Friday, April 29, 2005


This was a classic game for the Indians last year. I remember when Yankee's fans used to ask...
"not, a Yankee fan...who you like, Boston????, the Mets???, Atlanta??" and before I could answer they had already belted out 3-5 different teams that weren't mine. Then I would tell them "I'm a Cleveland fan."...(slight pause) "A what???...hahahaha, you would've been better off being a Boston fan." they'd say. Now, they really don't have anything to say after I say that. hrrrmmmmm, wonder why? Actually I've been a Cleveland fan for eons and people think that i hate the Yankees. I like the Yankees, I just can't stand the fans and the way they act. These fuckers are so die hard that even when the Yanks lost the series after being three games ahead, they thought the game was fixed. Or the times when they brag and boast all day at work when they win the game the night before, but get mad when you asked what happened to them if they didn't win. "Chill dog, I don't wanna hear it" they say. We'll to all you stubborn Yankee fans I have a little wake up call for you. It doesn't matter how many series they won, how much Georgie spends, who he buys, what he says, or who he fired last week. The Yankees aren't the best. Maybe to you they are, but not to everyone, so stop trying to give yourself something to do by being a die hard Yankees fan. I know die hard Yankee's fans that WILL shut off a game if they are losing. Then again I also know some that won't shut it off even if they are up by 10 runs. This could be because they wanna gloat more, or it could just be because they still could lose and a die hard fan knows that. Let's stop being so serious, it's only a game.

See, they do work together. People just don't know.


I didn't really like this CTS at first, but this shit looks crazy ill with the aftermarket ground kit. Remember, the rest of the car is stock and it still looks like a gem. Damn, I wonder how much I could get one of these for? Well, soon enough.

This album, originally released in 1991 acted as the early handbook for gangster rappers. Just when everyone thought that they knew gangster rap, this record dropped. The reason it is my choice of the week is simple... Ice-T was plainly way ahead of his time and this is what I was bumping all this week during smokebreaks. If you have this album, break it out, listen closely and understand what I am talking about. If you don't have it , get a good copy here for cheap. You'll see similarities in the way people are rapping and writing today. You will also hear breakbeats and samples that people have used in recent years flipped a little differently, but dope with that old school flare. Honestly, this album sounds anything but retro and can change you from average joe to a supersmooth street hustler in a day. Mind Over Matter.

Still the greatest game ever made for PS2. Even though I've beaten all the missions in this game I still like to come home after a hard day at work, or if I get into an arguement with someone, turn this on and blow some wigs back. It's a great alternative to going postal on people who piss you off. I find that after killing some gang members and outrunning police for 10min. on a guntoting rampage, my body is cleansed of all the demons. Awaiting the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series could have people going through withdrawl in a few short months. Rockstar games has already inked a deal with Sony Gaming and Entertainment to release another Grand Theft Auto game to help support the release of the PS3. (I knew it Dave) No word on if it will be released for the XBOX 360 yet, but I am assuming that Sony will want to keep all the exclusive rights to themselves. This game should be better than San Andreas, and I'm very excited to hear what the time period will be for the game and the new soundtrack.

Back to the Boards...I'm out.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Bathroom Breaks:

If any of you are looking for a great book to laugh at, George Carlin's When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops is full of anti political antics along with funny little mental droppings on everyday life. Before I could get past the first page... I was in tears. This is the type of book that you can break out after not seeing it for a while and still get all your moneys worth. If you do decide to get up off your shitstained ass and purchase this gem, and you enjot it, check out some of his other books and cds as well. They are just as funny and witty.

First baseball with Jose Canseco, now it boiled over and spilled onto the NFL. Jesus, what's next...The yearly Fireman Contest, Curling in Canada or even the Bassmasters Fishing Competition. I just hope that it makes the sport better and more competitive. I mean comon...Look at all the other superstrict policies that they have in sports. There are policies reguarding chasing and attacking fans, paying players to perform a certain way, and we all can't forget the gambling policy. For instance...look at a guy like Pete Rose, and to think that he kept his mouth shut and obeyed the silent law of baseball land for all those years. If he was to expose the steroids scandal instead of Jose Canseco, when he wrote his book explaining his lying about betting on baseball, but countered the lie with the truth about anabolics he probably would have been looked at as a hero, and would have had a better chance of getting that ticket to Cooperstown. This is just my opinion, but you and I both know that Charlie Hustle would've been a much better candidate than Jose for the new season of The Surreal Life. Rose would've gave that skurvy hoe Omarosa a run for her husbands checkbook.

