Friday, March 25, 2005


OK....So I have to admit I've been absentee from the mixtape game for almost a year. I am happy to announce that due to all the great feedback I have received from the BLAST DEM WAY 2CD a new series will be added to the classic catalog of music under my belt. After watching these other djs release mixtape after mixtape, most of them being disposable I've come up with a solution to the mess. I will be releasing a series of mixtapes that will feature extreme rarities, scarce b-sides, and exclusive remixes. NO TALKING, Shouting out to my homeboyz, or FAKIN JAX!!!! My mixtapes have always had a dismal amout of drops and talking on them to ensure customer satisfaction and extreme quality. This new collection of joints will have minimal interuptions and will have the longevity similar to a DIRTY HARRY or a DJ JUICE blend CD. This means that even 6 years later you will be able to dig these discs out of the stash and enjoy them as if you just dropped the 10 beans on 'em. NOW THAT'S A BARGAIN! The release date is scheduled for MAY 27th...MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. You can proly find me drunk and stumbling selling tee's and cds for $10 on the strip. Hope to see ya'll. FREE liquior burps to the face with the purchase of a cd.



Other projects to be on the hunt for is the new SWEEN album "KNUCKLENUTS". Most of the production is done by yours truly and will feature tracks with some very special guests.