Tuesday, February 28, 2012


LinkOne week to go till we drop the rest of the Sinderblock project. If you were lucky enough to catch Lobo's show last friday you would've heard another leak... "step lightly", which was the last track recorded as well as the most recent. Here is "say peace" which is the second release off the EP. Video to follow coming soon.

Download "say peace"



Dee Jay Tone and Shyste
are here with that new mercury to burn your eyedrums. Filmed at various locations in and around the 518, you can spot the cameos of well known spots in the cap city. Taken from the 'Climate Control' album (I'm taking a history infused guess here) entirely produced by Dee Jay Tone, set to be released in the coming months. Dee Jay Tone is a a DJ on his grind, working gig to gig and spot to spot. He is a good friend of mine since we met and you should support his music. The production is ahead of it's time, I'm not afraid to say it, and I'm hoping that I was lucky enough to add to some of his influence.
Now Shyste on the flip, has been a staple in the Albany NY hip hop scene since way back. From the early days with Katz, CMD, Excel and First Degree, to the punch you in the face days of PCM, and still holding it down in the present. I've always respected Shyste for being straight from the jump with me. That holds some heavy weight in my book. In fact, just a few days ago I dug out the first version of a CMD tape from '95 that featured a song produced by Katz, Shyste, and Myself. It featured a hook from King Just and is still an insane track to this day. The second version of the tape made the cut because Shyste gave up the slot on the tape for a collective song of 518 artists to be put in. Even though he was on the collective posse cut, I always loved the solo Shyste version better. He comes correct, business as usual, with this new video and song collab with Tone. See you soon fellas.

Download "look my way'


Here's another more recent release from Dee Jay Tone. Marcus Palmer aka Young Malk laces 16 tracks, half produced by Tone, and the other half by BT Killer. Killer is from Fword record fam, and Young Malk is known from his DGM days and has a few other releases out there. Feel free to dig them up if you like.

1. do you believe
2. don't get it fucked up
3. joy
4. there's a man
5. wanna dance
6. careful
7. dusty riperton feat. mic lanny
8. freedom
9. i'll just
10. symphony of sound
11. what you say
12. stanford ave feat. ib
13. took someone
14. false artists
15. all night
16. smile

Download "half and half"


Real ill song taken from the Babylon Warchild "Gatekeepers" project due out this year. this has nothing to do with the 518, but I was going to post it a few days ago and never had the time.
Produced by Primacy

Download "the countdown"

New Sev and Vinyl Track later today.



Saturday, February 18, 2012



Here's the first leak off the long overdue project featuring Sev Statik and myself. Sinderblock being released as an EP, will have a total of 7 tracks and will feature Depyhant and Gorilla Tao of Ironbar Collective based in Schenectady NY. The project will drop on 3.6.12 Until then be on the watch for the second single 'Say Peace' hitting the airwaves next week. There will be a video for each song posted up shortly.

Sev Statik and The Vinylcologist-Right and Exact (original) by The Vinylcologist


Here's the chill new video from Sadat. I brought you the song a while ago and the video is just as dope. There is a ton of cameos in this vid including DJ Premier, Shaz Illyork, and El the Sensei just to name a few. See if you can spot a few more.


Primo stepped into Hot 97 yesterday and blessed the throwback jams at noon. A ton of fire jams people may have forgot about. Hot 97 has been experimenting with the originators of the DJ craft by having them come and spins a set of their personal fav's. The result is receiving rave reviews and might even be giving them some credibility back.

Download "hot 97 primo"


Mello Music Group dropped the new Sean Born album recently. Mostly produced by Kev Brown, with additional beats by Oddessy and Kenwood. Overall, Behind The Scale channels Raekwon’s classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx as a captivating saga centered on three main topics: drugs, crime, and violence. The varied production plays a major role in Born’s success, but his offbeat flow is a flawless centerpiece for the menacing soundtrack.