Damn, that's cruel. Bobby Brown. This stupid son of a bitch got knocked out for being a washed up puppet that beats his wife. Maybe someone thought that it would be funny to make him feel the way Whitney does after an Ike Turner assbeating. Read more about the moron here. For all you avid Bobby and Whitney fans, you'll be glad to hear that the Bravo TV network has inked a deal with the couple to create a series based on thier relationship. I guess if you are into seeing people do coke and then fight each other, you'll love this new show. There isn't too much info about it out there right now, This is very exclusive news. I can't wait to write more on this, but that will come after the first episode. Pass da dutch ...IIIIIIRRRRRRREEEEEEEE!

Hip-hop artist and record-business entrepreneur Jay-Z and 130-year-old Swiss luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet on Tuesday in New York City unveiled a limited edition of 100 timepieces to celebrate Jay-Z’s 10th anniversary in the music business. The watches—a special version of the brand’s Royal Oak Offshore chronograph—have a small “10” in diamonds on the dial. They come in stainless steel, rose gold, and platinum, and retail for $23,500 to $69,500. The project was two years in the making; Jaz-Z was actively involved in the design.
Francois-Henry Bennahmias, president of Audemars Piguet North America, said more limited-edition projects with well-known celebrities in sports and entertainment will be announced in coming months. As with the Jay-Z watches, some proceeds will be given to charity by Audemars Piguet. In the past five years, the Swiss brand, which has annual U.S. sales of about $40 million, has given more than $5 million to U.S. charities, most of them directed at women or children.
Jay-Z, a watch collector, is a longtime fan of the watch brand, which approached him about the project and solicited his input on design. He owns 12 (“which I all bought myself,” he told reporters) and even included the name of the watch in one of his songs.
Each of the watches, which will only be sold at Audemars Piguet flagship New York boutique, comes with a 40-gigabyte iPod engraved with a saying by Jay-Z and uploaded with his albums. At least 27 have been pre-sold.
A portion of the watches’ sales—totaling $500,000, said Bennahmias—will be donated by the watch company to the S. Carter Scholarship Fund for inner-city children, founded by Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter.
In December 2005, Jay-Z became president and chief executive officer of Def Jam Recordings, the well-known hip-hop label founded by music moguls Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen.
While he told reporters he has retired as a recording artist, he’ll continue to run his other interests, including a sneaker line with Reebok and a fashion line. He has no intention, though, to start his own watch brand or be affiliated with one as fellow hip-hop artist and mogul Daman Dash has with the luxury-priced brand Tiret New York.
Just recently Jay-Z mentioned toying with the notion of being a daddy. Here's a superimposed picture of what the child may look like.
. Hey now.

Look at me, no...Look at me C!!!!!! JERKOFFS! -Sonny

Saturday, April 23, 2005


NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH...We at it again wiggas!!!!
Currently we (Jack and Myself) are working on some heat due out near the end of the year. Stealing, Raping, and Pillaging the wax always. Mic Mangla stopped through yesterday and chose a few beats for a project he is working on. He wasn't trying to disclose too much information except that it is a solo album and it may feature guests. I'm glad to see that because other people are smart enough to resist the temptation of playing new material for friends, it is becoming contagious around the area. It really sucks when an album is put together very well as far as production, mastering and hot songs, but because everyone has heard a lot of the material early (before mastering, etc) it ruins the exclusivness of the real release. Yes, it is essential to promote the album and create a buzz, but you want to give them a sip, or even a swallow, not the whole bottle.
Some extra news for you dedicated fans of that upstate flava, Shyste is currently working on various joints to be released at a way later date. This guy still to this day has tons of unreleased material. I was dabbling with the idea of doing a best of Shyste cd because everyone is asking, but I still have to bring it to his attention and see what he thinks. Sween on the other hand is buzy working on the follow-up to Face Punch Music, Knucklenutz. This albums first single is a song called Hate Hop, and has piercing guitar riffs and some of the illest demonlyrics I've heard in a while. I'm working on the slumped over the bar remix of that song, which should be serious. Speaking of remixes...Sween has a dope Oxswinger remix that he did...this guy is getting better and better at producing, watch out for him.

