Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Memorial Day will be the Jawn!

When you want that bag of shwag to go further and further... Just top it off with some of this. Afgani Blonde Hash. This shit is going for about 15 a g and will rip your toupe right off ya head. Everytime I blaze some of this it not only get me reeeeeeeetarrdded, but I sleep for about six hours more than normal the next day. A bit of advice...don't do this if you have to get up for a meeting or be alert for an exam you pajama wearing college feins. I like to experiment...Jack says that I'm a scientist, but I experiment a little too much. It's ok, cause I'm just doing enough research for the both of us. We stay in the lab with beekers and forcepts trying to get the perfect blend of drugs and alcohol.


Tiger Woods just won his forth masters this past weekend. This post should've been named "the shot heard round the world!" Going up against such greats as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus he was determined to go all the way. Here's what he had to say about this addition to his trophy shelf. "More than anything, this is a validation of all the hard work I've put into it. Hank and I put some serious hours into this and I've read some of the articles over the past year where he has been getting ripped and I'm getting ripped for all the changes I've been making. But to then go out and play as beautifully as I did this entire week - well, that's pretty cool." Now we are all in awe about the shot on the 16th hole. This couldn't have been more perfect for Nike, I wonder what was in that ball or should I say on that ball. Just when you think that your investment has gone south something like this happens. Guess that's why Nike pays the big bucks, the amount of advertisement that has been gained from all the sports highlight shows replaying this shot is more than the super bowl, and for about 1/2 the price. I know that if I could, I'd stamp the Nike Swoosh logo on my balls if I knew that they would perform like that.

The question of the day... Is the NBA a Racist organization because they are trying to limit the amount of players that come out of high school to go directly in the league??? I guess that in certain conditions the players must be required to attend a minimum of about two years of college. This will ensure that if they have a career ending injury, they will have enough education to find and hold a job. They should be able support themselves and thier families if basketball isn't there. Lebron James is the exception to the rule in my eyes. This guy has it all...but he hasn't changed a bit. In fact, his game seems to get better everytime he goes out onto the court. All he needs is a goto guy and the Cav's may have a chance next season. Otherwise, I see him going to another team real quick. Bottom line is that he has lived up to the expectations and continues to outdo himself every time he plays. Not everyone can do that. If he was forced to go to college, his career would've suffered extremely. After all the hype that ESPN gave him during his highschool years, to Adidas giving him his own shoe, this guy must have had pressure like you couldn't believe. If he did go straight to college, I'd be just like everyone else...not watching the NBA.