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I couldn't help to post this. I really wish I lived in NYC for times like this.
Shout's to Tommy Mas for the continued support and for making this gem.
One of my favorites off the Lecter album.


Monday, December 26, 2011



New Raekwon CD drops here and a handful of other sites on New Years Day. If I have it earlier i'll post it, just to help promote. Guess Rae and the crew trying to get the jump on everyone in 2012. Let's see what happens.


First we brought you the Best of Dipset Mix a few posts back. Now Frankmatic is blammin you in the head again with the original samples from the mix. Salute to DJ 7L and Frank The Butcher for knowing what the fuck their doing. Haaaaaarlem.

A message from Frank The Butcher:

Merry Post Holidays!

The World Famous Blade Runner DJ 7L and I have decided to drop a bonus mix to accompany the hugely successful ‘Essential Dipset Mix’. This is our post holiday gift to everyone that supported our mix projects.

Many more to come.

See ya’ll on the other side of the new year!!



Download "Dipset OG"


Rare video of The Opposition (Shaz Illyork and Spit Gemz) blazing the mic at a recent house party. Watch how people bug the fuck out toward the end when Gemz grabs it. I miss shit like this... house parties are where it's at.

Grab their CD from on of my previous posts here. Link

Lamboghini X Sharpie Collectors Edition

Artist edition of an all time classic. Lamborghini got it right with this one. Some of the close ups are ridiculous and make me wish to just get to see this in person. Check out more pictures and read how the collabo happened here.

LinkWhen riding the short bus isn't so bad.

Sunday, December 25, 2011



Dope ass Raekwon EP I know you don't have because this is the deluxe ed. with a few extra treats courtesy of Dusty But Digi.

1. 401k f. Sean Price and Pusha T.
2. Two Brothers on The Corner f. Big L.
3. Ill Figures Remix f. M.O.P. and Kool G. Rap
4. Bricks f. Ghostface and BIG
5. Hallwayz (the good die young) f. Littles
6. Fools Paradise f. Fabolous
7. So Called Friends f. Big Boi and Pusha T.
8. Weed
9. My Corner

Download "dope"

This producer is not to be slept on. Dude has some gems.
I'm not so much of a fan of Danny Brown, his label mate, but I like this guy and
I think Party Supplies is dope too.
Check his Bandcamp page for more new beats.

Download "strawberry cough"


The latest mixtape from Asher Roth. Seems to be getting a good amount of play around twitterworld. He always picks great tracks to rock over.

01 – Pabst & Jazz
02 – Choices
03 – In The Kitchen Prod. Chuck Inglish
04 – Useless
05 – More Cowbell
06 – BastermatingChuck Inglish
07 – Common Knowledge
08 – Golden Midas
09 – Insurance
10 – Hard Times
11 – Ampersand
12 – Get By
13 – Not Meant 2 Be
14 – Running Away
15 – Charlie Chaplin
16 – Dope Shit Prod. 1500 – or Nothin

Download "pabst"


Label: Cotillion Rec.
Genre: Funk
Quality: 128kbs
Total Time: 00:48:11
Total Size: 45mb

01 - Luther - May Christmas Bring You Happiness
02 - John Edwards - The Christmas Song
03 - Willis Jackson - I'll Be Home For Christmas
04 - Margie Joseph - Christmas Gift
05 - Lou Donaldson - Jingle Bells
06 - Impressions - Silent Night
07 - Impressions - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
08 - John Edwards - White Christmas
09 - Lou Donaldson - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
10 - Luther - At Christmas Time
11 - Margie Joseph - Feeling Like Christmas
12 - Willis Jackson - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Download "funky xmas"


HOoooo HOooooo HOooooo

Monday, December 19, 2011






Preorder the new "G13" shirt here. shipping Dec 30th

A message from Raz...


It began as a regular night in Upstate NY with a few good friends. After much stimulation of the mind the ideas started to flow. We went back and forth on ways to bring this exclusive culture we enjoyed so much to the common marketplace.

We initially started with a huge blown up picture of one of our exclusive nuggets on a Shurt. When it was worn around NYC it got so much attention and inquiry we had to develop this idea fully. After many more sessions of mind stimulation among friends and chronisseurs we came up with a way to brand our strains of exclusive marijuana on a t-shirt.