01. Grandeur

02. Queen Anne (prod. Kenwood)

03. Go Hard

04. Murdaland

05. Skeez

06. Pluck ‘Em Off (prod. Oddisee)

07. The Quartermaine (prod. Quartermaine)

08. DrugsAlcoholSex (feat. Kaimbr) (prod. Dunc)

09. Honor (feat. Dev Duff )

10. Lights On (prod. Kenwood)

11 Bullshit (feat. Hassaan Mackey)

12 Take It & Run

13. Pour Out Liquor

14. Flood & Drain (BONUS)

15. 12/12 (featuring Kaimbr, Toine of DTMD, Hassaan Mackey) (BONUS)

Download "behind the scale"


Here's a hot new release featuring some of hip hop's finest over M-Phazes production. The CD is similar to a mixtape with scratching etc, but it doesn't take away from how good the music is. Entirely mixed by DJ Rhettmatic of The Beat Junkies you know this shit is on point.

Download "phazed out"


Fresh off the press is this mixtape by Wop and Asia. I haven't even listened to it yet, but knowing these two from past releases will prove that this is probably dopeness. I wasn't too crazy about the CD he dropped over the Madlib beats. I thought, If you are connected with them, why wouldn't you just take unreleased Lib beats and drop something? I love hearing new verses, but not when it's over beats from over a year ago that have already been released.

Download " the arrival "

I've been grinding lately. Don't nod off.


Thursday, February 16, 2012



Lord Finesse drops another joint after teaming up with Blue Note records. This is the second Installment of 'The Art Of Diggin' series. See, I wasn't too far off dropping his earlier one and had no idea this was coming. I have a few new break CDs dropping soon as well. I'm just working out the sponsorship for this top secret project. Keep in tune to the blog for more info on that.

Download "The Art of Diggin"


The new Sal-E Vega mixtape is here. Wicked verses over some well known industry beats. Vega is another cool emcee that is doing his thing. Watch out for more to come from him and check into some of his older releases. I've linked his twitter acct to his name if you'd like to follow him.

Download "golden ticket"


Scram Jones has done production for all of the industry's top selling artists, underground and some mainstream. He hits you in the head on a serious note over this refreshing 6th Sense track. Word is, Scram is currently working on a variety of records including Raekwon's OBCL3. Check out his Wiki and see what else you know that he has produced. He's been here for a minute and isn't going anywhere for a while.

Download "hour glass"

Gotta cruz. see ya'll on the next one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



I had some much dope music hit all in one week I had to bless you again with part 2 of the Valentine's post. This one is produced by Don Producci and dropped yesterday. I wanted to give my local peeps some time to shine at the top, and i had so much new music, I had to do 2 posts.
Juicemega is currently working on a few tracks I sent him a couple weeks back and I can't wait to hear them. This guy is a mature, dope lyricist who resides in Schenectady, and you can expect for him to stick around. He is also featured on the Scattered Shrapnel release that dropped a few weeks back and GM's Jimmer track. For more info on Juicemega or his releases follow him on Twitter @juicemega.

Download "be my valentine"


The new mixtape from my homie Ameer. One thing I will tell you about him. He has been real focused since the first time I met him about 10 years ago. We had a few funny recording sessions and he is truly a humble cat. For this new mixtape he brings in Ace McClowd whom he worked with previously on The Big Picture.

Download "love and hip hop"


The newest release from Rhymesayers artist Brother Ali. My personal favorite album from this guy is 'Shadows on the Sun'. Some of the production, along with the way that whole LP was put together was great. I had it in my deck for a long time. Enjoy this joint.

Download "bite marked heart"


A nice little mixtape from The Kid Daytona. He killed all these older dope RnB tracks. Make sure to check back a bunch of posts and grab his Interlude II CD. I'm being lazy and don't feel like linking it.

Download "ain't shit sweet"


I have here an interesting piece of music. DeeJay Element is from the Capital Region for all you who don't know. He divides his time travelling from NYC to Upstate. I caught up with him at the Dilla tribute about a year ago and we chopped it up about a few things that were in the mix. I had no clue his crew would be dropping so much fresh music. If you need to google the BBAS year in review album 2011. That should be good to get you started. Here is their most recent collection. Shouts to Element for getting buzy with a few on this one. Hopefully we get to catch up soon.

