Thursday, May 31, 2012



Rob Swift pays tribute to his partner and friend, the late Roc Raida on this collab with Rane Mixers and Scratch DJ Academy. I don't have to say anymore. swift's track record speaks for itself.

"this is how it should be done" -Rakim

01 Raida Speaks 04:44
02 Funky Piano 01:54
03 Hey Young World 01:15
04 Time’s Up 01:41
05 X-Men Style Beatz 05:57
06 Back to Back ft. Saigon and Scram Jones 03:38
07 How Ya Want It 03:15
08 On the Mic 03:12
09 Premier’s X-Ecution ft. DJ Premier 01:41
10 Raida’s Theme ft. Wayne-O 03:55
11 Raida vs. Unknown DJ 04:07
12 Another X-Ecution ft. Dilated Peoples 03:28
13 XL ft. Large Professor 02:55
14 Sinista Rocks for Raida 02:24
15 Precision Rocks for Raida 02:47
16 Eclipse Rocks for Raida 02:24
17 Parting Words 03:02
18 Frequency ft. MF Grimm 03:35

Download "RRT"


The latest from the Cocaine 80's camp, which I'm still confused who is actually in this group. Honestly, I don't see what all the hooplah is about with them. I haven't really been feeling their tracks. No ID and Common have always been good on their own, so I can't see why they had to ruin the chemistry. Anyway, I posted this because it dropped today and I am feeling the last track. Check it and let me know what you think on twitter.

1. “Queen to Be”
2. “Take My Keys”
3. “This Can’t Be A Crime”
4. “Chain Glow” (Feat. Nas)
5. “Unchain Me/Love 3x”
6. “Motivation” (Feat. Common)

Download "C80's"

Camp_Lo_& _Ski_Beatz-Fort_Apache_EP-2012-UC

Camp Lo and Ski Beatz team up as they wait on the official release of the 80 Blocks album with Pete Rock. It is still unknown when it will drop, or if it is even still going to drop. They don't sound exactly like they used to on Uptown Saturday Night, but they will still draw a rather large crowd and have the same lyrical ability.

Download "FA"


Here is the trailer for Ses Da Great's single "I'ma Rebel" off Duality Part II: Above & Below
which can be downloaded here.

Official video will be released on June 8, 2012.
Directed by: Shawn Strong of Phanatiks Entertainment

Twitter: @SesDaGreat @PhanatiksEnt @TRUSICMusic

Duality Pt. 3 Love / Hate coming soon.


Brand new Shyheim mixtape to bump if you've been craving some classic Wu. It has production from some newer producers and features LA Tha Darkman, Cappadonna, Dom Pachino and Ras Kass to name a few. A nice project form someone we don't hear from too often. He looks overly skinny and seriously different than when he was in that TLC Waterfalls video. I hope everything's OK.

Download "BONY"

meet Bad Luck Brian...

I can't wait for the real guy to come forward like Scumbag Steve. That would make a great PPV.
That is all for now f(r)iends.

Saturday, May 26, 2012



This week I realized that I haven't done one of these in a while. Basically what I do with every Boondox Breaks release is take a little from everywhere. Old beats, new beats, forgotten beats, obscure records, etc. Blend them all together with fresh hooks and drop them in 16 track increments over the years. Don't ask why they are always 16, they just are. I've always had love for Memorial Day weekend and what better way to spend your Saturday night. If you enjoy this shout it out on Twitter and hashtag it #bb8. Don't forget the next time you see someone in uniform...thank them for their service. They appreciate it. Salute to all our veterans, and people away from their families, protecting us while we make beats and puff el's back to back.
If you like the beats featured email me @ and get some unheard exclusives. serious inquires only yo.

The_Vinylcologist - Boondox Breaks 8

RIPPER........: SWISH (change, please)
LABEL.........: United Crates / CNC
ENCODER.......: Lame 3.97 V2
BITRATE.......: VBRkbps
MODE..........: Joint-Stereo
DATE.RiPPED...: May-26-2012
DATE.RELEASED.: 000-00-0000
TRACKS........: 16
SOURCE........: CDDA

01 Opium Champion 02:13
02 Down in De Bassment 01:28
03 That Barilla Pussy 02:05
04 Outhouse Music 02:18
05 Saawing Batta 02:15
06 The Jammy 01:47
07 Utuber 01:36
08 Gramfathered in 02:24
09 Big Graveyard 01:24
10 Front Porch Punks 02:08
11 Victimized Terror 01:56
12 Bungee Snap 01:42
13 Sement 02:09
14 Embedded Thoughts 02:33
15 Warped Zone 01:35
16 Sound Chex 01:53

TOTAL 31:26 min

Download "BB8"


Saturday, May 19, 2012



Three Loco (Dirt Nasty , Andy Milonakis, and Riff Raff) is here with another video and this one tops them all. You have to love these guys for what they are... pure fun and entertainment. They all have lyrical skill and have been practicing and dropping random freestyles across the web for years. This is just one new venture between the three and I'm sure there will be others. Produced by Nik Nikateen... grab the single below which was only released for a limited time via soundcloud.

