04 Jigga And Those Flashing Lights
05 Hovito Is Amazing
06 The Heart Says You Will
07 U Don’t Know My Nightmares
08 Never Change Why I Love You
09 Devil Makes The Song Cry
10 All I Need Is Wonder

Download "blue throne"

...and while we're on the topic of blue. Here are a few more "blue" releases I had in the stash. Remember folks...I put these out there for listening purposes. Not so all you producers can get lazy and start raping the entire release. Most of these have been taken by producers that actually matter, so try not to be that guy that isn't doing anything original. As Paula Deen would say, everything is good in moderation.

For Promotional Use Only.


This one is a classic but rather rare mixtape by Pete Rock that I've been revisiting a bit again lately. For some odd reason this fantastic mix was strictly limited to a Japan release where it was available on cassette and CD via EMI's Toshiba label in 1999. Now be warned that this is not your average hip-hop mixtape and is certainly not for everyone. The project is sort of Pete Rock's way of paying tribute to the jazz legends whose music he grew up on and would inspire him to become one of the best hip-hop producers the world has ever seen. As the title suggests the 16 tracks picked by Pete for this mix all comes from the Blue Note catalouge, one of the most succesful and famous jazz labels there ever was. These artists and songs have inspired hip-hop artists for decades, and many of them have been used in sample form to create new timeless classics by groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, D.I.T.C. and of course Pete Rock himself.

Between this and Madlib's "Shades Of Blue" (2003) these type of releases are one of the best ways for a hip-hop head to break into the incredible music known as jazz. The two genres shares alot of common ground and not at all exclusively through the sampling of old jazz records. I often say that the guys who rocked the jazz scene back in those days, would be the same guys doing hip-hop if they were born in this day and age. Matter of fact, I wouldn't be suprised if someone like Dilla actually was John Coltrane reincarnated. So even if you don't listen to jazz, at least take some time out to check out Pete Rock on the wheels of steel. Who knows, maybe you'll dig this shit alot more than you would expect?

Included in the actual CD package were a few rare pics from the '99 recording session and an interview with Pete Rock about his fascination with these artists and their music, the Blue Note catalouge and his motives behind putting this mix together. You can check out all that right here @ Discogs.

01. Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - "Sittin' Duck"
02. Ronnie Foster - "Summer Song"
03. Stanley Turrentine - "Little Green Apples"
04. Reuben Wilson - "We're In Love"
05. Herbie Hancock - "Ollliqulli Valley"
06. Bobby Hutcherson - "Shirl"
07. Gene Harris - "I Remember Summer"
08. Lee Morgan - "In What Direction Are You Headed?"
09. The Three Sounds - "Repeat After Me"
10. Jack McDuff - "Hunk O'Funk"
11. Lou Donaldson - "Summertime"
12. Ronnie Foster - "Mystic Brew"
13. Grant Green - "I Dont' Want Nobody"
14. Lonnie Smith - "Turning Point"
15. Bobby Hutcherson - "Wrong Or Right"
16. Bobbi Humphrey - "Smiling Faces Sometimes"

Download "Pete's"


