Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cram Jones

5's will always be my favorite...and damn will they look good with a crispy Randy Moss jersey. chaaaaaching!

We gave this fool a disc of 17 bangin' instrumentals we made for him and still haven't received an email, phone call, or even feedback on the beats. Way to go Sean...It's all gravy... we'll just get at you later about those, too bad that the Sean Price goes up a hundred dollars for every week we don't hear shit from you. Steele also has the same cd and maybe if we are lucky the bootcamp rep will have enough brains to know that these aren't 9th wonder beats...they 're a little better than fruity loops, weak samples, and reused reason drums. We only make Ensoniq Booms. Wolla atcho Wiggaz.

Kanye West - Late Registration Advance Leaked...
Unreleased tracks off of the highly anticiapted follow up to "College Dropout" has hit the internet. No word on how many of the tracks will make the final cut. Word is that Kanye West plans to drop the official "Late Registration" album later this year.

The following is the tracklist of the unofficial advance:
01. Gorgeous
02. Hey mama
03. I need to know
04. Improvise
05. Living a Movie
06. Niggaz Gossip
07. Out Of your Mind
08. Peace
09. Wow

I got mines... do you?


Ghostface Killah and MF Doom are putting an album together. This record should be called "Ironman II", but who knows what they will decide on. "I'm into old hip-hop, and the music that he makes is right up my alley," Ghostface said. "His beats are real underground. He's got the sound RZA had back in the day." The Wu-Tang rapper and the former KMD member have collaborated on six songs thus far, and while the project will probably be released on Doom's indie label, Nature Sounds, his manager claims Def Jam is also interested.
Meanwhile, Ghost is digging up tracks for his next solo album, tentatively titled Rapper's Delight, and Doom may have some tracks on that project as well. "I'm working my album around his beats and whatever I add from other producers," Ghost said. "I would love to do a whole thing with him. He's a cool guy." And while some Wu fans might've been disappointed that Raekwon wasn't on last year's The Pretty Toney Album, Ghost promised the Chef would be featured on at least four or five songs on the new disc. MF Doom's manager said he expects Ghostface and MF Doom's album to drop this fall. Ghost said his solo album and his reunion with Raekwon will likely drop later this year as well.

"...the fact that I'm not treated like a king is absurd to me / from the streets of dirty jersey to germany niggas heard of me." -CANIBUS
That's enough for this edition of the blog that time never knew. Till the next time we meet.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


On my way out the door today I see Jack of all Trades come in from a long night of drinking and straight up fuckin'. I actually think that I could smell the barfloor and the sexpouch on him. If there are any lovely ladies out there that are looking for table tips and sticky mouthfuls, get at this guy...he's got a lot to offer. He's a bartender that seems to have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Being the good friend that I am I wanna take care of my homies. I've definately had my share of idiot girlfriends, young chicks, and blonde cokewhores...all I can say is that there are plenty of fish in the polluted waters, just make sure that you keep away from the drugged out jellyfish. They will shock you from time to time without even knowing it.

Like this one....MC Fuzz Wallet, I think she wants to battle you Jim. Good Luck.


Oh yes, DRUNK GIRLS are a mans best friend...that man is Jack of all Trades.

In other news... I've heard the new Quasimoto album recently and it is a must for anyone who owns a copy of The Unseen LP.

This is not the actual cover but something dope to look at. I've been a huge quas fan ever since I heard the first album. I can remember getting superblazed and bumping it with my man david cop-a-feel before we went down to the bars for dollar Heinekens and effortless frat beef. I also can remember buying the instrumental album and playing it over and over till the shit had static. This album is sure to be a good follow up to the first. There is a write-up with more detail about the album at

One album that I can't seem to get enough of lately is a rare press of the Beastie Boys Import "The In Sound From Way Out" 1996. This album is a great one to run from beginning to end. Not too many albums out there that can be played like that nowadayz.

Anyone heard from Young Buck...Me Either.
Saturday 19th March, 2005
--Young Buck's court date pushed back--
Young Buck's court date in connection with a scuffle at the Vibe Awards has been pushed back by a month. Buck's day in court was set for yesterday (March 18), but it has now been continued to April 18th, when a preliminary hearing will also be scheduled. Young Buck, real name David Brown, has pleaded not guilty to attacking Jimmy James Johnson with a knife at the Santa Monica, California, awards ceremony in November 2004. Brown allegedly attacked Johnson when the latter punched rap icon Dr. Dre after he refused to sign an autograph. Buck, who is free on bail, faces an eight-year jail sentence if he's convicted.