Download "brown label ep"


Brand new single off the Bumpy and Primo record. I know this is just a teaser. Hopefully the full release will be just as chill. Premier always gives his fans and followers his signature sound first...then you get all the obscure shit on the records. It's only right.

Download "we are at war"


This joint has been catching a ton of spins all over twitter and the net. Killer Mike has linked up with producer/emcee El-P in an effort to bridge the gap and throw something different out there. Word is that Adult Swim is behind this and there is a full length in the works. Remember Dangerdoom, I know you did. The folks over that the swim don't fuck around.

Download "big beast"


AD hails from Seattle and enlisted Jake One to bring his vanmusic style to this track.
This was the end result.

Download "patience"


This is a week or so old, but this was just a bonus toss in.

01. Styles P Feat. Lloyd Banks - Predator (4:12)
02. Styles P Feat. Lloyd Banks - We Don't Play (3:15)
03. Styles P Feat. Lloyd Banks - Unexplainable (3:45)
04. Styles P Feat. Lloyd Banks - Justice (2:19)
05. Styles P Feat. Sheek Louch - So What (2:23)
06. Lloyd Banks - Check Me Out (2:28)
07. Styles P - Float (1:36)
08. Lloyd Banks - Money Can't Buy Me (1:32)
09. Styles P - Gift Wraped (2:08)
10. Lloyd Banks - Love Shots (2:14)
11. Styles P - Holiday (1:30)
12. Lloyd Banks - Trouble On My Mind (1:06)
13. Styles P - Money Money Money (0:43)
14. Lloyd Banks - We F*cking (2:58)
15. Styles P - Ghost Blaze (2:19)
16. Lloyd Banks - Make A Stack (3:31)

Download "ghostbank"


In honor of the anniversary of Big L.'s passing I dug up an old mixtape with mixed songs from the early Harlem World crew. Big L. will always be one of the best, if not the best that ever wrote a verse. Children of the Corn is CamRon, Ma$e, Big L. Bloodshed, and McGruff if you didn't know.

Download "the corn mixtape"


New Copywrite video and song produced by Stu Bangers. Cuts by DJ Drastic. Copy has always come correct, ever since he started way back with Camu and Mhz his style was similar to none.
He has recently started producing as well and is selling beats on his Soundcloud page. Check 'em out.
Pre order his new album here.

Download "GSK"


Del and Qbert chillin in Q's studio grabbing some beats for an upcoming project. It's nice to see people still do this. Without people interacting and just sending some beats and songs back and forth over the computer, you lose the session feel.

enough for now. stock up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



If you're alone wishing that your overstuffed ham sandwich eating ass had someone to spend today with, we feel ya brah. Keep on hating on today with some brand new hea(r)t from my boy GM and the homie PoSafe. I've had a rough copy of this for a few weeks and it has been getting much play in the Ipod. Po flipped this sample on some sped up and I actually had to ask what he used. Do yourself a favor and knock back a vintage bottle of vino and light up. This song is a classic already. One thing you do know is that I am super critical about what I promote and I never really say much unless it's clearly dope. New GCE mixtape mixed by yours truly coming in a few. Stay tuned for more greatness.

Download "someone else"


