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So here it is. Wonderful Wino Radio, the new Digital Radio Show / Mixtape Experiment. This features a few tracks off of 'The Empire Plan' and a ton of newer material. This also doubles as a tribute to the late, great, George Carlin who is my favorite comedian of all time. For more info on the production credits and extras open the NFO file in wordpad.
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Recently I've been working on remastering and working toward re-releasing my old tapes, Winter '94, WACE, Albany's Finest, Old 2 The New, etc. so be on the look for those. Classics that some people lost, got stolen from them, or just plain played them till the tape snapped. There are actually a few tapes of mine that I don't even have anymore. If you have any of these I will gladly pay you $20 for your original copy, or make you a remastered version on CD, and give you back the original if you let me borrow it for a week or so. This is just meant to put the bug in your ear and get you to dig through some of your old cassettes. I know I sold a ton of copies (over 100 give or take) of these so if you don't have it, no worries, someone will...hell, I may even have these recorded over an old Dokken tape somewhere. I'll have to check .

Here's the list of rarities:
Death By Dawn (vinyl and non-stop)- Hip Hop One
-this was the first mixtape ever recorded as the Death by Dawn team.
Death By Dawn (vinyl and katz)- Remix The World
-a tape of remixes we did with hip-hop and rnb acapellas in '94 which features all original beats we made in 2 days on the EPS16+. At this time we were still renting it for $60 on a weekly basis.
Death By Dawn (vinyl, non-stop and katz) - Back 2 School
-a tape we knocked out after hitting the city in summer '95.
CMD Underground Tape (vinyl, joat, mangla, katz, shyste)...and a few other local emcees.
-recorded in '96, there were two versions of this tape that were released. The earlier more rare version had featured a rare shyste song that was produced by katz, shyste, and myself. The later released version had a posse cut featuring all of the CMD Underground emcees and was in place of the shyste joint. Personally, I preferred the Shyste version, over the posse cut, but it went out as a collective, not a X-perts or DBD project. I actually have the Shyste song and a few others from that time period, but that is for another release. real rare shit.
The X-perts (vinyl and non-stop)- X-perts Prosper Vol. 1
-this tape feature the new york time's cover, and was completed some time in early '96
The X-perts (vinyl and non-stop)- X-perts Prosper Vol. 2 (The Real Weight)
-this tape was the first to use scarface on the cover and was recorded in the spring of '97

So like I said. If any of you have these floating around, please hit me via email. I'll gladly pay you, and as always, I appreciate the love and support.

Enjoy your Saturday evening.
Oh...and don't call your friends to apologize tomorrow after you thrashed thier house while listening to the new CD.


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