JACK...I found your hat. 1982 Braves buddaz $25- Lemme know when you steal those tips from Friendly's, we'll order dis bitch right da phuck up.

C-RAYZ WALZ -(see-rays-walls)
After touring with Raekwon and various underground artists, C-Rayz is preparing for his new album release Year of the Beast. In addition to working on the finishing touches for a DVD version of the album with live footage, the queens native will be starring as an emcee coach on MTV's June 10th episode of Made. He will be trying to help prep a young emcee before a battle. This should be a good show, one thing I do know about C-Rayz is that he is a comedian at heart and cares about his fans deeply. During a show at The Hudson Duster for DJ Toast's 15th anniversary he gave me a live shout out during a freestyle... the funny thing about this story is that he came up with 3-5 words that rhymed with Vinycologist. You try doing that, bet you can't come up with more than 2 in 10min. Anyway, I have a copy of the new album and it is dope, I must say a lot better than Ravipops. I'm still waiting on the old "Fuck the Mayor" C- to make the comeback. There is evidence on the beast album, but the production is not as versatile as I would've expected. See should've took the cd of beats when I tossed it to ya. See you at the top.

This is why you should never trust a blonde...They have a tendency to become self absorbed pigs after a while. Plus they are usually too drunk or geeked out to remember anything that happened the day before. Do you think that she took the call????? I think so...actually I know so. Who's hands do you think those are on the cheeks. Parden my mess of dark fur, this is before I started watching porn and shaving my webbos.

1st round- #23 Fabian Washington (cornerback)
2nd round- #38 Stanford Routt (cornerback)
3rd round- #69 Andrew Walter (quarterback)
3rd round- #78 Kirk Morrison (inside linebacker)
TRADED- bitchass Buchanon...good luck fucker.
TRADED- jerkass Jolley
Oakland will be nasty this year no doubt, but they still need a few more things to be the ultimate squad. I myself am looking forward to this season and maybe if we are lucky we'll make it back to the superbowl. We'll be even more lucky if we go up against that fagfucker John Gruden...and then if we win I will personally make a special trip to his house with 10,000 raiders fans to dump 3 years worth of blunt guts dipped in semen on his head.

"Poker grill you cause I'm the rap Phil Helmuth" --The Vinylcologist
You fold, I already know.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Liquid Swords Entertainment: It comes as no surprise that The GZA/Genius has signed a deal with Babygrande Records for releases under his own label, especially having featured with the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and Jus Allah. Liquid Swords Entertainment has gone through a roster change over the years but the current line up is bound to include the likes of Armel (C.O.I.N.S), Young Justice (Gza's son) and possibly more. The first release later this year would be an official mix tape entitled "GZA Presents:...." and possibly a film/music project releases in the near future. Peep out for more updates.

Meanwhile the RZA is keeping buzy as always.

Having already conquered hip-hop, The RZA, a.k.a. Bobby Digital, is now proving to the publishing industry that the Wu-Tang Clan is indeed nothin' ta fuck wit. Kung fu face-punching provided the inspiration for the nine-man collective, but the RZA soon began using the teachings of Shaolin monks to fuel his personal and professional growth. The Wu-Tang Manual: Enter the 36 Chambers, Volume One recalls the origin and influences of the Clan before they hit it big with 1993's Enter the Wu-Tang. A common desire to rhyme, seek spiritual guidance, and smoke superior weed united the group on the streets of Staten Island, New York, later spawning such personalities as Method Man and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Citations for some of the Clan's most puzzlingly popular lyrics, advice on how many sizes too big you should buy your Wu-Wear pants (eight extra inches at the cuff), and the identity of the local ho (Dirty Tasha) are just a few of the insights that'll make any reader feel like an honorary Wu Gambino. Just some extra info for all you relishounds...Rza will be re-making the score for the film Ong Bak: Thai Warrior, which was released in 2003.