01. Night Whistler – Donald Byrd
02. Wind Parade – Donald Byrd
03. Tidal Wave – Ronnie Laws
04. Mystic Brew – Ronnie Foster
05. Oblighetto – Jack McDuff
06. Chicago Damn – Bobbi Humphrey
07. Prelude – Gene Harris
08. Peace of Mind – Lord Finesse
09. We’ve Only Just Begun – Grant Green
10. Back on the Track – Jimmy McGriff
11. San Francisco Lights – Bobbi Humphrey
12. Monkin Around – Blue Mitchell
13. My Little Girl – Bobbi Humphrey
14. Living Inside Your Love – Earl Klugh
15. Mundo de Maravillas – Lord Finesse
16. Montara – Bobby Hutcherson
17. Procession – Bobby Hutcherson
18. Just a Love Child – Lord Finesse
19. Maybe Tomorrow – Grant Green
20. Soul Symphony – The Three Sounds
21. Now – Bobby Hutcherson
22. At the Source – Lord Finesse
23. Feel Like Makin’ Love – Marlena Shaw
24. You’re Welcome Stop on By – Lou Donaldson
25. Sittin Duck – Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
26. Repeat After Me – Lord Finesse
27. Sugar Hill – Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
28. Get out of My Life Woman – Lord Finesse
29. Hot Rod – Reuben Wilson
30. We’re in Love – Lord Finesse
31. Think Twice – Donald Byrd
32. Dominoes – Donald Byrd
33. Spinning Wheel – Dr. Lonnie Smith
34. Everything I Play Is Funk – Lou Donaldson
35. Pot Belly – Lou Donaldson
36. Tennessee Waltz – Lou Donaldson
37. It’s Your Thing – Lou Donaldson
38. Ode to Billie Joe – Lou Donaldson
39. Change – Donald Byrd
40. Who’s Makin Love – Lou Donaldson
41. Absolutions – Lee Morgan
42. Soul Symphony – The Three Sounds
43. Down Here on the Ground – Grant Green
44. Raise (3 D Lifestyles) – Greg Osby

Download "Finesse's"


1. Prelude -Gene Harris
2. Lansana's Priestess -Donald Byrd
3. Blue Mode -Reuben Wilson
4. Pot Belly -Lou Donaldson
5. Night Flight - NA
6. Ease Back -Grant Green
7. Smiling Faces Sometimes -Bobbi Humphrey
8. Little Green Apples -Monk Higgins
9. Woman of the Ghetto -Marlena Shaw
10. Three Is the Magic Number -Bob Dorough
11. Brother Soul -Lou Donaldson
12. You & Music -Donald Byrd
13. Sookie Sookie -Grant Green
14. My Little Girl -Bobbi Humphrey
15. Holy Thursday -David Axelrod
16. Sidewinder -Lee Morgan
17. One Cylinder -Lou Donaldson
18. Repeat After Me - NA
19. Banbara - NA
20. Whole Lotta Love -Ike & Tina Turner
21. Sitting Duck - NA
22. Inside You -Eddie Henderson
23. Wind Parade -Donald Byrd
24. Harlem River Drive -Bobbi Humphrey
25. Ain't It Funky Now -Grant Green
26. Everyman's Your Brother -The Fourth Way
27. Ronnie's Bonnie -Reuben Wilson

Download "Biz's"

Peace out and salute to all our troops checkin' the site abroad and on their way home.
All of us here want to thank you for your service.

Saturday, January 14, 2012



You can never go wrong with L.O.T.U.G. and K Def on the boards.

Download "say yeah"


Asap Rocky's latest release. Not too sure how I feel about this guy yet, but I know If I was Aesop Rock I'd be kinda pissed. Not only does this guy have a better voice, but he is getting way more recog with that name.

Download "celebration"


For all my Dubstep wiggas and wiggets. The new Quinton flip by Wick.
R.I.Y.L. drums, breaks, drum and bass, blends, and mashups.

Download "basterds"


Here's The newest release from Theory Hazit produced by Dert. Actually this is a dope cd, Theory has been around for a while and has more free music out there, so if you like this release, go grab some of his other joints. Dert is the homie @Sevstatik buddy from Tunnel Rats and Deep Space 5. United Crates X Sev Statik drop their highly anticipated release Sinderblock on March 6th. Be on the look for that VIA hip hop blogs, Bandcamp, and Itunes.

01 Thr3e
02 Find M3
03 What Li3s B3neath
04 Ol D3rty Hazit
05 Int3rlude
06 Ang3l PT.2
07 I N3ed You Mor3 Than 3ver
08 For Lack Of A B3tter Word
09 As Th3 Day Go3s By3
10 Chang3 Gonna Com3
11 Distort3d Joy
12 Doomsday Insuranc3
13 Jo Jo Danc3r

Download "thr3e"


I gave this a quick listen and aren't really feeling it, but there are a few dope joints toward the end of the album. It's mostly RnB with a little bit of rap. Check it, and if you don't like it, chuck it.
I am probably one of the only sites that has this, so i figured I'd post it. Shouts to my people over that The Find.

