Monday, November 29, 2010


Leslie Neilsen    R.I.P.
The star you know well from his roles in movies such as Airplane, The Naked Gun Series, Wrongfully Accused, Spy Hard, and The Bad Golf Instructional Videos has passed away this morning. "Surely, you can't be serious.... I am serious, and don't call me shirley." He died from complications of pneumonia in his home in Florida. A say day in comedy for sure. I may have to break out the Naked Gun Box set and pour some out for my homeboy. You will be missed. Drebin.

Check this clip featuring John Walsh of America's Most Wanted. This is taken from the movie Wrongfully Accused. Purely classic. I laughed so hard I farted when I saw this clip.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Good News, and Bad News  
The Bad News:
 'The Empire Plan' which was scheduled to be released Black Friday, will now be pushed back almost a month to Xmas due to unavoidable delays.
The Good News:
The album will be given for free download at Midnight Xmas Eve... VIA Dusty but Digital, and 12hours later VIA Mexican-Taint
This album will not be available on Bandcamp due to download limits and legalities. Not to mention , just like everyone else, they want in your pockets too. This will be issued for promotional use only.
Share it with who you like and remember where you heard the beats first, no matter how many people try to rip off these songs. Fizuck the norm. Fizuck Cornyay too.

Vince_Guaraldi-A_Charlie_Brown_Christmas-1965-JCE _INT

Here's one of the best holiday jazz recordings of all time... of all time! "Skating" is a b-side that you may have heard on the radio, but not as much as those corn-turd 80's bands singing about Xmas. "Christmas Time is Here" is the best Xmas song ever written. Period. It just reminds me of when life was so easy as a kid. Enjoy this and sip your poison slow to it. Save some energy for New Years, will ya.?
Download it here ---JOE COOL

Once Again It's On...
The Holidays are upon us and we all get spun into a whirlwind of activities, shopping, eating, drinking, smoking, more drinking, shopping, and sometimes even traveling. Along with all sorts of other shit we could do without. I'm not trying to be a scrooge in anyway. All's I'ma say is dis.....Don't get trampled by all the people waiting outside the airport when the TSA opens the doors and screams " more intrusive tit-touching and ass-gripping patdowns ...TODAY ONLY!!!" Stay away from the guys in line that have train conductor hats on gripping a handkerchief. Then there's the Black Friday deals. How bad must the people feel when they are the next person in line to grab a 40 inch flatpanel for $289 and the supply runs out. AWWdamnnn. I guess  you could always buy one off the street. It's funny when they get home and realize they just spent $450 on a box of bricks. Bricks aren't HD, nor can they hooked up to cable. Merry Shaftmas.

Here are some movies you're sure to come across surfing the channels this month.
The Ref

Wannabe burglar Dennis Leary trys to housejack some rich people, the tables turn on him when the people he jacked, annoy him to the point of snappage.

A Christmas Story (classic)

This movie has stood the test of time. Classic in every sense of the word. Check TBS for the 24hr marathon. You can actually pay to rent this house for your holiday.That's word.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

My Cousin Eddie's RV Ornament

The Computer Aided Lego version of Cousin Eddie's RV

The Ariel Shot of Clark's Griesbalz hard work.
This has to be my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I make sure not to watch it when I catch it surfing channels. I have to put it in the DVD player, crank it up and laugh my ass off. Everything from the family that's in town, to the annual grind we all have to deal with along with the workplace scene is true humor exposed. We all experience, or know someone who does on a daily basis all these different aspects of Christmas. Simple and timeless. "ah he's just yakin on a bone. uuhfusafrcd !%, he got it up!"  -cousin eddie

Next Friday

Not as funny as the above, but definitely has a place on my list. These guys are just chemistry on screen. Can you pass the hot sauce?

The Santa Clause

Great movie...

....if you get your kicks off watching Tim "the toolman" Taylor in a fatsuit trying to save Christmas.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

I remember working at Saturday Matinee when I was 16 and this movie sold like 6000 copies during the season. I was amazed. This movie was actually the inspiration for Yukon Don Celcius. a.k.a. Don Smog back in like '98. This dudes name is Yukon Cornelius. I guess he was on that mad rap mountainman stylee back then. Guy looks like a Wario version of the unibomer. ...Or a tripped out, Irish version of the Smog man himself.