"Be Exclusive” started by only burning the finest on the planet. Bringing that culture into the fashion industry is where we stand now. This is a truly exclusive piece of clothing with a limited production of 420 and a custom number assigned to each Shurt. So support the cause, rep your culture and get your own exclusive Tree Shurt today.

Stay Up,
Tree Shurts

They recently released a limited edition MIRK Grind Tree Shurt with album presale purchase. Inquire via the site for those. They are superlimited and Mirk's album doesn't drop till Feb.
Check out previously released designs on Clone shirts as different colorways.
Originals are much different than the clones. They are less in price and of the same great quality as well. Check the tree hats as well which fit better than any other fitted. Shouts out to Grassroots, Raz, Mike B., the tree bunnys, and the rest of the heads I met down at the HQ.
I will be grabbing another fitted for sure.
They linked up with Method Man at the Wu Tang show and check out Mr. Meth setting off the tour with the Upstate Trees hat. I want to personally thank you Meth... for always taking good care of your fans and followers.



on to the music... Crazy new shit, you know how I do. This is the only place you need to come for the greatness.

What's in Vinyl's Ipod?

1. The Roots - Undun
2. Common-The Dreamer The Believer
3. Big L.- 139 and Lenox
4. Dibia$e - Comfort Zone
5. The Kid Daytona - The Interlude II

Planet Asia_and_Madlib-Cracks_in_The_Vinyl-EP-2011-UC

Can't tell you how amped I was to see this. Always loved both these guys and wanted them to collab on a project. Here it is. Judge it for yourself, I know you gonna anyway. Some of the beat you may have heard before if you dig into lib's deeper collection.


1. double dutch
2. carrying crates
3. masonic vocals
4. street clothes
5. rap graffiti
6. madrid

Download "cracks"


You knew it was coming. I told you it was coming.
The annual Martian Xmas disc filled with goodies for all you good little boys and girls.

Download "xmas"


The Kid Daytona comes hard with this soon to be classic mix. The beat selection is fucking great on this and features a ton of the latest up and coming artists out of the city.

Download "the interlude"


The reign of the Harlem Diplomats is without a doubt one of the most influential periods in modern hip-hop. The movement that officially started with family features on Camron’s ‘S.D.E.’ album turned into one of New York City’s most powerful crews. Dipset created a sound that transcended the borders of east coast rap with a style that fueled urban culture for the better half of the 2000s. Killa Cam’s unapologetic uptown crew, Jim Jones, Freaky Zeeky and Juelz Santana, evolved to be leaders in their own rights commanding offshoot rap groups while still reppin’ the eagle and still screaming Harlem.

To celebrate the legacy of the Diplomats, we put together a comprehensive mix spanning years of bandana wearing and flag waving. While there is no possible way to include every significant offering of their vast catalogue, we believe we compiled some of Dipset’s best music in this 100+ minute homage.





1 - Harlem Radio
2 - Dipset Butcher’s Blade Intro
3 - The Diplomats - I Really Mean It
4 - Juelz Santana - Okay Okay
5 - Jim Jones feat. Camron - Certified Gangsters
6 - Juelz Santana - Clockwork
7 - Camron - Wet Wipes
8 - Jim Jones feat. Max B - G’z Up
9 - ”Know a lot of beats, but I say no names” pt.1
10 - The Diplomats - Dipset Anthem
11 - Camron - Back By Popular Demand
12 - 40 Cal - Paid In Full
13 - Juelz Santana - Broken Language
14 - Vado - Large on the Streets
15 - Camron Juan Epstein interlude

16 - Camron feat. Juelz Santana & Jim Jones - Come Home With Me
17 - The Diplomats - I am Ready
18 - Camron - Killa Cam
19 - Jay Bezel Freestyle
20 - Freaky Zeeky Phone Call
21- Camron feat. Kanye West - Down and Out
22 - Byrd Gang - Purple City Byrd Gang
23 - Camron Press Conference interlude
24 - Camron feat. Jim Jones - Hate me Now
25 - Camron - Get’em Girls
26 - Camron - Show You How to Do This
27 - Juelz Santana - S.A.N.T.A.N.A
28 - The Diplomats - Bout it Bout it
29 - Camron Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito WKCR Freestyle
30 - Camron - Oh Boy
31 - The Diplomats - Crunk Musik
32 - Juelz Santana - Dipset (Santana’s Town)
33 - Camron feat. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana - More Gangsta Music
34 - The Diplomats - Salute
35 - Juelz Santana - Oh Yes
36 - Camron Feat. Jay Z - Welcome to New York City
37 - “Know a lot of beats, but I say no names” pt.2
38 - Jim Jones - Fly High
39 - JR Writer - Get’em
40 - Hell Rell Freestyle
41 - Juelz Santana - Mic Check
42 - Jim Jones - Baby Girl
43 - You Maaaaad interlude
44 - Camron feat Juelz Santana - Hey Ma
45 - Camron - That’s Me

Up up and off we go.

