Thursday, September 30, 2010




Real talk on how the home studio is, for the most part, controlling the airwaves.



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Be sure to grab the new Group Home album "G.U.R.U.", a tribute to their longtime friend.

click the link for a taste.



Recorded in '08, Primo decided this would be the right time to drop this gem. This beat is sick and it's about time these two dropped something together. This vinyl included the instrumental version.---grab it.
Two other joints are included on here as well. 'Merchant of Metaphors' and 'Title 17 usmc', Both real tight with the flow, sorry no instys though.

Here's the new album from the greatest emcee to ever touch a mic in my eyes. I can't tell you how hyped I was when this dropped. Then how disappointed I was that I had already heard all the songs. If you were as big of a fan as I am, then you've searched every obscure mixtape, cd, and corner of the wax trying to find just one more verse, or even a few lines that you haven't heard yet. The majority of these songs were released on his rare releases, usually as an internal rip from a group. Still a must have for any Big L. collector.
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Buy this shit if you like it. I did.

A nice little spead of goodies. Good luck finding any of these in this condition, as most of them were traded for crack. Here's a tribute to the ghetto blaster. TC5

vinylcologist,break it down
Don't get excited. This isn't the actual release, only another shameless plugin.

----aNY week now.

"keep bouncing"

Peace and love.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm sorry but he better be on his way home to change dems filthy draws.

AAANNNNDD while we're on the topic...


Nice Classic. I remember eating Pizza Hut to this Like it was yesterday.
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Not A Nice Classic. This is like eating a pepperoni and rathair 24 cut from Happy Jacks. Taking it to the dome, and then puking it up for the next 2 hours. Find it if you want it.


Tampa Bays Own DJ Kitty killin' Gucci Mane's- Wasted Remix

Shout out to treez.


Already pissed about a loss, David 'Bendicklike" Beckham has a meltdown after a fan catches him out there. As you can hear the people around him are clearly laughing. If it isn't true, then why did his come all the way back to confront the fan. Go back to the UK and enjoy some more frenchsweat sweet tea and crumpets.


I can't stand this clown. Only thing he's ever done good for tv was get into a heated argument with Matt Lauer. Scientology is played out.

Vanilla Sky sucked.

Friday, September 24, 2010


You can't spell bitch. That's why you lost him.

Special Segment.

I found one of these surfing in my travels, and a few other had me in tears.

Uckin' Kanye.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Uckin' Kanye.




Ron Popiel is hating and I'm going to bed. G'dnite.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


An Assfilled Wake Up Call.

This was one of my favorite skits of all time. I must have watched it over and over again like 50 times. I can remember when there was no Jackass Movies, when it was Toy Machine skate videos and Ed Templeton robbing those guys for the dough that would've been theirs. Then they went the underground route with the CKY series and scored the deal with MTV. To be honest, "Jackass The Movie" was the last time I actually went to the movies. Fuck overpriced popcorn, stale candy, watered down soda, and people that can't shut the fuck up.


One of the movie's stars, Steve-O, is super excited for fans to check out the movie.

"I can't wait. It's going to be awesome. We made a great movie. Everybody's gonna love it. People are gonna be waiting to see how being sober and filming 'Jackass' is different [for me]," he told MTV News at the VMA Radio Forum on Friday. "Being clear-headed and sober makes it more painful, more scary and the first thing I say is, 'I'm Steve-O, why do I have to be Steve-O?' "He wouldn't get too specific about his favorite part of the movie, but Steve-O did note that the film starts with one very eye-catching scene. "I think that after the opening credits, like, the first scene that I'm in, I think it's pretty great," he said. "It's just awesome. It's a good movie."

While doing many of the painful stunts in "Jackass 3D" proved to be quite the challenge for a now-sober Steve-O, he was certainly up for it.

"I was eager to do as much as I could. I, unlike Johnny Knoxville and some of the other guys, was feeling pretty sure I didn't want to risk paralysis or death," he joked. "Knoxville just needs to risk paralysis and death, but that being the case, I was really eager to get involved in as much stuff as I could, and I think I'm in this new movie more than either of the first two. It was a totally different me and it was a real blessing to do that."

Monday, September 20, 2010


Here's the video for one of my favorite Copywrite joints at the moment. I know it's been out for a minute, but that's why you're checking this blog right? Content, and shit you know nothing about, or would care to look for yourself. I've been listening to this on and off for over a year. Copy is still killing it in my opinion. Can you believe that Asher Roth was actually trying to battle this guy. HA! I mean really , He should be lucky that Copy even gave him the time. As a matter of fact, Asher didn't get popular until Em put some money behind him. Oh wait, or was it when Copy picked this dude as a target. If you want to see more of how Copywrite handed Asher his balls in a box, Peep you tube for the "Cremation" video. Ah fuck it, here you go.