Pretty soon MF Doom will have his name on more plastic than Hasbro; this March, the metal-faced villain released his first live record, Live From Planet X, on Nature Sounds Records. The album, Doom's 921st, apparently features tracks from Operation Doomsday, Madvillainy, MM Food, and more. While watching Dumile twist his rhymes through the grill of his mask is a huge part of the appeal of his live show, most backpackers'll probably be elated just to hear Doom's live improvisations/variations and the quotables they yield.
As expected, the most prolific man in hip-hop (with an average higher than Ichiro's, natch) has his metal fingers on a few other projects. Pizzo at reported that an MF Doom/Ghostface collaboration is becoming a reality. Though details at this point are sketchier than a carnival at Michael Jackson's house, the two have apparently been recording together in the studio, and Doom is reportedly producing songs for Ghostface's next Def Jam LP, the follow-up to last year's phenomenal Pretty Toney Album. A project featuring two of hip hop's brighest would either be an immediate classic or the most disappointing album of the '00s. We hope it's the former. There are also rumors circulating about a remixing project he is planning on doing with the acapellas to Enter The 36 Chambers and a few other Wu classics. As we know he remixed a plethora of his own material, and did a 2CD set of homecooked remixes from past Nas albums.

I'm holding you masters hostage you fake, female, following, the fuckin fags around the fountain fucko! Member dat shit hoe!

Thursday, April 14, 2005



The RIAA said it will today sue over 400 students with access to Internet2, the high speed next-generation network, for copyright infringement. The experimental network is used by universities and researchers and has been demonstrated to transmit a DVD in around 30 seconds. The sheer speed of I2 makes file sharing much more attractive, exponentially increasing the amount of revenue lost to artists by the RIAA's failure to lobby for a scheme that reimburses them. Similar schemes have been implemented for radio and public broadcast - new technologies that initially robbed artists of their revenue while expanding the potential audience for their creative works. But rather than having the courage to lobby for the traditional reimbursement model to be applied to digital media, the RIAA instead wants the new technology outlawed. "We cannot let this high-speed network become a zone of lawlessness where the normal rules don't apply," said Cary Sherman, RIAA president. Quite the contrary. It's the RIAA that has refused to contemplate "the normal rules", and by shunning any prospect of a compulsory license, has denied many millions of dollars of due royalties to its members, royalties those artists rightfully deserve.

Just a dope picture of Ill Bill on the set of the 14 years of rap video w/ The Arsonists. There is a dope article/interview with him also underlying the link.

I heard that MOP is being scouted by 50 Cent. Apparently, he feels that the Mash Out Posse is the best thing to come to the Roc since the “god MC.” Like I said, take that with a grain of salt, but that’s what I hear.

Speaking of 50, word is the G-Unit General is looking to dead all the outstanding beefs. Now, I don’t know. This doesn’t sound like the Fiddy we’ve come to know and love or hate, but that’s what I am hearing. He hasn’t replied to any of the disses from Jada or Joe so maybe it’s true. We are all still currently waiting on Nas' reply to that weak Piggy Bank track.
More to come soon, moron!


The man once called "the baddest man on the planet,'' Tyson has agreed to fight the Irish-bred Kevin McBride in June. The Irishman McBride is also an over-30 with a career record of 32-4-1 with 27 wins by knockout. He is not considered a serious contender for the heavyweight title.
Shelly Finkel told The Washington Post that Tyson, who is estimated to be almost $40 million in debt, has been training in Arizona and successfully renewed his license with the D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission. Yes, Mike Tyson is headed to the nations Capital...and after the fight he has an appointment to get a tattoo of Holyfield's ear on his right shoulder. This is a follow-up to the ink that he got not to long ago on his face. Sources say that Iron Mike got wasted off of some Mad Dog 20/20 at a college party, Raped a whole fraternity pretending to be a gay Ted Bundy, and forced an artist to scribble some tribal shit on his grill while he was doing a keg stand. That must be why the shit came out all fucked up. He wants to continue to add more and more to the tattoo he said claiming that it helps him enjoy time with his kids and mirror. Here's a computer enhanced picture of what he may look like in a few weeks before the fight. Remember, intimidation is key. LOL!

Don't be alarmed, his kids love the red power ranger.

It's always an event when "the teacher," KRS-ONE comes through. He is known to incite discussion through his provocative comments and high lyrical quotient. KRS, one of the leading forces behind the Temple of Hip-Hop movement, has been on the scene since the late '80s. His track record - more than 10 albums and leadership in the politics-fueled hip-hop lyricism of the early '90s - is more than enough to cement his rep. Readers interested in what the Temple of Hip-Hop is all about can click over to Also check out his latest album Keep Right.