Download "Tony Williams"

C-Rayz Walz-Destroy-Video-2012-UC

The latest video from Crazy Walz. Oh, you didn't know that is where that name came from? That's why I'm doing this and your doing whatever the fuck you do.

I got stuff to do today, so I can't post everything i got new, you'll just have to wait till the next one. Later.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



1.Winners Circle Intro (produced by jesse james )
2.Living In My Past 1.0 (produced by Agallah)
3.New York Ryder Music Part 2 (produced by Agallah)
4.Gotta Get It (produced by Agallah)
5.Rhyme a Few Bars (produced by Agallah)
6.On My Mind (produced by Agallah)
7.Last Nite Changed It All (produced by Agallah)
8.So Official featuring Murdoc and Young Hope (produced by Agallah)
9.Mercenaries of War featuring Young Hope (produced by Agallah)
10.Devil In A Black Dress (produced by Agallah)
11.Smoke Away (produced by Agallah)
12.Top 5 (produced by Agallah)
13.Respectful (produced by Agallah)
14.The Dons Theme (produced by Agallah)
15.Falcone is Big Time (produced by Agallah)
16.Lock n Load (produced by Agallah)
17.Love For Sale (produced by Agallah)
18.Put Dem Rillos Up (Final)(produced by Agallah)
19.Westside Love (produced by Agallah)
20.On Top Again feat Caviar Dreams (produced by Agallah)
21.Smokin On Dyckman’s Finest feat Murdah Baby(produced by Agallah)
22.O.G Mindframe feat Un Kasa & Young Hope (produced by Agallah)
23.Lookin Out The Wwindow New Mix Feat Pop Off
24.Cheatin On Life feat. Big Leto , computa (produced by Agallah)
25.The Royal Swoop feat Young Hope , Umkasa, Big OX (produced by Cuzzo Sozay & Agallah)
26.God Bless Em All – Brian James & Pop –Off (produced by Agallah)
27.Swoopy (Main) (produced by Agallah)
28.Drummer Some (produced by Agallah)
29.Set It Off (produced by Agallah)
30.Brad Piff (produced by Agallah)

Download "fire"


DJ Brace, who's known for his work with BBAS has dropped this new full length release. Synesthasia is the second album from Brace’s Electric Nosehair Orchestra Project.

Part of the concept for Nostomania was the idea that sound can pull up long neglected memories. Synesthasia is something like a crossed wire in the brain where one sense connects with another;
a color might have a certain smell, or maybe you can taste a sound.

Synesthasia available through



For Press and Promotional Use Only
Here's something cool for you who love the sound of vinyl. This was recorded early in 2011 with his band The County direct to a vinyl press. The sound quality is good for a live recording. It's nice to hear them knock out something on the fly. Any fan of Hawthorne's would be pleased to have this in their collection.

01 – Make Her Mine (Live)
02 – Maybe So Maybe No (Live)
03 – Gangsta Luv (Live)
04 – I Need You (Live)
05 – I Wish It Would Rain (Live)
06 – No Strings (Live)
07 – Green Eyed Love (Live)
08 – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out (Live)
09 – The Ills (Live)
10 – Time Will Reveal (Live)

Download "direct to disc"


only a stream... I'll post the link when I get it.

Gangrene - "Vodka & Ayahuasca" by DeconRecords

The Gangrene Posse from Decon on Vimeo.

We all done here. See ya on the b-side.Link

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Dont' get excited ya big dummy. I would never post something that would make real heads lose money. #ComonMan I haven't really been into the whole "death rap/violencecore" stuff as of late. Although, this album could possibly convert me back to a born again piece of shit, that would stomp on your Jordan's and slap that Mai Tai outta your Drakecake hands.