I'm totally with Copywrite on this one, you can't pretend to respect the game. The real cats that been around since 21 Jumpstreet know the deal. Asher is the newest industry puppet and yes I am hating on him. Think what you want, but if you supported this guy and even wasted the bandwidth to download any of his discs, then guess what... you're just as much of a shitbag as him. Hate to break it to you dude, but you can't respect the greats in hip-hop and put him in that category. This dumb fuck even tried rocking the old q-tip instrumental that I flipped on "Haze Ignant".
Fuck off Asher, You came and went just like, DMX, 50, and every other dickhead that sold his soul for some publicity. Another one hit wonder sucking cock at the top of the industry chain. Where are you now? At the bottom line: You are a disgrace to white people, college kids, and wiggers everywhere. Take as many pictures in the studio in front of a mic as you want, you'll never live up to the hype. Entertainment? Yes. Real emcee? Never.

Here's a Copywrite/Junko collab joint you may not have heard off of Junko's "Junk Food" CD. Junko recently rocked on the "BBQ Sauced" mixtape with GM and myself. He also produced the majority of tracks on GM's new "Obnoxious" album. I hooked up all the cuts and may have a few joints I produced on there as well. Be on the lookout for that.

Here's some examples of others that aren't doing right:

The guy at the bus stop freezing his ass off in a new pair of Jordans.
-You should've bought a car if you "got it like that".
-I'll always honk w/ a smile when I drive by you. (nice and warm)
-Jordan's aren't for snow. This goes for those easy to spot bootlegs especially. Idiot.

The girl that has the new Coach bag, but is behind on all of her bills.
-No one cares about your bag, everyone has one.
-It looks more fake than real even though your receipt says $400
-Your just putting yourself further out of their league. Them being the people you're trying so hard to keep up with.
-Coach bags have been played since '08

The kid that drove to school and took the bus home. (I actually know someone that did this)
-Tried to be cool and it bit you in the ass.
-Your homies were waiting by the car like WTF?
-Shouldn't have smoked that dutch before 7th period.
-No dutch? You shouldn't have been born retarded.

"I'm Audi 5000"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ROC ON ( May 17, 1972 - Sept 19, 2009 )

B.B. Kings Tribute Show (last year)

Grandmaster Status
Roc Raida passed 1 year ago today. One of the biggest shockers to hit the hip-hop world since the death of JMJ. Raida was participating in rigorous training under Krav Maga, a self-defense martial arts system that originated in Israel and is utilized by both military and civilians. The focus of the system is on using combat in “real-life” situations such as clubs and street corners, and emphasizes quick, vicious attacks to specific body parts. Raida had been studying this unique style for the past two years, and his 15 year old daughter had recently begun participating.A freak training injury occurred, causing Raida to go into cardiac arrest and pass away tragically at the age of 37.
Here's a little Dusty but Digi tribute I put together to honor one of the greatest DJ's of all time.
Grab what you want and respect the technics.



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

DMC Championships 1996

The man killed it. Who can fuck with that?

I hope you enjoyed viewing this post as much as I enjoyed mixing it together.
R.I.P. Grandmaster Roc Raida. You will always be missed.

Saturday, September 18, 2010



vinylcologist,2010,hip-hopThe Vinylcolgist

So here it is. Wonderful Wino Radio, the new Digital Radio Show / Mixtape Experiment. This features a few tracks off of 'The Empire Plan' and a ton of newer material. This also doubles as a tribute to the late, great, George Carlin who is my favorite comedian of all time. For more info on the production credits and extras open the NFO file in wordpad.
Download Link


Recently I've been working on remastering and working toward re-releasing my old tapes, Winter '94, WACE, Albany's Finest, Old 2 The New, etc. so be on the look for those. Classics that some people lost, got stolen from them, or just plain played them till the tape snapped. There are actually a few tapes of mine that I don't even have anymore. If you have any of these I will gladly pay you $20 for your original copy, or make you a remastered version on CD, and give you back the original if you let me borrow it for a week or so. This is just meant to put the bug in your ear and get you to dig through some of your old cassettes. I know I sold a ton of copies (over 100 give or take) of these so if you don't have it, no worries, someone will...hell, I may even have these recorded over an old Dokken tape somewhere. I'll have to check .