1 - lets love - ohio players
2 - love tko - teddy pendergrass
3 - just the way you are - barry white version
4 - make me say it again girl - isley bros
5 - a woman's worth - alicia keys
6 - dick in a box - andy samberg and justin timberlake
7 - bump 'n grind - R Kelly
8 - rock wit'cha - bobby brown
9 - footsteps in the dark - isley bros
10 - sweet thing - chaka khan
11 - come live with me angel - marvin gaye
12 - you got me - the roots & erykah badu
13 - fulton street - leschea
14 - let's get it on - marvin gaye
15 - i'm glad you're mine - al green
16 - between the sheets - isley bros
17 - what you won't do for love - bobby caldwell
18 - ordinary love - sade
19 - i'd rather be with you - bootsy collins
20 - love no limit - mary j blige
21 - computer love - zapp
22 - come & talk to me remix - jodeci
23 - can we talk remix - tevin campbell
24 - someone - swv
25 - love of my life - erykah badu & common
26 - can't take my eyes off of you - lauryn hill
27 - no one - alicia keys
28 - stay with me - debarge
29 - why don't we fall in love - amerie
30 - soldier of love - sade
31 - no one else - total
32 - spread love remix - 45 king & take 6
33 - that's the way love goes remix - janet jackson
34 - i love you remix - mary j blige & smiff n wesson
35 - killing me softly vs bonita applebaum - lauryn hill & tribe called quest
36 - tell me - groove theory
37 - baby i love you - aretha franklin
38 - hey love - stevie wonder
39 - let me love you - mario
40 - step in the name of love - r kelly
41 - reminisce remix - mary j blige
42 - right here vs human nature - swv vs michael jackson
43 - love you inside out - bee gees
44 - open your eyes - bobby caldwell
45 - you should be mine - brian mcknight
46 - all night long - mary jane girls
47 - sending my love - zhane
48 - hold on - en vogue
49 - anything - swv
50 - love's theme - love unlimited orchestra
51 - love and happiness - al green
52 - every little thing you do - christopher williams
53 - sexual healing vs express yourself - marvin gaye vs nwa
54 - get it on tonight - montell jordan
55 - how deep is your love vs make the music - bee gees vs biz markie
56 - i'm curious - midnight star
57 - just wanna hold you tight - tara kemp
58 - a little bit of love - new edition
59 - set adrift on memory bliss - pm dawn
60 - too hype (hiphop remix) - entouch
61 - once in a lifetime groove vs sucker mcees - new edition vs run dmc
62 - outstanding - gap band
63 - good love vs i made love - sheek louch vs little shawn
64 - i can't help it - michael jackson
65 - waiting for your love - toto
66 - let's stay together - al green
67 - for the love of you - isley bros
68 - don't walk away - jade
69 - ain't nobody - chaka khan
70 - is it good to you - teddy riley & tammy lucas
71 - darling darling baby - ojays
72 - l-o-v-e - al green
73 - your love - james brown
74 - just a touch of love - slave
75 - let's get married remix - jagged edge vs run dmc
76 - never knew love like this before - stephanie mills
77 - i wanna be your love - prince
78 - love come down - evelyn king
79 - isn't she lovely - stevie wonder
80 - to be love - jackie wilson

note: this is one long mix, all one track.



Here is a real dope mix to play tonite if you and a lady friend are chillin in. One of my favorites from him. I've had this forever and was gonna post a few more Vday releases, but I have no time. A ton of dope breaks on here. Enjoy.

1 Unknown Artist – A Message From Iris
2 S.S.O.* – Faded Lady
3 Esther Phillips – Home Is Where The Hatred Is
4 Raw Soul Express – The Way We Live
5 Ernie Hines – Our Generation
6 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Strange Games & Things
7 Barry White – Just A Little Bit More
8 L.A. Boppers – You Did It Good
9 Al Green – I’m Glad You’re Mine
10 Main Ingredient – Summer Breeze
11 Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round
12 Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess
13 Eddie Kendricks – If You Let me
14 Dynasty – Adventures In The Land Of Music
15 Meters, The – Just Kissed My Baby
16 Pleasure (4) – Bouncy Lady
17 Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away
18 Curtis Mayfield – Trippin’ Out
19 Fatback Band, The – Got To Learn How To Dance
20 Roy Ayers – Life Is Just A Moment
21 Kool & The Gang – N.T.
22 Chambers Brothers, The – Funky
23 Brass Construction – What’s On Your Mind
24 Soul Searchers, The – Ashley’s Roach Clip
25 Faze-O – Riding High
26 Average White Band – School Boy Crush
27 Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover
28 Cymande – The Message
29 Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut


Had to break out the Cocoa Strawberries today.