Foo's Ball


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Welcome back. I recently did some research on the house that the Griswold's spent Christmas in and was surprised to find out that the entire neighborhood was built as a set. If you look in the background of some of the shots you can see Danny Glover's house from Lethal Weapon, and the house that was used in the series Bewitched. Just a little tidbit. On to the dope shit.


This dropped 2 days ago VIA DJ premier Blog. Wais P is the truth. I told you already, and if you didn't get to see some of my earlier posts on him please look back thru the archives. It's totally worth the time. You know I always give you the best freebies. Don't get twisted that he's flowing over the BTCD series, he has customs Meen Joe Preme laced him with.


01. Competition (Skit)
02. Multiple Sclerosis
03. Premo Fresh (Skit)
04. Money In The Yard
05. Some of The Best (Skit)
06. Lessons
07. Premo Still Prevail
08. Come Back To Collect
09. When The Cops Come (Snitch Bitch)
10. Trill OG Bun B (Skit)
11. Ampitheatre

Download "Premo Pimpin"


DJ JS1 dropped these last year and thought you might like to hear this ill shit.


01. Xmas intro
02. Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rapping
03. Carla Thomas – Gee Whiz It’s Christmas
04. Clarence Carter – Back Door Santa
05. James Brown – Soulful Christmas (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year)
06. Disco Four – He’s Santa Claus – Disco Four
07. Sweet Tee – Jingle Bell Rock
08. Booker T & MG’s – Jingle Bells
09. Derek B – Chillin w Santa Xmas Breaks
10. Barking Dogs – Jingle Bells
11. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer vs Kool G Rap On The Run
12. Albert Hague – You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch
13. Spyder D – Ghetto Santa
14. Shiny Nose Segment – Funky Rudolph
15. Ray Charles – Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
16. Chuck Berry – Run Run Rudolph
17. Beach Boys – Little St. Nick
18. Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time
19. California Prunes – Oh Pruny Night Interlude
20. Stevie Wonder – What Christmas Means To Me
21. Charlie Brown vs Cookie Monster Santa Interlude
22. Albert King – Santa Wants Some Loving
23. Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby
24. Madonna – Santa Baby
25. Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby
26. James Brown – Santa Claus Is here To Stay
27. Jackson 5 – Give Love On Christmas Day
28. Lou Rawls – Christmas Will Be Christmas
29. Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis
30. Xmas Radio Interlude
31. James Brown – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
32. Spyder D – Ghetto Santa
33. Cutmaster DC – Night Before Christmas
34. Dana Dane – Dana Dane Is Coming To Town
35. Jimi Hendrix – Little Drummer Boy
36. Booker T & MG’s
37. God Rest Ye Merry Men
38. Southpark Xmas Interlude
39. Monster Xmas – Monster Xmas Mash
40. Augie Rios vs 45 King – Donde Esta Santa Claus
41. Happy Kwanza Breaks
42. Heat Miser Song
43. Ralph Kramden Christmas Interlude vs Booker T & MG’s – Silver Bells
44. Jacob Miller – Silver Bells
45. Jacob Miller – Deck The Halls
46. Solomon Burke – Presents For Christmas
47. End Of Part 1 Christmix