A Message from Necro:





Check out the interview with Kool G. Rap


I know I'm a tad late on these, but what the hell. I had to give my take on these 2 cool releases. Common had to air out Drake on this. I really don't follow Rozay too much, but I guess this was the track everyone was buzzin about. I'm not sure why Common played the other parts and didn't just jack the beat and body the whole thing. To be honest, I'm so out of the loop with MMG that I have no idea why these 2 are even beefing in the first place. Really, who the fuck cares. This is a no contest situation. If I were Common, i wouldn't have even responded, but I knew someone was just waiting to get on Drake and that preschool flow of his.

Download "the remix"


This is the song inspired by the birth of Hov's daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. It is said to feature the baby, but the weird thing is... baby's don't start making noise like that until after a few days or even weeks sometimes. Maybe baby Blue pulled a C and C Music Factory flip. Ironic that the name is Blue considering that S. Carter dropped 3 albums called the blue print. Some dope lines in this jam and a nice dedication to his wife and 1st born. Nice job Jigga...and I know most of you know he will be trying again with that one. If Beyonce was my wife I wouldn't mind trying a few more times too. S. Jr. is the only one that could inherit the throan.

Download "glory"

Gitup a git git gitdown...

Saturday, January 07, 2012



Real cool mixtape here put out by A string of great artists and production teams, mixed by none other than DJ Doo Wop, 1 half of The Diaz Brothers. I came up on it a little while ago, but I always sit on stuff to give it a listen before I post it. This release is United Crates approved.

Download "Counterstrike"


I told you last post this was my artist of the year from the west coast. There's a reason why.


He's been talking about this all year on twitter making small references all year and now it is finally here. Nice beat and song selection make this a dope disc to ride to. BBAS was on the grind hard in 2011, and now steps off 2012 with a bang.

01.Blacastan – Blac Magic (Audible Doctor Remix)
02.Homeboy Sandman – Not Pop (Audible Doctor Remix)
03.Has-Lo – Reincarnate (prod. by Audible Doctor)
04.Von Pea – Pep Rally (Audible Doctor Remix)
05.Magestik Legend – Feel What I Feel feat. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor (Audible Doctor Remix)
06.Boog Brown – Understanding (Audible Doctor Remix)
07.Soul Khan – Shot Glass Magnified feat. Sene & Audible Doctor (Audible Doctor Remix)
08.Trek Life – As The World Turns feat. Olivier Daysoul (Audible Doctor Remix)
09.Brown Bag AllStars – Crumbling Down (Audible Doctor Remix)
10.YC The Cynic – Fall FWD (Audible Doctor Remix)

Download "REMIX"

gotta run yo.

Monday, January 02, 2012



Check out my homegirl Arlene Marie's new album. She captures the essence of that old school r and b we used to hear in the early to mid 90's. There is a handful of great producers, including myself on this and we need all the support we can get for this release. It also features Prince Jay, Nerd Ferguson and Lee Trebeaux. Salute to GM, who did the mixing and mastering. Do what you like to retweet, share, bootleg, link, etc to help Arlene become a household name. She is one of the most humble individuals I've ever come across and would be overly thankful if you helped spread her love around.

Follow on Twitter:


1. Twelve A.M. Intro (Featuring Nerd Ferguson)
2. Rupture (prod. by Lee Trebeaux)
3. All Night (prod. by The Vinylcologist)
4. Fear
5. Surrender (prod. by Lee Trebeaux)
6. Stuck (remix feat GM)/All I Wanna Do (Interlude)
7. All I Wanna Do (prod. by Lee Trebeaux)
8. Come Around (Interlude)
9. Soar (prod. by Lee Trebeaux)
10. Go (Interlude)
11. Go (prod. by Lee Trebeaux)

Download "12AM"


We’ve been fans of Chuck Inglish for as far back as we can remember. With some of the best sounds in hip-hop, this dude has provided bangers for almost every new rapper in the game, not to mention his work with countless heavy hitters and his group The Cool Kids. To kick the new year off right, Chuck has dropped a beat tape featuring twenty instrumentals that he’s been working on for the past few months. Remember where you heard it first yo. This isn't another run-of-the-mil bullshit blog, check how long I've been doing this and quit while you still can.