DJ Premier has an up-coming album due out in early May called "The Kings Of Hip Hop". This is not his debut solo album though, it will feature a new artist called Mr. Thing and will be released on Rapster Records. This album is a follow-up to the other recent Rapster releases, The Kings of Funk and The Kings of Disco. Rapster is the actual label for anyone on BBL entertainment, they always put out great music and compilations, so keep ya fuckin' eyes open jerky.

Rapper Lil' Kim believed she was "above the law" and could lie to a federal grand jury when asked about a 2001 shootout outside Hot 97 radio station, a prosecutor said in her closing arguments Monday. "Maybe Kimberly Jones bought into her own image," Assistant Manhattan U.S. Attorney Cathy Seibel said referring to the rapper by her real name. "Maybe she believed that she was a 'Queen Bee' who is above the law, that for a multi-faceted superstar, the rules were different," Seibel continued, noting that Lil' Kim contradicted her grand jury testimony when she testified during her trial. Lil' Kim, who is on trial with her personal assistant, Monique Dopwell, is charged with perjury and conspiracy for allegedly trying to derail a federal grand jury probe into the Feb. 25, 2001, shooting in which one man was injured. Seibel said among the contradictory testimony Lil' Kim gave was whether she recognized a photograph of Suif Jackson, one of the men accused of firing shots outside the radio station. Jackson, a member of Lil' Kim's entourage, pleaded guilty in the shooting. "It's like 'Alice in Wonderland,'" Seibel said. "It's whatever lie is expedient at the moment."Seibel said Lil' Kim repeatedly told a "preposterous story" when she testified at her trial and before the grand jury because Lil' Kim and Dopwell were trying to protect Jackson and Damion Butler, another member of the rap diva's entourage. The two women told the grand jury that Butler, who also pleaded guilty in the shooting, was not present that day. Lil' Kim also claimed she could not identify Jackson when shown his photo.Witnesses testified seeing Butler and Jackson open fire outside the station and the jury saw a surveillance videos in which Butler escorted Lil' Kim in and out of the Greenwich Village radio station the day of the shooting.But Lil' Kim's lawyer, Mel Sachs, said in his closing arguments that prosecutors had a "bad, weak case" and could not prove unequivocally that his client lied intentionally and willfully. Sachs said Lil' Kim had no motive to lie because she had severed her relationship with Jackson and Butler before she testified before the grand jury, nearly two and a half years after the incident.He said that when Lil' Kim failed to identify Jackson, she had "acted responsibly" because she had wanted to be certain. Sachs also said his client was merely mistaken in her grand jury testimony. "She made an honest mistake of fact or bad memory," he said. "She's not guilty and that's the law."
My personal opinion on this is that the tit looks good and she may have to sway the jury and judge. If she hasn't talked to John Cusack yet I think she's gonna end up being someone's queen bitch! Or she can just call in The Senior Mafia...

That's one bad little BITCH. --Pope

I couldn't keep this blog going for too long with out talking about one of my favorite producers/dj's/rappers. Although I've contacted this guy numerous times, he still doesn't understand what "wiggas know". Lemme fill you in a little Zone. These kids in upstate NY have much love for you and your music because of me and a few other cats up here, not anyone else. All the other weak jocks around here are still putting last month's most played out hits on thier mixtapes. My shit had your songs, your beats blended, and other songs that you have been a part of. SHOW SOME LOVE...I got Lucy Liu's phone number for ya bro. Anyway, the reason this guy is so busy is simple...He has been in the studio for the past 4-5 months with Celph Titled recording a collaboration together called The Bo$$ Hogg Barbarian$. It should be out near the end of '05 or early '06. Info courtesy of Zone's site. He says that he has no label for distro yet, but I'm gonna go ahead and assume that Fatbeats will probably pick this project up if Spike has any brains.

JULY '05

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Memorial Day will be the Jawn!

When you want that bag of shwag to go further and further... Just top it off with some of this. Afgani Blonde Hash. This shit is going for about 15 a g and will rip your toupe right off ya head. Everytime I blaze some of this it not only get me reeeeeeeetarrdded, but I sleep for about six hours more than normal the next day. A bit of advice...don't do this if you have to get up for a meeting or be alert for an exam you pajama wearing college feins. I like to experiment...Jack says that I'm a scientist, but I experiment a little too much. It's ok, cause I'm just doing enough research for the both of us. We stay in the lab with beekers and forcepts trying to get the perfect blend of drugs and alcohol.