01. Christmas morning into
02. Hey America! – James Brown
03. Some of My Favorite Things – Herp Albert
04. Some of MY Favorite Things – The Supremes
05. ???
06. En La Vidad – Hector Lavoe
07. aguinaldo – pepe castillo
08. deck the halls – salsoul orchestra
09. it feels like christmas – al green
10. disco santa claus – raindolls
11. christmas wrapping – the waitresses
12. funky christmas – whispers
13. ???
14. deck the hall – cuba la
15. ya vivne la noche buena – el gran combo
16. rock the christmas bells – hard rock
17. funky christmas – busy boys
18. xmas freestyle – luke’s xmas posse
19. juice crew xmas freestyle – juice crew (kane, shante, shan)
20. santa claus wants some lovin’ – creeper
21. santa claus wants some lovin’ – albert king
22. i’m in love – the isley brothers
23. black beauty – akim
24. santa’s got a bag of soul – soul saints orchestra
25. merry christmas happy new year – chambers brothers
26. lets get together for christmas – crazy emma
27. gettin’ down for xmas – milly & silly
28. lonesome christmas – lowell fulson
29. ???
30. santa he’s my man -
31. christmas in the city – king sun
32. merry crucifixion & crappy new year – necro
33. jesus is black – luke’s xmas posse
34. merry mutha fuckin’ xmas – eazy e
35. night before xmas – dolemite
36. jingle jangle instr break – the legion
37. santa shot the block up -
38. pull my sled – raindeer runners
39. please come home for christmas – uniques
40. gift of the giving – bill withers
41. what do the lonely do at christmas – emotions
42. children go where i send thee – gospel starlets
43. christmas bells – byron lee & dragon aires
44. winter wonderland – byron lee & dragon aires
45. santa got a dwi – sherwin linton
46. santa came home drunk – cadillac baby specials
47. xmas business break
48. who took the merry outta christmas – staple singers
49. bright star in the east – david frost & billy taylor
50. stone soul xmas – binky gritite
51. party this christmas – rockin sydney
52. the girl i love – chino feaster
53. jingle bells – don burrows
54. farting xmas carrol
55. bagpipe break – rufus harly
56. foxxxy xmas present outro…

DOWNLOAD "Part 1 and 2"

Cassette Deck The Halls.

LinkSnoopadelic Christmas Sweater.

The Little Drummer Boy.

Classic Print.

UNDRCRWN Xmas Collection.

No Sandusky Zone.

Have a King James Christmas.

Cats just chillin.

The Roots new shit knocks, go grab it.

Keep Bouncing.

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Don't get "got" this year by the bootleggers. Make sure your joints are purchased thru a reputable site. Everyone has a hustle these days and if you're not careful even you can get laughed at for wearing the phonys. Shout's out to DJ Clark Kent for sending the link.

Terry Richardson X Action Bronson

I wonder how many cornballs are going to run to their nearest smoke shop to cop a volcano? It's really sad, but people will do it. This is a far cry from the 3 liter bottles of soda (what ever happened to them?) cut in half and made into a gravity bong.


Trojan Christmas Boxset CD 1

01] Trojan Christmas Box Set [08:07
(Disc 1)_Jacob Miller & Ray I _ Wish You A Me
02] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:02
(Disc 1)_Don Carlos & Glenice Spencer _ Jingl
03] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:31
(Disc 1)_The Granville Williams Orchestra _ S
04] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:29
(Disc 1)_Yellowman _ Santa Claus Never Comes
05] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:09
(Disc 1)_John Holt _ Blue Christmas
06] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:37
(Disc 1)_The Ethiopians _ Ding Dong Bell
07] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:30
(Disc 1)_Junior Brammer _ It's Christmas Time
08] Trojan Christmas Box Set [05:56
(Disc 1)_Jacob Miller & Ray I _ All I Want Fo
09] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:56
(Disc 1)_Pablo Black _ Silent Night
10] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:46
(Disc 1)_Johnny Clarke _ I Saw Mommy Kissing
11] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:29
(Disc 1)_Yellowman _ Yellowman Rock (Jingle B
12] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:18
(Disc 1)_John Holt _ White Christmas
13] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:40
(Disc 1)_Sonny Bradshaw _ Peace & Love (Littl
14] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:02
(Disc 1)_The Tamlins _ Last Christmas
15] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:19
(Disc 1)_Peter Broggs _ Twelve Days Of Christ
16] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:51
(Disc 1)_Lee Perry & Sandra Robinson _ Merry