Here's the list of rarities:
Death By Dawn (vinyl and non-stop)- Hip Hop One
-this was the first mixtape ever recorded as the Death by Dawn team.
Death By Dawn (vinyl and katz)- Remix The World
-a tape of remixes we did with hip-hop and rnb acapellas in '94 which features all original beats we made in 2 days on the EPS16+. At this time we were still renting it for $60 on a weekly basis.
Death By Dawn (vinyl, non-stop and katz) - Back 2 School
-a tape we knocked out after hitting the city in summer '95.
CMD Underground Tape (vinyl, joat, mangla, katz, shyste)...and a few other local emcees.
-recorded in '96, there were two versions of this tape that were released. The earlier more rare version had featured a rare shyste song that was produced by katz, shyste, and myself. The later released version had a posse cut featuring all of the CMD Underground emcees and was in place of the shyste joint. Personally, I preferred the Shyste version, over the posse cut, but it went out as a collective, not a X-perts or DBD project. I actually have the Shyste song and a few others from that time period, but that is for another release. real rare shit.
The X-perts (vinyl and non-stop)- X-perts Prosper Vol. 1
-this tape feature the new york time's cover, and was completed some time in early '96
The X-perts (vinyl and non-stop)- X-perts Prosper Vol. 2 (The Real Weight)
-this tape was the first to use scarface on the cover and was recorded in the spring of '97

So like I said. If any of you have these floating around, please hit me via email. I'll gladly pay you, and as always, I appreciate the love and support.

Enjoy your Saturday evening.
Oh...and don't call your friends to apologize tomorrow after you thrashed thier house while listening to the new CD.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


How about that chick tried to church up the fall to lessen the blow.
His head bounced like a kickball off that hardwood.

<span class=

Documentary about Joaquin Phoenix's rap career is fake, says director

The documentary about actor Joaquin Phoenix's attempts to begin a rap career is fake, the director of the film has admitted.

Filmed over the course of a year, I'm Still Here documents Phoenix's life from the moment he announced his retirement from acting in 2008 to embark on a career as a hip-hop musician.

"It's a terrific performance," Casey Affleck tells the New York Times. "It's the performance of his career."

He added: "There were multiple takes, these are performances. I never intended to trick anybody. The idea of a quote, hoax, unquote, never entered my mind."

Shot as a fly on the wall documentary, the seemingly unlikely move by Phoenix was greeted with scepticism by many, who suspected it was a hoax from the start.

The film features appearances from actor Ben Affleck, Kanye West and P. Diddy, plus Phoenix's much reported appearance on The David Letterman Show.

Phoenix received widespread critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of country singer Johnny Cash in the 2005 movie Walk The Line.

K and Jay
<span class=
Kanye just dropped the remix of "Power" Feat. Hov and Swizz Beats.
Jay's shit is tight.
Kanye needs a new tailor.
Kanye hates white people.
Uckin' Kanye.


"...mad different methods to the way I do my shit."

Hard to believe this was over 10 years ago. I still remember when I was on my way to an old girlfriend's house and threw a DJ EKIM tape I scored on the corner of Central and Lexington in my walkman. That was the first time I had ever heard these verses. I was so hyped, I took the long way to her house just to listen to them again. Never forget those days.

That's what you always have to understand about music. It puts a stamp on time, and helps you remember how great it was to reminisce. Just ask Mary J.


Key Lame Pie
This case isn’t really a textbook definition of dumb, but it’s in the ballpark. If anything, it makes staying awake in high school chemistry a necessity.
A man caught with more than 1,700 pounds of pot on his person tried to hide the scent of his stash with limes, according to the Asheville Citizen-Times.
fuckin' idiot.

guess you can say he has the bull by the horns. nuck, nuck.

"this is how it should be done"


"this is how it shouldn't be done"

check out the kid. probably the only pic she has of him actually looking at the camera.
don't forget the lemon juice.
i mean, really guys?
feel the burn.

i'm out like the homeless.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I always wondered why he wore such dark shades. Hey, "you gotta have faith".

(here's some Faith...)
EYE CANDY (for you dudes that get none)

Jay-Z and Eminem just performed at Yankee Stadium last night and my boy sent me a text I thought I'd share with you cause it made my day.



tequlia +nectar
= cabo

Ghetto Cabo + Tequila + Dick
red crabs
A big problem.

KATZ AND VINYL (behind the scene studio session photos)

the kid in action

auditioning for blue man group

A great amount of music what produced that night. Overall, extremely productive and chill all at the same time. Stay Tuned to the blog for P.J. Katz new album which is untitled at the moment.
There is a snippet from his album on The Vinylcologist's new release "ILLbany". This is a collection of new songs, blends, remixes and a few tracks off The Empire Plan due out Black Friday.

Stairway to Heaven (Jordan V)

Go Crimson.

Nike X M. James X Daniel Swarovski Crystal Dunk Low (1 of 1)

Nike X 3M Reflector Dunk Low

Nike "Blues Brothers" Dunk Low


I'll see ya when I see ya.