Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cram Jones

5's will always be my favorite...and damn will they look good with a crispy Randy Moss jersey. chaaaaaching!

We gave this fool a disc of 17 bangin' instrumentals we made for him and still haven't received an email, phone call, or even feedback on the beats. Way to go Sean...It's all gravy... we'll just get at you later about those, too bad that the Sean Price goes up a hundred dollars for every week we don't hear shit from you. Steele also has the same cd and maybe if we are lucky the bootcamp rep will have enough brains to know that these aren't 9th wonder beats...they 're a little better than fruity loops, weak samples, and reused reason drums. We only make Ensoniq Booms. Wolla atcho Wiggaz.

Kanye West - Late Registration Advance Leaked...
Unreleased tracks off of the highly anticiapted follow up to "College Dropout" has hit the internet. No word on how many of the tracks will make the final cut. Word is that Kanye West plans to drop the official "Late Registration" album later this year.

The following is the tracklist of the unofficial advance:
01. Gorgeous
02. Hey mama
03. I need to know
04. Improvise
05. Living a Movie
06. Niggaz Gossip
07. Out Of your Mind
08. Peace
09. Wow

I got mines... do you?


Ghostface Killah and MF Doom are putting an album together. This record should be called "Ironman II", but who knows what they will decide on. "I'm into old hip-hop, and the music that he makes is right up my alley," Ghostface said. "His beats are real underground. He's got the sound RZA had back in the day." The Wu-Tang rapper and the former KMD member have collaborated on six songs thus far, and while the project will probably be released on Doom's indie label, Nature Sounds, his manager claims Def Jam is also interested.
Meanwhile, Ghost is digging up tracks for his next solo album, tentatively titled Rapper's Delight, and Doom may have some tracks on that project as well. "I'm working my album around his beats and whatever I add from other producers," Ghost said. "I would love to do a whole thing with him. He's a cool guy." And while some Wu fans might've been disappointed that Raekwon wasn't on last year's The Pretty Toney Album, Ghost promised the Chef would be featured on at least four or five songs on the new disc. MF Doom's manager said he expects Ghostface and MF Doom's album to drop this fall. Ghost said his solo album and his reunion with Raekwon will likely drop later this year as well.

"...the fact that I'm not treated like a king is absurd to me / from the streets of dirty jersey to germany niggas heard of me." -CANIBUS
That's enough for this edition of the blog that time never knew. Till the next time we meet.