Friday, April 01, 2005


pass da dutch...

...and the jack....

...and the arnekie.

It's April fools day and since it fell on a Friday this year we gonna have some fun tonite. I'm gonna get dressed up in a santa suit and start going up to people's houses screaming "happy halloween". Once I have taken thier candy dish off the coffee table I'm going to strip out of the santa suit, lick every piece of candy and stick them individually to my private parts. Now that the cops are here...we can really get down to business. damn.......what a dream...anyway... one story that I'd like to share is the one where I replaced one of my co-workers mouse for thier computer with a bar of soap...I'm not gonna name anyone, but the dude stunk like shit all the time and I just couldn't take it anymore. Or the time that I put a toothbrush on a part order invoice for the same person. Sorry, NO ONE IS SAFE ANYMORE!


This is when him and the boys in the dugout first heard that Jose Canseco was releasing a book.

This is a picture of Barry after they told him that it wasn't a joke.
Here's what one avid fan of the heavyweight slugger had to say:
From: Zoogie
Boo hoo hoo, poor Barry Bonds. Seems the only one crying is him, not his kid. Goodbye, you self-absorbed punk.
I agree, Barry is a punk..."names, names, names, NAMES, NAMES!"
...that was classic. oh, one more thing... FUCK YOU BARRY!

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