Tiger Woods just won his forth masters this past weekend. This post should've been named "the shot heard round the world!" Going up against such greats as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus he was determined to go all the way. Here's what he had to say about this addition to his trophy shelf. "More than anything, this is a validation of all the hard work I've put into it. Hank and I put some serious hours into this and I've read some of the articles over the past year where he has been getting ripped and I'm getting ripped for all the changes I've been making. But to then go out and play as beautifully as I did this entire week - well, that's pretty cool." Now we are all in awe about the shot on the 16th hole. This couldn't have been more perfect for Nike, I wonder what was in that ball or should I say on that ball. Just when you think that your investment has gone south something like this happens. Guess that's why Nike pays the big bucks, the amount of advertisement that has been gained from all the sports highlight shows replaying this shot is more than the super bowl, and for about 1/2 the price. I know that if I could, I'd stamp the Nike Swoosh logo on my balls if I knew that they would perform like that.

The question of the day... Is the NBA a Racist organization because they are trying to limit the amount of players that come out of high school to go directly in the league??? I guess that in certain conditions the players must be required to attend a minimum of about two years of college. This will ensure that if they have a career ending injury, they will have enough education to find and hold a job. They should be able support themselves and thier families if basketball isn't there. Lebron James is the exception to the rule in my eyes. This guy has it all...but he hasn't changed a bit. In fact, his game seems to get better everytime he goes out onto the court. All he needs is a goto guy and the Cav's may have a chance next season. Otherwise, I see him going to another team real quick. Bottom line is that he has lived up to the expectations and continues to outdo himself every time he plays. Not everyone can do that. If he was forced to go to college, his career would've suffered extremely. After all the hype that ESPN gave him during his highschool years, to Adidas giving him his own shoe, this guy must have had pressure like you couldn't believe. If he did go straight to college, I'd be just like everyone else...not watching the NBA.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I'm fairly sure that when I die and go to heaven, heaven will be a funky place, and it will sound a lot like Pete Rock. When his first all-instrumental release Petestrumentals came out in 2001, I played it so many times I wore out the MP3s. I love everything he touches. Because everything he touches is so deeply sweet. Released just last week on CD: The Surviving Elements, a new collection of downbeat instrumentals derived from the same classic soul sources that fueled his 2004 release Soul Survivor 2. Am digging this mightily. Snip from the Amazon description: "Like Petestrumentals, The Surviving Elements is a testament to Pete Rock’s love of the groove; a homage to a craft endangered by saturation, sample clearance legislation and pop crossover appropriation." Link to album info. What's up with Pete Rock's website? It appears to be geb0rken. That's alright -- in funk heaven, there are no websites. Just grooves. WORD!

One half of the duo that makes up Gangstarr, Guru, has announced that he is embarking on a solo career and will drop a pair of new albums in 2005, according to
The veteran rapper recently announced the launch of his own label called 7 Grand. "We have a new project, a new venture," said Guru. "The label is called 7 Grand and the project is called Guru 7.0." Guru, along with his new label partner Solar, are both excited about the venture and have already secured a distribution deal with Studio Distribution, who has also released projects for Freddie Foxxx, of the Black Eyed Peas, Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock and Marley Marl.
While Guru is pursuing solo ambitions, he also stated that him and DJ Premier were still a unit.
The first two projects being released on 7 Grand will be "Guru 7.0", as well as the fourth installment of his Jazzmatazz series.
Both projects are due out in 2005, but Guru 7.0 is slated for an April 19, 2005 release.

This is a classic picture of a classic artist. If you don't know who this is then get the fuck off my blog bitch! Anyway, I can't wait to hear some new shit from this fool. The joint that he dropped with Primo was some of the best I've heard in years from the Dolomite battlin' emcee. I remember back in '02 I saw him perform as a special guest along with Nice N Smooth and The Beatnuts back at a CMJ concert at Irving Plaza. The best part about the show was seeing him perform "How You Get a Record Deal." It still had just as much flava as it did when I first heard it on the ...Looks Like A Job For CD. I used to sit in the car ride up to camp with my walkman and play that shit from beginning to end. To this day I still know all the lyrics. Thanx Kane for helping me know waht real hip-hop was back then. Other titles that got much play on car rides that year were...Onyx's Bacdafucup, A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Mauraders, and Pete Rock and CL Smooth's The Main Ingredient.

