Monday, May 30, 2011



Here's the show I did Friday night. DOWNLOAD IT and play it for your friends.
First 2 hours are as usual....Capital District's best in underground hip-hop.
Second 2 hours are exclusives mixed with the occasional upstate jam.
I promise i'll get back to the extreme blog posting shortly. We haven't had much great weather, so I'm taking advantage of the good days we do get.
You know how it's Upstate NY.
It could snow tomorrow.

Coming Soon:
All industry gems with Vinyl's production beneath.

The_Vinylcologist-Sick Hick Cookbook.
A series of some of Vinyl's favorite ish to cook up in the kitchen.
Recipes for ghetto gourmet dishes and drink mixes.
This will only be found on this blog.

New Ed O.G album is fire. Grab it and support on of the legends of the game.


Till next time ya'll.

Monday, May 16, 2011



Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren (22 January 1946–8 April 2010) was an English performer, impresario, self-publicist, and manager of the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls. As a solo artist, McLaren had an innovative career which helped introduce hip hop to the United Kingdom.

Mean Joe Preme hooked this up on the 1year anniversary of his death.
Release Notes:

DJ Premier Live From Headqcourterz Radio Show
Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix
April 9 2010

01-Malcolm McLaren-It Was A New York Phenomenon
02-Sex Pistols-Anarchy In The UK
03-Malcolm McLaren-Zulu Nation Party Interview
04-World Famous Supreme Team-World Famous Supreme Team Show
on WHBI #1
05-World Famous Supreme Team-Buffalo Gals
06-World Famous Supreme Team-World Famous Supreme Team Show
on WHBI #2
07-World Famous Supreme Team-World's Famous
08-World Famous Supreme Team-Do Ya Like Scratchin'?
(Feat Malcolm McLaren)
09-Malcolm McLaren-Let It Flow (Do Ya Like Scratchin'?)
(Feat KRS-One)
10-Malcolm McLaren-Seeing Bow Wow Wow Show (Live)
11-Bow Wow Wow-I Want Candy
Malcolm McLaren-42nd Street
12-World Famous Supreme Team-She's Looking Like A Hobo
13-Art Of Noise-Beat Box (Original Version)
14-Art Of Noise-Close (To The Edit)
15-Malcolm McLaren-El San Juanera
16-Yes-Owner Of A Lonely Heart
17-Yes-Leave It
18-Art Of Noise-Moments In Love
19-World Famous Supreme Team-Hey DJ
20-Malcolm McLaren-Shout Out (Feat Burn One & Forrest Gump)


...and yet even more Primo that I know you don't have.


Here's a new joint off the L.A. Noire Remix Soundtrack. Be on the look for that.
Shit probably already leaked.
I just haven't even looked yet.



The latest SAT RADIO show from the man who despite all the shit he has been involved with, continues to strive and stay humble. Exclusives galore feat. Lord Sear and Statik Selektah, NYG's and more shit from Year Round Records. One of the greatest DJs and producers to ever touch a beat machine.


DJ Premier ... Kickin' shit like a true warrior.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


IN FLU ENCE (indiehiphop)

Hopefully you’ve been beating the social networks hard and long enough to realize that your number of friends and followers doesn’t equate to success. Sure it’s a factor, but accumulating people on these networks don’t mean that they give a shit about your music. I have Facebook friends that have pushed their network numbers to the limit, then they release a single only to discover that those people couldn’t care less.

You’ve got to be interesting and entertaining. There are too many other things competing with you for the attention of those consumers and fans for you to be boring. I’m following a few artists on Twitter that happen to be some real assholes, but I find their messages amusing sometimes and a lot more entertaining than someone who regularly tells me what they’re having for breakfast. The technology that exist now gives you the opportunity to go beyond just creating good music. Your focus should be centered around the quality of your product and your influence.

Essentially, your influence is more durable than a hot single that will soon be forgotten. You should ask yourself these questions: What are you about? What’s the message in your music? Who are you the voice for? Do you wanna know why your favorite rapper is doing that collab with that wack ass rapper that you hate? It’s because that wack rapper has a potent influence on his fanbase. You may continue to scratch you head and not understand why, but that’s because his music doesn’t speak to you or your lifestyle.

Find your voice. Don’t try to please everyone because you’ll never succeed at it anyhow. Don’t be a carbon copy of someone else either. That’s for losers. The technology has made the world your stage and you only make this Earthly trip once. So you may as well go out of this biyatch making an impact and a difference.

Truth hurts.

Apparently, Bill O'Whatshisass had a problem with Common being at The White House and some of the things he said. Bill's a fuckin' idiot. "yoooooo maaaaaddd, youuu maddddd"
"Never thought that Hip Hop would take it this far..." remember when people like Bill were laughing in your face and were telling you it was only a fad? I don't.
I didn't surround myself with those people.


Lumpin Donuts

These two got into it over the last munchkin at the D and D on Lark St.
Pretty lame fight, and the cameraman sucked.
Still funny though.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Homegirl in the back get's blindsided with a chunk. one knew what they singed up for. (movie voice)

Monday, May 09, 2011



The Vinylcologist ...on the wheels.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to take over Lofi-Lobo's "Capital Coup" radio show. A ton of people showed up to have some drinks, listen to some exclusive music, and wile out in the process. SUNY Albany radio was under the control of United Crates and Sweet Tea Vodka from 10pm-330am. I want to thank everyone who made it a dope night. Shout out to the Maple Bacon Sundae and the ex-champ. I still smell like a bottle of Aunt Jemima.


Lofi-Lobo ...on the boards.

Brother Bri and Ed Powers ...on the E and J.

Big Malk and Shyste ...on crowd control.


Dee Jay Tone ...on after Lobo and on other things we can 't talk about.


Mic Lanny, Raiders Hat, BTK, Animal Cracker, and Bletzin ...on the Smirnoff.


The Glowing Tornado ...I did get one before the battery died.

I'm taking some time to chill and enjoy the weather, you should too.

See you in a week cricketdicks.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


So for the past couple weeks I've been filling in spinning on my friend, Dee Jay Tone's radio show and having a blast doing it. My brother and I had a conversation recently about how I don't get out to promote enough. This week I will be spinning for Lofi Lobo and Tone, which means that for the whole block this Friday from 10pm-2am, your boy will be blessing the tables. Lobo's show The Capital Coup showcases the vast array of music coming out of the 518. I will keep with the show's format, but while doing that I will be playing some extremely rare unreleased tracks from the early 518 days and current non released material, live blends, freestyles and remixes. You will not hear the majority of this music anywhere else. Lobo and myself have been working on trying to schedule this for a long time and the time has finally come.
Come back to the blog and click this link to the live stream on Friday.
For the following 2 hours on Tone's show, it will be a mix of more exclusive tracks, (both industry and upstate), and whatever we feel like bullshitting about. I'm sure the usual suspects will be there as well. Check the link to last weeks show w/ Tone and the FWORD Gang.

HERE'S THE LINK WCDB 4.30.11 1am-2am

See ya Tomorrow.