Wednesday, March 30, 2005


On my way out the door today I see Jack of all Trades come in from a long night of drinking and straight up fuckin'. I actually think that I could smell the barfloor and the sexpouch on him. If there are any lovely ladies out there that are looking for table tips and sticky mouthfuls, get at this guy...he's got a lot to offer. He's a bartender that seems to have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Being the good friend that I am I wanna take care of my homies. I've definately had my share of idiot girlfriends, young chicks, and blonde cokewhores...all I can say is that there are plenty of fish in the polluted waters, just make sure that you keep away from the drugged out jellyfish. They will shock you from time to time without even knowing it.

Like this one....MC Fuzz Wallet, I think she wants to battle you Jim. Good Luck.


Oh yes, DRUNK GIRLS are a mans best friend...that man is Jack of all Trades.

In other news... I've heard the new Quasimoto album recently and it is a must for anyone who owns a copy of The Unseen LP.

This is not the actual cover but something dope to look at. I've been a huge quas fan ever since I heard the first album. I can remember getting superblazed and bumping it with my man david cop-a-feel before we went down to the bars for dollar Heinekens and effortless frat beef. I also can remember buying the instrumental album and playing it over and over till the shit had static. This album is sure to be a good follow up to the first. There is a write-up with more detail about the album at

One album that I can't seem to get enough of lately is a rare press of the Beastie Boys Import "The In Sound From Way Out" 1996. This album is a great one to run from beginning to end. Not too many albums out there that can be played like that nowadayz.

Anyone heard from Young Buck...Me Either.
Saturday 19th March, 2005
--Young Buck's court date pushed back--
Young Buck's court date in connection with a scuffle at the Vibe Awards has been pushed back by a month. Buck's day in court was set for yesterday (March 18), but it has now been continued to April 18th, when a preliminary hearing will also be scheduled. Young Buck, real name David Brown, has pleaded not guilty to attacking Jimmy James Johnson with a knife at the Santa Monica, California, awards ceremony in November 2004. Brown allegedly attacked Johnson when the latter punched rap icon Dr. Dre after he refused to sign an autograph. Buck, who is free on bail, faces an eight-year jail sentence if he's convicted.

"..the bad one inkflow master bastard with the magnum/I tags up quick and then I steps to the exit" -tame one

SEEN leaving the hollywood sign on his way back to da bronx, circa 1985
Don't you guys dare forget about the godfather of graffiti. Whut!

more bloggy monstracities to come. bwuahahahahaha!