Trojan Christmas Boxset CD 2

01] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:46
(Disc 2)_John Holt _ Lonely This Christmas
02] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:43
(Disc 2)_Yellowman _ African Christmas
03] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:16
(Disc 2)_Alton Ellis & The Lipsticks _ Merry
04] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:55
(Disc 2)_Beres Hammond _ The Christmas Song (
05] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:37
(Disc 2)_The Maytals _ Happy Christmas (The C
06] Trojan Christmas Box Set [05:26
(Disc 2)_Eek A Mouse _ The Night Before Chris
07] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:26
(Disc 2)_Jacob Miller _ On The Twelve Days Of
08] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:40
(Disc 2)_Frank Cosmo _ Merry Christmas
09] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:11
(Disc 2)_John Holt _ Happy X-Mas (War Is Over
10] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:20
(Disc 2)_Yellowman _ This Christmas
11] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:02
(Disc 2)_The Tamlins _ Give Love On Christmas
12] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:24
(Disc 2)_King Stitt _ Christmas Tree
13] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:31
(Disc 2)_Freddie Mcgregor _ O Come All Ye Fai
14] Trojan Christmas Box Set [09:07
(Disc 2)_Jacob Miller & Ray I _ Silver Bells
15] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:03
(Disc 2)_Hopeton & Primo _ Peace On Earth
16] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:04
(Disc 2)_John Holt _ When A Child Is Born (So

Trojan Christmas Boxset CD 3

01] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:17
(Disc 3)_Yellowman _ We Wish You A Reggae Chr
02] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:38
(Disc 3)_Michigan & Smiley _ Drummer Boy
03] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:09
(Disc 3)_The Kingstonians _ Merry Christmas
04] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:49
(Disc 3)_Beres Hammond _ Have Yourself A Merr
05] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:13
(Disc 3)_John Holt _ My Oh My
06] Trojan Christmas Box Set [06:06
(Disc 3)_Jacob Miller & Ray I _ Deck The Hall
07] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:19
(Disc 3)_Yellowman _ Breadfruit Roasting On A
08] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:10
(Disc 3)_June Lodge _ Joy To The World
09] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:52
(Disc 3)_Reuben Anderson _ Christmas Time Aga
10] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:02
(Disc 3)_The Tamlins _ White Christmas
11] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:48
(Disc 3)_John Holt _ Santa Claus Is Comin' To
12] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:47
(Disc 3)_The Aggrovators _ Santa Claus Dub
13] Trojan Christmas Box Set [03:35
(Disc 3 _Yellowman _ 'Tis The Season Deck Th
14] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:31
(Disc 3)_Freddie McGregor _ Feliz Navidad
15] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:30
(Disc 3)_Frank Cosmo _ Greetings From Beverle
16] Trojan Christmas Box Set [04:48
(Disc 3)_John Holt _ Last Christmas
17] Trojan Christmas Box Set [02:15
(Disc 3)_The Rhythm Aces _ C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Total: 186:02 min

If you don't feel like listening to the same ol' Christmas songs that are way beyond played out, I got you covered. . Trojan always puts out the best of the best in reggae and they have done it again with this fine release. This set will have you thinking about taking a trip to Jamaica for next Xmas. Remember to bring a little extra cash though, Dec.-Feb. is the most expensive time to travel to the Caribbean.

Download "Trojan Xmas"

...also check last years DBD posts for more great Xmas album alternatives.

"I'm Mariah's Hero, sorry Nick..."

Friday, December 02, 2011



New Melvin Junko LP. A few features on there including yours truly. Junko always comes correct with the beats and right attitude about his music. Grab this gem and get your hate on douchebags.

Download "Scattered Shrapnel"

You know what time it is...

Thursday, December 01, 2011



Haven't even peeped this yet, just saw it pop up. Gant is a beast, and he's had his pass for a while now. Im sure this has more than a few things worth rewinding. He teams up with his brother Blanc for a few jams as well.

01. Intro (ft. DJ Ready Cee)
02. Paul Stanley (ft. J Blanc)
03. Gant vs. Run DMC
04. Problems (ft. J57 & Tek)
05. When Lions Eat Kittens (ft. Pius & DJ IXL)
06. Ulitmiate High (ft. J Blanc)
07. You Aint This (ft. Bekay and Deejay Element)
08. Let Your Light Shine (ft. J Blanc & Pius)
09. Say What You Mean
10. Break
11. Freedom (ft. J Blanc)
12. Iron Eagle
13. 9th Advancement (ft. Pius)
14. How I Get It (ft. J Blanc)
15. Screwed up Freestyle (ft. J Blanc)
16. Time Has Come
17. Anti-Angelz (ft. Bekay, Shabaam Sahdeeq, FT & Red Eye) (Infinity Gauntlet)
18. Disruptin’ the Game (ft. Big John and K
ool Keith)
19. Outro

Download "Rule By Secrecy"