Download "neato"


xSkywlkrx drops this new instrumental project that features fresh, unheard beats as well as the hard to find "Blunt After Blunt" and a few others. He is a producer with Fools Gold Records and Danny Brown's tour DJ. There is more free projects on the net if you like what you hear here. Overall a cool project. *daps

3-bang rmx
4-blunt after blunt
6-Conversations Pt. II
7-Die Like A Rockstar
8-Dubstep Girls Are The Worstest
9-Eyez Wide Open
16-Ponzy Scheme 3
18-White Girls

Download "Impressions"

Friday, May 18, 2012



Here's another remix taken from Refried Redneck Remixes which will be mastered and released shortly. Party Supplies on the co-production as well. Thought you might like something dope to bump on a nice Friday. Enjoy

Action Bronson X Party Supplies-Pouches Of Tuna Remix (prod. by The Vinylcologist) by The Vinylcologist


Tuesday, May 08, 2012



If you've been following the site, you know that I've been keeping close tabs on Show and A. This unbelievable gem comes thru as the Preload to the Mugshot LP that will be dropping late summer or by winter. This might as well have been the album. If we have better than this to look forward to, It's gonna be a good year for real hip-hop music. Grab the deluxe version with 3 bonus tracks off Itunes here.

1. DJ Premier's Road Test (ft. DJ Premier)
2. That Nigga Crazy
3. Wolves (ft. OC)
4. Here and Now
5. I Just Go Along
6. God Is 4 Us
7. Berri Love (ft. OC)
8. Walk With Me
9. You IN Trouble (ft. DJ Premier)
10. My Imagination
11. Show And A
12. South Bronx Shit (ft. DJ Premier)
13. Experience
14. Suspended Animation
15. The Bond

Download "MMP"


This dropped about a week ago but someone recently reminded me of it. You know what you get with Jada... gutter gentleman flow with real life facts about drugs and issues. If you are a D-Block fan you already know the consistency. Their mixtapes are more like albums with a few drops attached. This is very similar, and thumps to say the least. It's nice to see French Montana linking up with all these heavy hitters as well.

01 - Intro
02 - Nightmares And Migraines (Prod By Sebb Media A83)
03 - Paper Tags Ft Wale French Montana Styles P (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
04 - By The Bar Ft Meek Mill Yung Joc (Prod By Young Joc)
05 - Respect It Ft Fabolous Lloyd Banks (Prod By Marly)
06 - Traffickin Ft Young Jeezy Yo Gotti (Prod By Black Sain)
07 - Hustle Like A Muh Ft Ace Hood Styles P (Prod By Divine Bars And Equator Line)
08 - Back To The Money Ft Waka Flocka Slim Dunkin French Montana (Prod By Black Sain)
09 - Dope Boy Ft Styles P (Prod By Poobs)
10 - Count It Ft 2 Chainz Styles P (Prod By Keyzz And Pryme)
11 - Without You (Prod By Joe Milly)
12 - Cuz We Paid Ft Emanny (Prod By Keyzz And Pryme)
13 - Street Knock Raspy Ft Swizz Beatz Asap Rocky (Prod By Araab Muzik)
14 - Im Good Ft Cito Goldie (Prod By Divine Bars And Equator Line)
15 - Thangs On Deck Ft Swery (Prod By Pay Bundy)
16 - Turn Up Ft Wale Future (Prod By Pitchshifters)
17 - I Want In Ft Gucci Mane Sheek Louch (Prod By Divine Bars And Equator Line)
18 - We Gettin Money Ft Trae Tha Truth (Prod By Vdon)
19 - Shaheem Reid Interview

Download "Consignment"


One of the years most slept on producers Don Cannon hosts this instrumental version of The Cool Kids Gone Fishing album. The mixtape games #1 co-signer also produced tracks on it as well. It's a few months old, but is a real tight insty project to add to any music archive. Download this if you need some dope drums, or like smooth shit to write to.