Since this is mostly a music blog today I thought that I would break it up a bit. Ever wonder what happen to the ultimate jackass, Johnny Knoxville???? Here's your answer...He is currently trying to get all these girls in the same bed at the same time. Way to go Johnny, I guess if you put your mind to it you can do anything, even 11 ugly girls. These chicks are the best example of sloppy barslores that I could find. Never judge a book by it's cover though, they could be nice...that is if they don't stink like The Cousins fish market. A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it was summed up in about 50.

Jim Rome is burning !!!!!! What we all wanna know is what the fuck is he burning from. Maybe he is really the kid that got around to all the dirty chicks at college. Maybe he still has a thumbnail up his ass from his freshman rush when he had to walk in a single file line with the other frat brothers. Or it could be that he is just pissed at the fact that the MILF hunter gets more ass than he ever will and looks similar. Ohhhhhhhh Snap! I know why...because his brother Sammy Hagar doesen't have to work anymore due to the Cabo Wabo sales. Plus he is a bitch-ass lightweight. Drink up fuckers.

Friday, April 08, 2005

139 and LENOX

It's too much of a shame that this guy had to go so early. Forreal, I miss him, dearly...never met him but yet I still feel like I knew so much about him. Here's a question you all can't you think that he would've been the G.O.A.T. if he was still around????? I think so, actually, I know so. I also know that whenever I get an exclusive mix cd with some Big L. on that shit the first thing that I do is go to the tracks I haven't heard yet...but it seems like these dj's are just using him and his name to sell cds. The reason I say that is simple, almost every tribute cd I have has all different names for songs that we all know already. That's why the bullshit needs to stop...true fans getting fooled into buying, or in my case downloading a disc that is suppost to have some exclusives on it. It always ends up being another weak dj that doesn't even deserve to own the music. Unappreciative Cocksuckers! The freestyle record that came out like a year and a half ago is still the best collection of Big L. tracks to date. Find it....if you can.

"So You Wanna Be a Gangsta" --Too Short
Well it seems that nowadayz everyone is trying to be hard somehow. Punching the Easter bunny, starting shit with the cops, posing as federal agents, etc... Ever wonder what it would be like if there were no "gangsters"??? I don't. I guess that every homothug rapper wouldn't have any "gangster movie scenes" in thier videos. Fat Joe is a perrrrfect example...In his new video he is standing in the subway in a scene identical to Christopher Walken in King Of New York...The only problem is, Frank White was skinny and White! Not Black...and the next time you fags complain that we are taking your music, slang, dress code and trying to be black, remember who is really trying to be who. Dirty moneycountin' crackers are the real gangsters. I'm not racist in any way, I just think that people get this shit mixed up. Maybe I should write a letter to Dave Chappelle and suggest that he do a skit on how may "fake" gangsters there really are out there. Like this guy. Fuckin Fool.

That ain't Gangsta...This is Gangsta:

That's exactly what I feel like doing to my shit because all the music that is out on the radio is fuckin' garrrrbage!

"peace...I'm outtie 5000!!!" ---EPMD

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


"I'll keep my heat beats, you better off on your own." -The Vinylcologist
OKeDoughKe...The issue at hand is the beats, beats, and more beats. "got any beats yo?????" I just wanna fill you yutes in on what is going to happen in the 'o5 with me and Finer Arts. The site is no longer, and the new site is up and running. From this day forward, unless you are paying... you are getting absolutly nothing from me. Jack and Katz may have a different view on this topic, but I'm tired...too tired of giving my beats to people and not getting shit in return except a shout out and a cover charge... If I just wanted a shout out I could call the radio station and give myself one. Granted, the songs that I have done in the past are fuckin' fire in my eyes and I had tons of dope sessions with great emcees and disc jocks, and I will still do some joints fro free from time to time. I've made an unbelievable amount of new friends, who I consider great friends, BUT...that shit ain't paying my bills. It's paying other peoples bills, and it's helping thier music career. I went to school for music and it's the only thing I don't make money on. Yes I sell mixtapes here and there, and Yes I try to keep my shit somewhat exclusive to my style, but if I focused more on my own shit than other peoples, I'd probably have a house on Lake George. On that note look out for new heat coming from Origin Ill. We are currently discussing who to approach for a distro and pressing deal. The tee shirts should be here on schedule and they will be for sale on Memorial Day weekend as well as copies of Gone But Not Forgotten Pts. 1 & 2.

That's all for now...more bitching later.