Goodbye for now.

we'll be watching in the shadows. Say uncle.

Thursday, November 25, 2010



  ÜÛÜ°    ÛÜÜÜ ßßß ÜܲÛßßÛÜÜ ßßßßÛÛÛß ÛÛÛÝß²ÛÛÛ²ßßßß ÜÛß²ÛÜÜ ßßß ÜÜÜÛ     ÜÛÜ°
 ÛÝ  ßÛÛ²                       ß ²Þ²²Û²ÛÛÛÛÛ ßßß                     ²ÛÛß  ÞÛ
 Þ²Ü°  ß                         ßßÞ²ßßßßßßßßß                         ß  °Ü²Ý
  ÛÛÛÜ°                                                                  ÜÛÛÛ
  ÛÛÛÜ°          Proudly Presents ::                                    ÜÛÛÛ
 Ü ßÛÛÛÜ         VA-The Vinylcologist - All the Fixins 3              °Ü²ÛÛß Ü
 ² Ü ß²ÛÝ                                                             ÞÛÛß Ü ²
 ² Ü  ß²ÛÝ       RIPPER........: Records in the Cellar               ÞÛÛß  Ü ²
 ÛÜÜÜ ÞÛÛÛ       LABEL.........: United Crates                       ÛÛÛÝ°ÜÜÜÛ
 Ü ß Ü²ÛÛÝ       ENCODER.......: Lame 3.97 V2                        ÞÛÛÛÜ ß Ü
 ß ܲÛÛÛÛÝ       BITRATE.......: VBRkbps                             Þ²ÛÛÛÛÜ ß
  ²²ÛÛÛÛß        MODE..........: Full Stereo                          ß²ÛÛÛÛ²
 Þ²ÛÛÛß°         DATE.RiPPED...: Nov-25-2010                            ßÛÛÛÛÝ
 ²ÛÛÛÝÜÛÜ        DATE.RELEASED.: 000-00-0000                          ÜÛÜÞÛÛÛ²
 ²ÛÛÛ°ßÞÛÝ       RELEASE.SiZE..: 124,5 MB                            ÞÛÝß ÛÛÛÛ
 Þ²ÛÛÝÜÛß        TRACKS........: 24                                   ßÛÜÞÛÛÛÝ
 °ßÛ۲ߠ         SOURCE........: CDDA                                  ßÛ۲߰
    ß                                                                    °ß
    Û                                                                     Û
    Û                                                                     Û
    Ü°                                                                    Ü°
 °Ü²ÛÛÜ                                                                 ÜÛ۲ܰ
 ÞÛÛÛÝßÛÜ           ÜÜÛÛÜ     ÜÛÜ             ÜÛÜ     ÜÛÛÜÜ           ÜÛßÞÛÛÛÝ
  ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ßß       Þ²ÜÛÝ ÞÛ             ÛÝ ÞÛÜÛÝ       ßßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²
   ßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ßß            ßÛß  ßßß           ßßß  ßÛß            ßßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛß
   °Ûß²Ûßß                                                           ßß²ÛßÛ°
    ²                                                                     ²
    ²                                                                     ²
    Û NR  TRACKNAME                                                  TiME Û
    ²                                                                     ²
    Û 01  Nick Swardson - Grandmas Boi                              00:28 Û
    Û 02  Robert Glasper - Dillaludes                               03:53 Û
    Û 03  Nottz - A Dream Come True                                 03:36 Û
    Û 04  Lupe Fiasco - Let's Ride F. Wale                          03:43 Û
    Û 05  Skillz - Regular Guy                                      03:57 Û
    Û 06  Big L. - We Got this                                      02:51 Û
    Û 07  Canibus - Golden Terra of Rap                             03:55 Û
    Û 08  Diversion Tactics - NY to the UK F. Percee P. and Tim Dog 03:22 Û
    Û 09  Celph Titled and Buckwild - Wack Juice                    04:20 Û
    Û 10  El Sphinx - Animal Planet F. Ace the Grappler             03:33 Û
    Û 11  Critical - Iron Horse F. Savage Messiah and Thirstin Howl 03:51 Û
    Û 12  Jimmy Powers - Shits N Giggles F. Copywrite Big Left and  04:30 Û
    Û 13  Slaine - A World with No Skies                            03:18 Û
    Û 14  9th Wonder - Make the Most F. Halo and Thee               03:07 Û
    Û 15  Jadakiss and Styles P. - Top Five                         02:48 Û
    Û 16  Skillz - the World Needs More Skillz                      03:08 Û
    Û 17  KRS One - Who Da Best                                     02:47 Û
    Û 18  Ron Contour - Shoebox F. Def 3                            03:04 Û
    Û 19  Copywrite - Underground Overlord                          03:57 Û
    Û 20  Celph Titled and Buckwild - Madd Ammo F. FT and RA the Ru 05:16 Û
    Û 21  Big Noyd - Pokerface                                      02:26 Û
    Û 22  Black Milk - How Dare You                                 02:13 Û
    Û 23  The Vinylcologist - Just Pitiful (Bonus)                  03:46 Û
    Û 24  Ayatollah - Dig this                                      01:49 Û
    Û                                                                     Û
    ²                                                     TOTAL 79:38 min ²
    ²                                                                     ²
    Û                                                                     Û
°Ü²ÛÛÜ                                                                 ÜÛ۲ܰ
 ÞÛÛÛÝßÛÜ           ÜÜÛÛÜ     ÜÛÜ             ÜÛÜ     ÜÛÛÜÜ           ÜÛßÞÛÛÛÝ
   °Ûß²Ûßß                                                           ßß²ÛßÛ°
    ²                                                                     ²
    ²        the annual thanksgiving mixtape from the                     ²
    ²        vinylcologist. mostly underground hip hop, but a dope        ²
    ²        ass comp to say the least. his new album drops               ²
    ²        tomorrow via bandcamp. this is classic old school            ²
    ²        mixtape style and features a track off his album as a        ²
    ²        bonus.s                                                      ²
    ²                                                                     ²
    ²                          ²
    ²                         ²
As I promised. I'll be chillin' in tonight, bumping this wrecking a bottle of Balvenie, looking forward to all the haters critiquing my album tomorrow. Have fun finding a parking spot, waiting in lines to not get what you want, and then having to wait in more long lines to buy, then leave with your shit.