01 - As We Breeze
02 - Broadcasting Live
03 - Champions
04 - Cimmamon
05 - Cool Kids
06 - Cops
07 - Double Dutchmasters
08 - Free Throws
09 - Hammer Brothers
10 - Ice Fishing
11 - Jump Rope
12 - Knocked Down
13 - Pennies
14 - Popcorn
15 - Tires
16 - Tune Up

Download "CKGFI"


This video has been circulating the net since the sad passing of Beastie Boys member MCA. It's been taken down from other sites due to Viacom copyrights. That is why I didn't post it to Youtube to get flagged down. This is the download version. Open it in Quicktime to play the unreleased video.

Download "TNS LIVE"

take that to the head.

Monday, May 07, 2012



As promised the semi untagged version. My snips are still in, but the Knicks tags are not. This is also track by track, not one single track. My bad about not getting it up yesterday, I honestly forgot it was Sunday. That's what happens sometimes when you stay buzy.

01 Shook Ones (Vinylcologist Blend) 04:00
02 Back at You 03:08
03 Killaz Theme Feat. Cormega 03:26
04 Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle (Circa '94) 03:25
05 Hold Down the Fort 04:08
06 Hoodlum Feat. Big Noyd and Rakim 03:50
07 Chinese Marines Feat. Raekwon 02:26
08 The Illest 03:55
09 Get at Me 02:57
10 Neva Goin' Back 03:17
11 Heat Feat. Recordkingz 03:03
12 Clap! 04:17
13 World War 3 02:25

Download "KNICKS Tape Slighty Untagged"


Here's a little bonus that I dug for you all taken from the NBA live 2004 game. This that game time jumper that you need playing in ya box when it's posted up in the graf paint.

Download "AV"


Here's a new joint from my fam, the FWord Records camp over production by Chambers. There are too many emcees to list on this posse cut but I will hook it up. It does have some of Fword's best emcees along with my brother flexin' their skills.

this track features the following emcees:
Mic Lanny, IB, Dead Wrong, June, Animal Cracker, Ed Powers & Icabod Chang

Download " We're Comin' "


I try to give you all a nice mix of music on this site and I myself sometimes like to listen to stuff that I normally wouldn't. I suggest you do that from time to time, you'd be surprised at how much it makes you think. This cover was dope too, that was what got me to actually listen. It's like prog dubstep with rnb vocals. If you don't like it, at least you know not to grab another one of their records based on the cover alone.

01. Turn The Lights Off feat. Nasimiyu
02. Airlift
03. Can We Go Up

Download "WAVESIGHT"


Continuing with the somewhat dubstep theme is Wick-It The Instigator's newest release. You can't really call this straight dubstep tho. It's more expermiental electronic beats with similar breakdowns and drops to dubstep. A while ago I hit you with Grindhouse Bastards, and this CD trump's that by a mile.... and if you were thinking about it don't bother, I already sampled Grey Sky.

01. The Weathermaker
02. Grey Sky
03. Slanky
04. A Better Place
05. Gucci Gurrl

Download "The Weathermaker"


I just came across this and never saw it. This is Mos at his finest flippin rastafari over Dilla live on radio. How much better could it get honestly? This could've actually been the single. He also did that with the Beef freestyle, then actually dropped it over the real beat Minnesota produced.
The tool on the couch is totally oblivious to the history happening in front of him.

Download "SSL"

Now chill the F out.

That was the last of the Funny Cide Pride.

Thursday, May 03, 2012



MobDeep KnicksTape (@NYKnicks365 & @UnitedCrates) by gm518630

Here's a quick mixtape GM and myself threw together to help support The NY Knicks through the playoffs, hopefully this will give them and their die hard fans some motivation to #RiseUp. There are great Knicks snips and classic highlights all throughout the mix. This version is all one track, but I will be releasing a tracked out version of this without the Knicks dialog. This will be for some of you who just want a new Mobb Deep mix to bump in the whip or Ipod this summer. Some rarities along with some classics. The tracked version will drop as a prequel to Sunday's game against the Miami Heat.

Tracklisting is as follows.
01 Shook Ones (Vinylcologist Blend) 04:00
02 Back at You 03:08
03 Killaz Theme Feat. Cormega 03:26
04 Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle (Circa '94) 03:25
05 Hold Down the Fort 04:08
06 Hoodlum Feat. Big Noyd and Rakim 03:50
07 Chinese Marines Feat. Raekwon 02:26
08 The Illest 03:55
09 Get at Me 02:57
10 Neva Goin' Back 03:17
11 Heat Feat. Recordkingz 03:03
12 Clap! 04:17
13 World War 3 02:25

Download it off the soundcloud widget. Up top.



