Monday, September 20, 2010


Here's the video for one of my favorite Copywrite joints at the moment. I know it's been out for a minute, but that's why you're checking this blog right? Content, and shit you know nothing about, or would care to look for yourself. I've been listening to this on and off for over a year. Copy is still killing it in my opinion. Can you believe that Asher Roth was actually trying to battle this guy. HA! I mean really , He should be lucky that Copy even gave him the time. As a matter of fact, Asher didn't get popular until Em put some money behind him. Oh wait, or was it when Copy picked this dude as a target. If you want to see more of how Copywrite handed Asher his balls in a box, Peep you tube for the "Cremation" video. Ah fuck it, here you go.

I'm totally with Copywrite on this one, you can't pretend to respect the game. The real cats that been around since 21 Jumpstreet know the deal. Asher is the newest industry puppet and yes I am hating on him. Think what you want, but if you supported this guy and even wasted the bandwidth to download any of his discs, then guess what... you're just as much of a shitbag as him. Hate to break it to you dude, but you can't respect the greats in hip-hop and put him in that category. This dumb fuck even tried rocking the old q-tip instrumental that I flipped on "Haze Ignant".
Fuck off Asher, You came and went just like, DMX, 50, and every other dickhead that sold his soul for some publicity. Another one hit wonder sucking cock at the top of the industry chain. Where are you now? At the bottom line: You are a disgrace to white people, college kids, and wiggers everywhere. Take as many pictures in the studio in front of a mic as you want, you'll never live up to the hype. Entertainment? Yes. Real emcee? Never.

Here's a Copywrite/Junko collab joint you may not have heard off of Junko's "Junk Food" CD. Junko recently rocked on the "BBQ Sauced" mixtape with GM and myself. He also produced the majority of tracks on GM's new "Obnoxious" album. I hooked up all the cuts and may have a few joints I produced on there as well. Be on the lookout for that.

Here's some examples of others that aren't doing right:

The guy at the bus stop freezing his ass off in a new pair of Jordans.
-You should've bought a car if you "got it like that".
-I'll always honk w/ a smile when I drive by you. (nice and warm)
-Jordan's aren't for snow. This goes for those easy to spot bootlegs especially. Idiot.

The girl that has the new Coach bag, but is behind on all of her bills.
-No one cares about your bag, everyone has one.
-It looks more fake than real even though your receipt says $400
-Your just putting yourself further out of their league. Them being the people you're trying so hard to keep up with.
-Coach bags have been played since '08

The kid that drove to school and took the bus home. (I actually know someone that did this)
-Tried to be cool and it bit you in the ass.
-Your homies were waiting by the car like WTF?
-Shouldn't have smoked that dutch before 7th period.
-No dutch? You shouldn't have been born retarded.

"I'm Audi 5000"

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