Rollin' on Retardburgers...

Happy Turkey Day Wiggas.

Saturday, November 20, 2010



First off, props to The Beatdown Collective for hooking it up. Be sure to grab your copy VIA Bandcamp, or Email for a special offer.
Coming Soon:
The Vinylcologist - All The Fixin's Vol 3 (THXGIVING) via. Dusty but Digital, Mexican-Taint, and Disposable Arts
The Vinylcologist - Break It Down (XMAS) via. Dusty but Digital only
The Vinylcologist - Refried Redneck Remixes (NEW YEARS EVE) via. Dusty but Digital, Mexican-Taint, Twitter, and Disposable Arts

check the rest of the story between these two.

Friday, November 19, 2010




 this is what I do when I'm not making serious songs.


"My" Oakland Raiders are 5-4 and are leading their division. I'm actually boasting because when you follow a team like the Raiders, you know you are a die hard fan. By the time I'm done writing this, and your done reading this they will have found some way to fuck up their position this season. The reason that "my" is in quotes is simple. Have you ever heard someone say "yo MY Yankees are going to win the World Series.." if the dude owns a piece of the team. I find this funny how so many people actually say it like that. Next time you are surrounded by shit-talking sports jocks give a listen to see what I mean. They become so obsessed with the argument that they fail to understand how much of the team they actually own. A couple caps, shirts, ticket stubs, and the occasional shot glass. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, front runner guy is talking junk over every last one of them about All of his teams.
Anyway, gooooooooooooo Raiders.
That shit never gets old.

Big Malk and Jack of All Trades - "It's time"

This is the first leak off of a collaborative project, Continue To Rise EP.

Bad Ideas.

What a ballbuster.

You know this fucker has bedbugs.

White kids.

Mmmm mmmm gooood.

Lazy fuck.

PETA eat your heart out.

....think you look good with a colliehair visor haaa?

Ace ventura 5 (outtakes)

Shit looks like a human version if the movie alien.

Hot sex on a platter.

(trippin' followup)

I still don't know which one is the real one.