The 3rd video release off of the "WELCOME TO HELLZGATE" album from Spit Gemz.
Produced by The Strange Neighbor, recorded @ Goblin Music Studios.
Shot & Directed by Spit Gemz & Gio Torres for Broken Home Films. Edited by Spit Gemz.
Broken Home Films 2012.

remember where you saw and heard it first.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012



Gangrene in conjunction with RedBull drop this 4 song EP with no warning whatsoever. This shit is pure uncut ALC and Oh No over more obscure rock riffs. A perfect followup to the V and A project they dropped a few months ago. I don't see how these would be cutting room floor tracks either. Another Gangrene album already in the works as well.

Download "Odditorium"


For those not too familiar with Dibia$e, he is a producer holding down Hollywatts CA. In 2009 he won Red Bull's Big Tune Beat Battle and has some serious tracks. I've been following him since around then. The battle was also disputed and brought to a rematch that you can view here. Follow him on Twitter for the latest updates and news on who he is currently working with.

01. Violence (Intro)
02. Its Like That
03. Walkin Zombies (Interlude)
04. OMG!!!
05. Goon Bag
06. ClosedCaskets feat. Captain
07. DonkeyKicks
08. Bumps
09. FunkedUp
10. Some Act Right
11. Sickness (Interlude)
12. CookBooks (Master Cheffin)
13. CatchinFades
14. ChatterBox
15. DuckDown

Download "LG"

Just a quick two tonite cause these are too dope to sit on and I'm tired as shit.

#KnicksTape tomorrow. Are you a part of the Mob?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012



Shout out to El-P for really not giving a fuck that this leaked. I think it is because the sound quality isn't all there with this copy. Unless he was going for that kind of sound, which is something we have seen from the Def Jux camp before. Do the man a favor if you like this and GO BUY IT! I usually would never drop anything this exclusive on my site in fear of losing my connects, but I'm convinced that this can only help promote this dope project. It's already out there, but you should always own the wax. An mp3 will never have the quality that the actual vinyl would have. Get smart.

1. Request Denied
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

2. The Full Retard
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

3. Works Every Time
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

4. Drones Over BKLYN
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

5. Oh Hail No
featuring Mr. Muthaf*ckin' eXquire; Danny Brown
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

6. Tougher Colder Killer
featuring Killer Mike; Despot
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

7. True Story
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

8. The Jig Is Up
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

9. Sign Here
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

10. For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums the Word)
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

11. Stay Down
featuring Nick Diamonds
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

12. $4 Vic/FTL (Me and You)
Producer: El-P (of Company Flow)

Download 'C4C (promo) "


The Trusic cats are back with their latest, Full Mental Alchemy. They've been making noise here in the Capital District for some time now and continue to add a positive vibe to the scene. Be on the watch for the new Ses The Great release Duality III : Love and Hate, the last in the Duality series. Shouts out to Kasscrook as well.


Its been a little over a year since I’ve started recording for FMA. I wanted to up the ante from my last project. I wanted to really show that I could bring out that essence of hip hop. I felt like that particular feeling was the exact same vibe one gets while listening to any Alchemist production. Full Mental Alchemy. Alchemy, basically, is being able to create something great out of “nothing”. With FMA I aimed to create something great using my “full mental”, my mind. It seemed almost perfect to create Full Mental Alchemy, I’m very excited to see what listeners think about the project. I want to thank everyone in TRUSIC for encouraging me to push myself to be great, and also for being examples of the paths to follow. Enjoy the project and share it with a friend. -KWAMIZZLE

Download "FMA"


Here's the brand new full length version of Kings From Queens 2. DJ Modesty hand picks more producers and linked them with the up and coming artists from the galaxy. This as well as the next one you will see, also features tracks from DJ Brans, Weirdo, Labor Dept, Big Malk, and Modesty's own handle Alterprod. Nice mix of styles all on one release.

Download "KFQ2.1" case you don't already have the first one.


Download "KFQ2"


Here's one of the first online site releases from Sene. He is closely linked with Brown Bag All Stars and features a few of them on this record. This dude has an ill flow and can pen dope shit with the best of them. This is just a preview of what is to come from the NYC native.

Download "Brooklyknight"

later alligator.