Friday, November 19, 2010




 this is what I do when I'm not making serious songs.


"My" Oakland Raiders are 5-4 and are leading their division. I'm actually boasting because when you follow a team like the Raiders, you know you are a die hard fan. By the time I'm done writing this, and your done reading this they will have found some way to fuck up their position this season. The reason that "my" is in quotes is simple. Have you ever heard someone say "yo MY Yankees are going to win the World Series.." if the dude owns a piece of the team. I find this funny how so many people actually say it like that. Next time you are surrounded by shit-talking sports jocks give a listen to see what I mean. They become so obsessed with the argument that they fail to understand how much of the team they actually own. A couple caps, shirts, ticket stubs, and the occasional shot glass. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, front runner guy is talking junk over every last one of them about All of his teams.
Anyway, gooooooooooooo Raiders.
That shit never gets old.

Big Malk and Jack of All Trades - "It's time"

This is the first leak off of a collaborative project, Continue To Rise EP.

Bad Ideas.

What a ballbuster.

You know this fucker has bedbugs.

White kids.

Mmmm mmmm gooood.

Lazy fuck.

PETA eat your heart out.

....think you look good with a colliehair visor haaa?

Ace ventura 5 (outtakes)

Shit looks like a human version if the movie alien.

Hot sex on a platter.

(trippin' followup)

I still don't know which one is the real one.


No mecca, no soul brother, just plain dope.


I smoked a pair of kicker bumping this.


La Bella.


The instrumental album is sill on my ipod.


Still have never heard a song. Maybe a beat, never a song.


The limited record pack.


Big Dough Rehab


Al Green and Quest on a mission.


 Should have been called  "Black on Both Sides 2"

You know it. Black Friday Edition.

Dagnarnit, where does the time go. Good thing I have this blog to look back on things I am thankful for. Family, Music, Friends, Idiots, Dumbasses, Uckin' Kanyes'.

Eye Candy



Hey Young World.

That's what it's all about. Being creative.

Peace out.

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