No mecca, no soul brother, just plain dope.


I smoked a pair of kicker bumping this.


La Bella.


The instrumental album is sill on my ipod.


Still have never heard a song. Maybe a beat, never a song.


The limited record pack.


Big Dough Rehab


Al Green and Quest on a mission.


 Should have been called  "Black on Both Sides 2"

You know it. Black Friday Edition.

Dagnarnit, where does the time go. Good thing I have this blog to look back on things I am thankful for. Family, Music, Friends, Idiots, Dumbasses, Uckin' Kanyes'.

Eye Candy



Hey Young World.

That's what it's all about. Being creative.

Peace out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kanye recently went on the Today show with that dickhead Matt Lauer. I had such a hard time trying to figure out who to hate more. Matt or Kanye? Kanye hates white people, or maybe he's just pro-black as they say. He tends to think that the people that lined up to buy his records are apparently oppressing him in some sort of way. Here's what everyone wishes they could say to Conyeah. Buddy, fuck off and be happy that you actually have a voice! It's too bad that the news of your death today was a hoax. As for Matt Lauer, the truth will come out about your hidden affairs, ricedick. Stop acting like you have clout, you're just a morning show journalist that thinks he's untouchable. I may have to come down there with my own sign that says "Limpdick Lauer Loves Rokerass" Run and tell that homeboy. Anyway, this clip shows you just how fucked in the Kanye really is. I don't know who is a better interview for Lauer, West or Bush. Bush is just looking for publicity for his new book, and West is looking to promote his latest in a string of racist releases. Make sure you go and support. Keep allowing assholes like that to become more and more out of your league. Kanye called and told me to thank you all for being so gullible.

Uckin' Kanye.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Grab ya scotch, a glass, some ice, hid ya wife, hide ya kids, run for ya life. Is anyone as annoyed as I am about all the good radio stations on the radio trying to ease all of us into Xmas earlier and earlier every year? I wish I could pull the plug on 98.3FM. These jack o landloads of shit used to play Xmas music the day after  Thanksgiving every year through Xmas. Hey, I can understand that, people are full off pecan pie, waiting to go shopping for Xmas, which makes this a logical time to play it. Now, these butnuts are playing that shit from Halloween on through. Please don't wait till they are playing it immediately following 4th of July people, let's boycott these losers at once. Xmas is stressful enough without you asszits moving it up a month.


Neon Griffeys

ANYone 4 ShOtS?

"if that bitch starts fu@k*n' up I'll just fu&k her friend" -easy e whoho ha ha ha

Papa Nucc's latest... could it be his greatest?

Crush(DMB Cover) - Papa Nucc by The Beatdown Collective
Here's a dubbed-out, funkified jazz version that Papa Nucc and myself came up with bullshitting over the phone one night. I was amazed when I received a call the following day (less than 24hrs) from Nucc informing me that half the song was completed. I couldn't wait to go over and hear him work on it some more. He even called in his by Jeff to hit up the flute piece. To sum this up, this song was completed in a matter of days was just another idea that might not have made it if Nucc didn't put it into motion. I've loved that song for a long time and always wanted to hear a jazz version. Thank you Jay for letting me be a part of it.
Go' head. Share the link witchafriends.

Just wanna shout out my man A-Rizzle for hooking me with the new fall collection of tee shirts. You know I got you. By the looks of this picture, I'm guessing that grey one you gave me is pretty limited. That's word to ya fathers yellow socks. Click on the logo to go get you some.


This was one my favorite records to chop and cut back the day. As you know DMX and Solo did time in prison and had beef in the past over DMX biting and taking the concept and lyrics to Solo's song 'Spellbound'.Whatever the case, I always thought that Solo would've done more with Redman and Sermon, but he didn't release much after the single with Redman. This is a classic sample taken from Grover Washington Jr.'s Knucklehead 
Snag it here.

Who's got games?

The sad thing is i actually remember playing this and liking it. Atari was ish doe.
Nintendo's still crushing it. Can't wait to play multiplayer on the new GoldenEye for the Wii.


The new EP from ALC and Oh No on DECON.
.click on record to download.


The new book from the publishers of Vice mag. Some dope pix in there I'm sure.

the worlds first ever neverending clip.
I'll be bach.