Monday, June 09, 2008


Well folks... it is offically summer and the heat is here. Every year we bitch and moan about how cold it is up here in the Capital District, then when we finally get the nice weather, fools run for the AC and central air. Just to keep you up on the shiznitfor the '08 season here's a few real dope recipes that will help you keep as cool as a penquin's nutsack.

Vinyl's Knockoff Sweet Tea:
****ingredients you will need:
-1 box of Lipton tea bags (not to be confused with your roommates teabag that usually ends up on your chin if you drank to much that night)
-one large pot filled with water about half to three quarters full
-wooden spoon (just like the one mom used to slap the shit outta ya with)
-1 large pitcher (to transfer tea into for chillin')
Note: Don't be a know-it-all dumbass and make this shit without having something to transfer it into. Iced tea doesn't look as appetizing when your drinking it out of a sauce pot.
-Let water come to a boil, in the meantime start opening about 14-18 teabags (depending on the sweetness desired) and put them aside. When the water comes to a boil, twist together and drop all the teabags in the boiling water and bob them up and down to get all the tea the blend. Shut the stove off and take off the heat. Stir in sugar to whatever sweetness you like, then let stand about a 1/2 hour. Then transfer to pitcher and put in fridge to chill. Serve once cold.

Vinyl's Red Eyed Flemonade:
****ingredients you will need:
-1 half gallon Newman's Own Virgin Lemonade
-2 packages of fresh strawberries (check thoroughly, they hide the bad ones at the bottom of the package, those snakes.)
-1 quart of Price Chopper fat free vanilla yogurt
-1 full tray ice from the freezer
-1 lime
-1 blender
-1 small bottle Tanquray RANGPUR Gin (if you are an alcoholic studderin' fool like me)
-Fill half the blender with Newman's lemonade, put in about 5-6 ice cubes, and 1 cup of the vanilla yogurt. Cut the lime in half and squeeze juice till empty. Blend till it looks like a shake, then throw in about 7-8 strawberries minus the top stems, and pulse 4-5 times till the color red spreads throughout. Add 2 shots Tanquray RANGPUR Gin to give dat sheet a widdle kick. bword.

The Worst Bullshitter Lb. for Lb....

We have all been anticipating the rematch of De La Hoya vs. Mayweather since the first one seemed like a money leeching project. I mean hell, even if there was a rematch, De La Hoya probably would've won so that they could have a third, and final match. Big paydays for both individuals since Mayweather is pretty much owned by De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. Mayweather announced Saturday that he is retiring for good and called the rematch off. I'm sure this isn't the end of pretty boy Floyd's wrath. They (the ESPN commentators) will probably question if he is the best fighter pound for pound, even though he chose to retire. Is it just me or do you get pissed too when people win your money playing cee-lo, and then leave with it. I see him coming back in a few years after he goes through all that dough from the first fight betting on Xavier to go all the way in next years bracket. You see there is an element of hype that is involved that sells a fight., for this one , it was just too obvious, it wasn't there. Even HBO passed on the countdown series for part 2. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to see him go up against Kimbo and get his ear popped open. That probably still wouldn't shut him up. Until then there are still some great fights coming up... peep it.
Undefeated Joe Calzaghe is set to fight Roy Jones Jr. sometime in November, Cristobal Arreola has a match set with Chazz Witherspoon for June 21 on HBO. That should be a good fight as long as Chazz doesn't fight like Reese Witherspoon.

That Warm Sound

Upcoming releases include:
Origin Ill -"Old New Shit"
a collective of rarities from Smog, Mangler, Vinyl , JOAT, Pope and Holy Terror from back in the day. Circa '92-'02
-due out as soon as i get Kat'z ass in gear.... or teaches me how to mix like he does.
Jack N. Vinyl - "Expensive Scotch and Cheap Wine"
a mixtape that has been long overdue. It's officially played out to us, so now you can have it.
-the promoleak is available if you are "in the loop" wiggaz.
Note: this is the unfinished version, the finished copy will have hidden tracks and various drops from famous people we like to make fun of.
The Vinylcologist - "Gone But Not Forgotten Part 2"
the long-awaited follow up from the first.
-no leak available yet. waiting on covers. this will be exclusive to a few mixtape sites only. keepa lookin'

I apoligize for the delay on all these products, but we are very laid back and really don't do this for money, that's why the quality is top-notch. we refuse to put out thrown together material in hopes of creating a long lasting vibe that can be played 3 times a year or 100. it makes no difference... wiggas still know.