Sunday, November 04, 2012


The classic VHS mixtape released by Zoo York skateboard company back in '97. This has recently been brought up to today's standards. Obviously that does not mean BlueRay, but the video definitely is clearer and looks much better than the OG copy. This was the first time many of us true hip hop fans got to see any footage of those great freestyles from the Stretch and Bob show at KCR. If you were lucky enough to have been a skateboarder, or happen to know one back then, you probably watched this video. If not, then sit back and enjoy some tricks and verses that Lil' Wayne still can't fuck with. This set the precedent for some of the newer styles of recording skateboarding videos, and was followed by everyone from Lance Mountain (411VM) to Tony Hawk (Birdhouse's - The End).

"Saliva, check The wicked flow I de liva, oops, I mean deliver, like the Hudson River." -Meth

RIP "Grandmaster" Roc Raida 
RIP Harold Hunter