Crazy music post tomorrow. Be ready.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Frank_The_Butcher_and_Jack_Frost-More_Fiya_(Classic Reggae_Vol._2)-2012-FTB

01. Bob Marley – redemption song
02. Black Uhuru – sinsemilla
03. Third World – 1865 (96ยบ in the shade)
04. Culture – Two Sevens Clash
05. Bob Marley – Forever Loving Jah
06. Barry Brown – Thank You Mama
07. Tristan Palmer – Entertainment
08. Culture – See Dem Ah Come
09. Half Pint – Greetings
10. Super Cat – Under Pressure
11. Johhny Osbourne – Rock You Tonight
12. Yellow Man – Mad Over Me
13. Peter Tosh – Burial
14. Yellow Man – Gun Man
15. Sammy Dread – Rude Boy
16. Lone Ranger – M16
17. Junior Byles – Fade Away
18. Gunshot Interlude
19. Anthony Johnson – Gun Shot
20. Frankie Paul – Worries Inna Dance
21. Frankie Paul – Kushenpeng
22. Michigan & Smiley – Diseases
23. Cocoa t – I’ve Lost My Sonia
24. Anthony Red Rose – Tempo
25. Johnny Osbourne – People Are You Ready
26. Josey Wales – Leggo Mi Hand Gateman
27. Shinehead – Rough & Rugged
28. Super Cat – Boops
29. Super Cat – Vineyard Party
30. Maxi Priest – Wild World
31. Admiral Tibet – Leave People Business
32. Super Cat – Cry Fi Di Youth
33. Rita Marley – One Draw

Download "vol. 2"

...and I went ahead and dug up the first one for you.

Frank_The_Butcher_and_Jack_Frost-More_Fiya_(Classic Reggae_Vol._1)-2011-FTB

1. Bob Marley – Natural Mystic
2. Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves
3. Jacob Miller – Tenament Yard
4. Michael Rose – Stalk Ah Sensi
5. Eek A Mouse – Ganja Smuggling
6. John Holt – Police In Helicopter
7. Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi
8. Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie
9. Black Uhuru – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
10. Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier
11. Dennis Brown – Get Myself Together
12. Barrington Levy – Murderer
13. Half Pint – Greetings
14. Supercat – Under Pressure
15. Ini Kamoze – World Ah Music
16. Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse
17. Dennis Brown – Here I Come
18. Yami Bolo – True Love
19. Cocoa Tea – Tune In
20. Johnny Osbourne – Little Sound Bwoy
21. Eek A Mouse – Ah Wah Do Dem
22. Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly
23. Wayne Smith – Under Mi Sleng Teng
24. John Wayne – Call The Police
25. Johnny Osbourne – Buddy Bye
26. Lady G – Nuff Respect
27. Jc Lodge – Telephone Love
28. Gregory Isaacs – Rumors
29. Johnny Osbourne – Reasons
30. Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
31. Yellow Man – Zunguzeng
32. Dennis Brown – Revolution
33. Junior Reid – One Blood
34. Barrington Levy – Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway)
35. Barrington Levy - Black Roses
36. Tenor Saw – Golden Hen
37. Yami Bolo – When A Man’s In Love
38. Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
39. Johnny Osbourne – No Ice Cream Sound
40. Reggie Stepper – Modelling
41. Red Dragon – Good Hole College
42. Ub40 – Red Red Wine
43. Pinchers- No Ice Cream Sound
44. Inner Circle – Bad BoysLink45. Culture – Jah Jah See Dem Ah Come
46. Pinchers – Bandolero

Download "vol. 1"


This just dropped and is catching a ton of buzz. If you know one thing about Mick Boogie, is that he takes what he does seriously. He has over 20 free releases out floating around and has yet to put one out that is weak. Also check out his new CD done for Fashion Week "Sounds from the Front Row Vol 5."

Download "Illadelphmatic"


Taken from Ruby Hornet's Closed Sessions series. Nice track to light up and cool out to. Nice to see all this great music coming out. I predicted it a few years back on this here blog that the "real" music will eventually prosper. It is coming true.

Download "dear Heather"


Action Bronson teams up with Riff Raff for this joint with production by Harry Fraud. This is something different from him though. Riff is not really my style, but it was cool to see Dirt Nasty ALC and a few other cameos.

Download "Bird"


Nas killin a few classics before it's handed to French Montana filmed live after the big game.
Peep how only God's son can rock a link and a tux and get away with not being on anyones worst dressed list.

H.N.I.C 3 is soon to come blast us in the heads. These are the first 2 leaks of the project that is set to feature the usual suspects on production. You know the drill.


You gotta love this dope pic.

The kid looks just like him tho.