"..the bad one inkflow master bastard with the magnum/I tags up quick and then I steps to the exit" -tame one

SEEN leaving the hollywood sign on his way back to da bronx, circa 1985
Don't you guys dare forget about the godfather of graffiti. Whut!

more bloggy monstracities to come. bwuahahahahaha!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


It's another day, another nice day that I'm sitting at work. What a perfect time to update the fans. Yesterday Jack of All Trades and Myself were in the lab all day. After drinking a personal size bottle of Bacardi, we embarked on a beat makin/breakin mission. I really can't expose what is about to happen, but I can give you a hint. "It's The Beginning of Something Sick". Just be prepared to seek higher ground when the flood is near.

"PUNCH, PUNCH" -two for flinchin'

Pope is also working on a new album...this one being his fifth and still no distro. Sony is still jerking us around like a whore in the center of ten frat boys. I really wanna just give up with this company but they are very BIG, and i'm trying not to burn some bridges. Our project is currently on hold due to the so-called merger between them and BMG. Perfect timing, right???? Wonderful.

It seems that I will just stick to being a sucker for vinyl samples.

"let's go UNC!!!!!"

Well, North Carolina is in the final four and I really had no doubt that they would be. Now I just need them to make it to the final 2 and win the whole shit. Most people tossed thier bracket sheets after Syracuse took a loss to Vermont. I had a ton of great picks this season...everyone was like "how did you pick that?????" What they don't know is that I really don't know too much about this NCAA shit. I just pick 'em and hope that they win. It makes the games more interesting...they would've been a hell of a lot more interesting if I actually put money on the sheet. Damn.

---poker in the lounge

Poker is the one of the hottest things going right now and if you haven't been playing then you are missing a great time. If you are looking for a dope poker set now is the time to get them. Because of the rising popularity of the game many companies are trying to stock up on poker supplies. This means that with demand, there's supply and with too much supply, cheaper poker sets. Here are a few sites that have good deals on poker accessories and game room additions.

I hope that these links will help you set up your favorite room of the house. As I find more I will update the info to help save you the time and money.

Beaming Out...

a dope article to check out with a few dope links for all you diggers.


Sunday, March 27, 2005


I hope everyone has had a Happy Easter...Plenty of food, drinks, and family. Let us think of the less fortunate people in the world tho...the ones who are on the street, struggling for their next meal, doing things that they normally wouldn't do for so spare change, dressed in almost nothing, sleeping in a different place every night...Prostitutes got it bad yo!!!!


...Would there be a guy labeled the "Bunny Basher". Get this... Some reeeeetard decided to get even with the easter bunny for not bringing him enough candy last year. (all toothfaries beware) Now my question is...What the FUCK was he thinking????? How are you gonna try to attack Peter Cottontail while he is taking pictures with little kids. Sick I tell you, sick.

A dope album to check out is the new Emanon joint. The shit is absolute fire. This is great cd to play from beginning to end.

That will be all for today...peash!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


"I can't get the jingle outta my head!!!!" Sooooo...I broke down and bought one. That shit not only was a real good chicken cost me almost 7 bucks for the value meal. Recommended if you like chicken and bacon...but not recommended if you have a heart condition or less then 4 beans on you.

