Thursday, July 19, 2012



Concise Kilgore is back with a new joint feat. Queens native Bronsolino. They both murdered this track and there is also a clean and instrumental version that I didn't include. Go buy the vinyl if you want that. I got mines. Action staying in the press as always.

Download "octo"


Heater produced by the Alchemist Earl, Vince and Bronson. These sessions were recorded around the same time he was working on his EP with ALC and linked with Muggs a few months back. I can't wait to hear more from that project and some others he has in the stash.

Download "EC"


Taken from the Closed Sessions VIA Ruby, produced by Thelonious Martin, this is just one more in the stockpile of tracks that feat. Bam Bam Bronsy. If this entire project is anything like the leaks we've heard, then people better start jumping on the comp wagon not now, but right now.

Download "blackbird"


Honestly, I just feel like catching you up of you haven't been paying attention. We only support the real around here and are always up on the fresh artists' before most others. I'm guessing that this is a toss out for the Mr. Wonderful project that Bronson and MAS have on deck. This fucking sample is incredible, and if you have to ask, I already dug it up.

Download "SM"


The latest flick from Meyhem. During SXSW, the hulking Queens rapper assembled a big pile of friends and recorded the bulk of his excellent Respect The Fly Shit mixtape. The hazy-but-intense “Fingerless Driving Gloves” is one of that tape’s few songs that doesn’t feature a small battalion of guest-rappers. And in its brand-new video, Lauren spends time glowering on New York restaurants and eating expensive-looking lunches alone at sidewalk cafes, which seem to connotate a lonely existence. Steven “Scarboro” Velasque directs.


Fraud gives us all some more insight into how he makes his beats, who he likes to work with, and how it all started for him. After recreating the classic Vast Aire sound, and dabbling with other projects, he caught a big break when Flex asked French for an anthem for Summer Jam. As they say, the rest is history. I sure hope that is just a wig he wears for interviews.


This is a real tight mix of all the newer El-P productions flipped by Trakstar. If you haven't caught this yet, toss it in the Ipod and vibe out. It reminds me of the early Jux days when they were pushing Lif's I Phantom heavy to college airwaves. If you are a good hunter you should go grab the mix I did for Def Jux back in 2002 called "Definitive Sampler Platter". Good luck with that tho.

Download "into the wild"


This is just one of a few remixes of this song floating around the net. There is a screwed and chopped 78% version that has me laughing. No, I was laughing hard. I never expected to hear Cage screwed and chopped. What the fuck is wrong with people. lololol.

Download "misanthrope remix"


Hailed as “the best new voice in Canadian rap” (Exclaim Magazine), Evil Ebenezeer has become the voice of a generation that doesn’t want to grow up, get a job and give up their childhood dreams. With a mastery of cadence, he captures the neurotic soul of our times with eccentric dysfunction, humour and epic darkness all told with his trademark butter smooth delivery. This West Coast legend, has shared stages with the likes of the mighty Souls of Mischief, RA the Rugged Man, Planet Asia, Devin the Dude, Tech Nine and the Beatnuts. Spending his time touring North America he met up with a couple deviants from Vancouver and created something truly hideous. Along with cult sensation Snak the Ripper and Young Sin he formed the super group Brass Tackz. The group joined the Warped Tour 2010 to play for crowds of 20,000 screaming fans. In the interim, our twisted hero has created his solo masterpiece, Evil Eye, and is once more taking to the road to “shatter the expectations of hip hop fans” (Spin) with his, “Pulp Fiction like adrenaline shot to the heart performances” (Urb) converting strangers to obsessed fans. This is the Evil your parents warned you about.

Download "Kush Ups"


Thursday, July 12, 2012



Ricky Shabazz continues with the onslaught of dopeness dropping fellow Boom Bap Boy, Juan Deuce's project. Juan has a few other dope joints floating around in internetland so check them if you get a minute. The 18 track disc feat. production from Falside, Audible Doctor, J57, Fakts One and Fonzi Wells among others. He introdeuces us to a few newer emcees as well. The beats bump and the disc is well put together. To do some more research on who The Boom Bap Boys and check their work , they recently launched a new website.

1. The Draft (Produced by Falside)
2. Right on Red (Produced by J57)
3. People ft Romen Rok (Produced by Falside)
4. Falling Down (Produced by Fonzi Wells)
5. .38 Special (Produced by The Audible Doctor)
6. Larry Sellers (Produced by Falside)
7. Left You (Produced by The Audible Doctor)
8. Shred (Produced by Fonzi Wells)
9. Freeze (Produced by Fonzie Wells)
10. Menahan ft Jaysonic (Produced by Falside)
11. Yuro Produced by (The Doppelgangaz)
12. Show Me Love ft Jon Hope (Produced by ACB)
13. Back Stroke (Produced by Fakts One)
14. Cutlass (Produced by J57)
15. Jimmy Buffet (Produced by ACB)
16. Reverie (Produced by pJAYd)
17. Valet (Produced by Falside + pJAYd)
18. Clay On Words Produced by Falside

Download "No Sweat"


Upstate's most hated on emcee, Mr. Not You hit us with the first leak of his new album, Audio Verite' Produced by Posafe Beats, this jazz infused song will have your head boppin for days. The new record, which is due out sometime soon is entirely produced by Posafe and Dr. Khil. I still jam out to G's "someone else" joint, also prod. by Po. I might have to go ahead and get that GM logo put on a tee with that colorway to match these grapes. Suave'

Download a slice "Humble Pie"

Curren$y_X_ Harry_Fraud-Cigarette_Boats-2012-UC

Curren$y tag teams this EP with upcoming producer Harry Fraud. Mr. Fraud always comes correct and some would say he has the most recognizable drop since DJ Clue. He continues to impress me even though I'm not feeling most newer things he is releasing. I'm not so much into his trap style as much as his rap style. After smashing the entire Vast Aire album, being the supplier of Coke Boys, and then dropping Rugby Thompson with DZA, he is definitely proving his versatility. With an album in the stash soon to drop with Action Bronson, he is working with all the right people and it seems like we will be hearing "La Musicia De Harry Fraud" for some time now.

Download "CB"


Oddisee flips up his labelmate's record on some other shit. When I recently hung out with Q-Unique, we happened to stumble upon how much of a great producer Oddisee is in our convo. I was excited that someone with the history like Q (who is an original member of Rock Steady Crew, would be giving respect to an up and coming producer/artist. It says a lot about who he is as a person. Mello Music Group stays keeping their name in the press by dropping little gems like this all the time.

Download "I Believe"