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Joell Ortiz - Projects (produced by DJ Premier)

DJ Premier remains to be a survivor, a major threat, and a hip hop preservationist. I'm glad he's still killing it on the beats, cuts, and in general. I had to laugh when he said "just let me know if you ain't going to use it..." about the beats because I must have 3 Piles of super dope tracks here that people are sitting on. Guess what I've now decided that there is officially a 30Day window for beats. If I don't hear from you in 30days. Take those beats off your "shit to get around to when I stop sleeping" list. You better believe that if I did a track tomorrow for Jay-Z, Eminem, KRS ONE, or even someone like DAS EFX, there would be dudes knocking down my door, that before wouldn't pick up the phone to even say what up when I called. Pretty sad how peoples minds work. There was something else that he said, that stuck out to me. It was about the hip hop bar being set too low. I think the RAP Industry bar is set real low and that's what he must have meant. To me though the REAL Hip Hop bar is set extremely high. Because cats like Preme, Nas, WU, RUN DMC, Pete Rock, etc. and even before them set such a high standard back during our earlier years. In turn we are comparing what comes out today to the music that moved us back then. I will not get better no matter how much the music does if we don't move on as listeners and consumers.
That's just real talk.

So now the internet generation has been running the mp3 "scene" for 10+years. I put scene in quotes because it represents a highly organized, underground, semi-official, free record store that has been releasing albums earlier than release dates for years. Ever wonder who they are talking about when 50 Cent's new album leaks to the public and now they are selling it this Friday, instead of 2 Tuesday's from now. These are the "guys". I was one of them at one point because I had the connect. There's only so much I can say though without giving up the identity of the Mp3 Masons. What this did for the industry was a few things.
dre and em -Dre and Em
1. It HURT artist's like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and a ton of other industry giants. How? Well, because someone like Eminem is so popular, he becomes a product of his own environment. If his own environment includes downloading free music off the net because people are too broke to buy it, then it is what it is. Why do you think country stars sell so many records? Because their fans hardly know how to use a computer, that is....if they aren't so far enough out in the boonies to get wi-fi. If Eminem wasn't so in demand, he wouldn't lose as much money from illegal downloads. Follow me? Because his shit is soooo hot, and he doesn't own 100% of his material there is a possiblity of leakage. Possibility, who am I kidding, it WILL get leaked. Tax Free money talks and people are gonna hate. Now he is forced to put out free cds on the net just to keep up with the underground scene that at one time embraced him and his aftermath label, but now turns away because he's gone "way too commercial". I will admit, I haven't let an Eminem record play all the way through since "The Marshall Mathers LP". Hate on me too if you like, I'm used to critics, everyone I know is one.
J-ZONE baby..who. -J-Zone
2. On the flip side, it has HELPED build artists like Necro, Dilated Peoples, J-Zone, Moka Only and even small local artists gain a ton of fans that they wouldn't normally have. This so-called "scene" spans worldwide, and it does better than any record label could ever do promotion-wise. Check this, I can make a beat, write a verse, record it, burn it, rip it, tag it, and then send it worldwide via blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, and p2p sites...THAT DAY. This gives artists like myself something that you cannot get from the record industry (that is fighting so hard not to let you in). Exclusive rights to my own music that is dated, and then distributed. In a way I look at it as a "poor mans" copyright for the internet generation. There's people that have been collecting albums for years in this format, and they have more releases that you can't find in stores than releases that you can. Look at it this way as long as music is in a digital format it will always be able to be hacked and cracked. So until there is a whole different format altogether, the music business will never recover. From what I am told Rick Ruben is in works trying to create this new format. They might even be heading in the direction of satellite storage and a device that goes with it similar to GPS and SIRIUS. I guess DJ Clue screaming over all his cds had some relevance to it. Now DJ's using Torq, Serrato, Etc. don't have to go and buy doubles (which was a way to inflate sales), they can go grab what they want and have it playing on thier turntables in 10min or less via the net without paying for it. If you told me this is 10 years ago I would've laughed in your face. Then I would've asked... "Where do I sign up?.
It truly is a double-edged sword and I just happen to be below the radar, on the sharp side. Take a guess how dull the other side of the blade is, or just turn on your radio.



Donald J. Trump was spurned in an offer to purchase the site of the proposed Islamic community center near New York City’s Ground Zero for the price paid plus 25 percent.

Trump’s offer is “just a cheap attempt to get publicity and get in the limelight,” said Sharif El-Gamal, chief executive officer of Soho Properties LLC, who signed the deed to purchase the property in July 2009. He commented in an e-mail statement.

As part of the bid, any community center built would be located at least five blocks farther from the World Trade Center site, Trump said. The offer was made in a letter dated today and included in a statement received by e-mail.

“I am making this offer as a resident of New York and citizen of the United States, not because I think the location is a spectacular one (because it is not), but because it will end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation,” Trump wrote in the letter to Hisham Elzanaty, a businessman who’s said he provided the majority of the financing for the two buildings where the center would be built. S.

Damn, It looks to me like the real estate agent did his homework. Is this the same agent that swindeled that Russian Guy that owns the Nets? Call me crazy, but it seems like the uproar and free publicity that this subject is getting is only making the proposed site worth more money. The agent that has this contract had this to say "if someone were to offer me 20 million for the property, I'd take it." If that was the case and someone did purchase it, where is that money going to go? I never understood why this shit was getting so much attention. The more attention "WE" as Americans give it, the more it makes them feel like a threat to us. The way i see it is that America "unknowingly" already admitted defeat when it took them forever just to draw up and agree on the plans for the new trade center. I'm a PRO-American, born and raised in New York, and always love to help build where I'm from and this country as a whole. Agree or disagree: That trade center should've been rebuilt as soon as the cleanup efforts were complete? Geez now I'm wising I took out a loan from Bernie Madeoff and bought property near ground zero. I could be a rich man too.

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