Spring is here and summer is approaching and I'd like to share some pimptastic tips on how to have a backyard bash on a budget. Here is a list of foods that won't damage your pantleg and would be even cheaper if you can con some friends into pitching in.
Chicken---Always get this in the larger packs to avoid two things. Paying too much, and not having enough food for your guests. It makes you look like a shmuck if you invite a ton of people and run out of food. ...Because we all know that one asshole that says "nah gaaaa... I ain't hungry" and then when the food is cooking or comes to the picnic table that person is the first to grab for a burger bun and some mayo. PITCH IN BEEEEEACH!!!!!!!
anyway...back to the food.
Burgers---We all can't afford to order Omaha Steaks or Burgers so what is the next best thing??????? TOPPS BUTTA BURGERS....avalibility is not limited! These can be found in about every grocery store and even in some bodegas...and if you do happen to be in a bodega, grab yourself a cocoabread beef pattie for the ride home, I always do. The burgers come in a box and look like coasters before they are cooked...but after they are cooked and people have been drinking in the sweltering sun they could care less. It costs about 5bucks for 20 frozen coasters. Hot Dogs---This one is kinda tricky, you could be a real cheap fuck and buy the 2 for a dollar BAR S flavaz...that means 16 dogs for some pocket lint. The down side to this is that they taste like waterlogged cheerio's that have been fished out of a toliet. My advice on this is get either Sabrett's or Nathan's and
GO BIG! You could eat these out of any bun...stale, moldy, toasted, soggy, and it would still be tasty. You can only put so much mustard and ketchup on a dog...nah mean. You also could spice it up with a fresh cut white onion, it's only 75c...that will also cover up the beer on your boys breath in case he gets pinched for speeding.
Southern Shoulder Boston Butt Rib---You're probably asking WTF is that???!!! Well, for you people unfortunate enough not to's a big statement for PORK. This is an item that can go a long way with just a bottle of BBQ sauce. You may get some hoes at the party that won't touch it because it has fat in it...a little side note...pork fat is great. Emeril Lagasse isn't the only one that knows how to ruin a resolution. Boneless pork chops are great, but the ones with the bone are are better off buying them and watching someone choke on 'em less mouth to feed. Golden.
Salads---There are all sorts of salads out there that will tickle your fancy...the cheapest one you can make is the potatoe or tuna macaroni. These will make you look like a great host even if you use dolphin death tuna. (shhhhhhhh..!!!) no one has to know, the shit is covered in mayo anyway. For about a total of 5bucks you can have one real good one...or both, but semi-ass tasting. The receipes are simple...boil some macaroni, (you can make mac and cheeze, right?) add tuna or boiled potatoes, the rest of the white onion scraps, a boatload of mayo, and some salt and pepper to season. Mix, Chill, and Serve with a sinster grin. Waalahhh!
Drinks---Keep the good shit for yourself and get beer for the guests. The best way to do this is to buy a case of Milwaulkee's Best for like $7.99...transfer the beer into pitchers and bring them out early. If they ask you what kind of beer it is, change the subject or act like you have to go take a dump, whatever to just get them off the subject. Keep dodging the burning question until after everyone has had two or three. This way you can tell them that they're drinking Bud or Labatt's and they will never know the difference.
Condiments---QUICK TIP! Just buy the cheap stuff and put it in the good containers. Substitute Hunts for Heinz, Cains for Hellmann's, and Brand Yellow for Frenches. Got It? I know you do, you should have been writing this not me, Mr. Budget.

I hope that this classified info will be utilized, studied, and practiced. Have a good time at the party and go easy on the tater salad.

Friday, March 25, 2005


OK....So I have to admit I've been absentee from the mixtape game for almost a year. I am happy to announce that due to all the great feedback I have received from the BLAST DEM WAY 2CD a new series will be added to the classic catalog of music under my belt. After watching these other djs release mixtape after mixtape, most of them being disposable I've come up with a solution to the mess. I will be releasing a series of mixtapes that will feature extreme rarities, scarce b-sides, and exclusive remixes. NO TALKING, Shouting out to my homeboyz, or FAKIN JAX!!!! My mixtapes have always had a dismal amout of drops and talking on them to ensure customer satisfaction and extreme quality. This new collection of joints will have minimal interuptions and will have the longevity similar to a DIRTY HARRY or a DJ JUICE blend CD. This means that even 6 years later you will be able to dig these discs out of the stash and enjoy them as if you just dropped the 10 beans on 'em. NOW THAT'S A BARGAIN! The release date is scheduled for MAY 27th...MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. You can proly find me drunk and stumbling selling tee's and cds for $10 on the strip. Hope to see ya'll. FREE liquior burps to the face with the purchase of a cd.



Other projects to be on the hunt for is the new SWEEN album "KNUCKLENUTS". Most of the production is done by yours truly and will feature tracks with some very special guests.



"Say hello to my little friend..."

TESTING 1, 2 ,2 ,2
That's all for today on da blog. More to come