Sunday, March 27, 2005


I hope everyone has had a Happy Easter...Plenty of food, drinks, and family. Let us think of the less fortunate people in the world tho...the ones who are on the street, struggling for their next meal, doing things that they normally wouldn't do for so spare change, dressed in almost nothing, sleeping in a different place every night...Prostitutes got it bad yo!!!!


...Would there be a guy labeled the "Bunny Basher". Get this... Some reeeeetard decided to get even with the easter bunny for not bringing him enough candy last year. (all toothfaries beware) Now my question is...What the FUCK was he thinking????? How are you gonna try to attack Peter Cottontail while he is taking pictures with little kids. Sick I tell you, sick.

A dope album to check out is the new Emanon joint. The shit is absolute fire. This is great cd to play from beginning to end.

That will be all for today...peash!