Download "Wrking"


This shit is crazy grimy, from way back and not exactly great quality., but you get what we are doing here. This is called having fun what what you love. Simple as that.


Another dope drummer killing it to some classic hip hop.
2012 is going to be a great year to check Dusty but Digital. We will continue to push the envelope and release great music to you all year long. Ya'll getting Debo'd this year fo sho.

Till tha next won.

Sunday, January 01, 2012



Skillz drops his annual rap of of all that was in the past year. I was going to just embed it, but fuck it, it's all over the net by now.

Download "2011 rap up"


Raekwon get's the jump on everyone else with a New Year’s mixtape entitled Unexpected Victory. The 17-track includes guest appearances from Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, and Vado, along with production by 9th Wonder, Statik Selektah, and The Olympicks.
The tape proceeds Raekwon’s next LP, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. III, which he plans to release sometime this year via his imprint Ice H2O. He has also revealed intentions to team with his Wu-Tang Clan collaborators in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

Unexpected Victory Tracklist:
01. (Intro) Unexpected Victory
02. Just A Toast (feat. JD Era)
03. The Brewery (feat. Ceazer-N-Reason)
04. A Pinebox Story
05. Goodfellas (feat. JD Era & Camoflauge)
06. Silk (feat. CL Smooth, Sauce Money & Big B)
07. That Good Good (feat. Altrina Renee)
08. Luxury Rap (feat. Fred The Godson)
09. Chinese Marines (feat. Mobb Deep)
10. This Shit Hard (feat. Dion Premo & LEP Bogus Boys)
11. Soldier Story (feat. JD Era)
12. MTV Cribs (feat. Busta Rhymes)
13. A Few Good Men (feat. Vado & Tommy Nova)
14. Chupa Cabra (feat. Capone-N-Noreaga)
15. Facetime (feat. Atrina Renee)
16. Gangsta Cazals (feat. JD Era, Camoflauge & Styles P)
17. Black Dust (feat. Tommy Nova & Mean Doe Green)

Download: "Victory"


GM drops his latest track produced by Dr. Khil. These two make a great team and you are sure to see more of them in the future. C.A. originally debuted at Beatshot Music Festival back in the summer, but now you all can enjoy the recorded studio version of the song. This is the b-side of the other new track Big Booty Bounce also done by Khil. If you want that, you'll have dig for it online. In true fashion of Dusty but Digital we love to push and promote b-sides. Shout to my GCE fam on many great successes and more to come in 2012.

Download "Coke"


This was a great track that dropped in early Dec. I didnt get to put it on ATF4, because it dropped a week or so later. Just didn't want people to miss this attempt by Sadat. The Brand Nubian member has been working on collabs in recent years and this represents a great solo track by him. Enjoy it and throw it on a mix if you like.

Download "Fake Out"



I remember checking for this cat when he only had like 100 views on his cooking videos. He's stepped it up tremendiously over the past year with his songs and style of rap. He used to be known as the cook who raps like Ghostface... Now after linking up with hip hop legend Dante Ross, Statik Selektah, and Alchemist. Him and his Smart Crew are a staple in the NYC hip hop scene. Let's also take some time to shout out his co-defendant Mayhem Lauren, for encouraging him to continue with emceeing and stepping aside to let his people shine. That's the real shit that will keep great music coming out of the most unexpected places.


Blu-Jesus_(prod. by Madlib)-2011-UC

Blu has really impressed me this year. I always loved the earlier Blu and Exile stuff because it was unlike anything you had ever heard. Real chill and mellow, but also original. Even after going on his solo, Blu has managed to hold his own and continue to grow into a great artist. He put a lot of work in this year and worked with a ton a excellent producers. He will be around for a long time for sure.

Happy New Year.

from... Times Square Jan. 1 2012