Wednesday, June 29, 2005


What happens when you've pissed all those lottery dollars (and dreams) away.

Good day my bloggy friends and fans...I'd like to start my bitching for the day with these lottery picks..uhhh I mean, pricks. Ok, Ok, sure, play like you don't know who they are...or are you one of them? Anyway, I'm really having a hard time understanding people that can't stop throwing thier money away to the stupid lottery. Seriously, if you are one of these fools, please find the closest mirror and ask yourself..."do I really think that I can win?" now very fast, answer yourself. I'll bet you 2 Lucky 7 scratch offs that you said "no" shithead. Now, smash the mirror and take the shards of glass and imbed them in your head. I know what your thinking..."why in my head?" here's why einstein...because you deserve to die for being stupid enough to believe that you could actually win more than $1,000.00 playing the lotto. Ever notice that even though they put up all the winning tickets there is never any that are really high in the pay off? The state of New York and a bunch of other states could print rolls and rolls of lotto tickets and even give $1,000,000 in payouts, you would never know how much they actually made that year. Now you are saying to yourself..."nah, it just carries over to the next drawing." WRONG!!!!, not on scratch off's fuckass...maybe with the pick 6, but how many people actually even won that. Not many, trust me, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I mean, they make me laugh with thier little lotto booklet that they keep all those losing tickets in, and thier retard mentality that yells at them when they have just won $2..."please, please...don't walk away a another losing ticket with those winnings, hell you may win another $2, what if you had never won...might as well just spend what you wouldn't have had." It's beyond funny now...when you get these budgethappy soccermoms that have three kids and one in the oven that they already can't support waiting on that lottery dream. Remember the slogan "all you need is a dollar and a dream." sounds easy enough, right? Too's what the slogan should've really been..."all you need is a dollar and a dream, and another dollar, and another dollar, and into infinity. Till your scraping change out of you neighbors car cushons at 3am with a double cheeseburger covered in Big Mac sauce on your mind. The best ones are the idiots that think that playing the same numbers everyday will increase thier chance...hahaha, you fools. Even poker players don't bet on pocket 10's if they come consistent. Lemme ask this...If you could walk away from a casino breaking even every time, would you go more often???? Sure you would...and if you could walk away from a horserace breaking even everytime would you take up handicapping...of course you would, you'd be a fuckin' fag not to. I can't be anymore clear here, just think of what you could've owned if you had every dollar you lost playing that fixed shit. A new house, a Ferrari, or even something small like a new set of golf clubs, or plazma tv. Your friends would've been in awe of you. But no...sadly enough you got ran by the state for more money...don't they get enough out of you with taxes, insurance, and surcharges for everything??? But yet you keep on playing...playing that losing game...just let me know when you wanna start paying me for making you look stupid as hell. I'll gladly give you my paypal account snakebrain.

C-Rayz Walz hosted MTV's Made tonite and for me this show meant a lot...aside from how funny it was, it just goes to show you that everyone is down to earth, but when it comes to hip-hop some people just know how to live it cause it's the norm to them. Ghostface Killah made a special appearance and gave the young "blizzard" some pointers on how to be original and how to scribble on a pad. Other appearances included Snoop and The Game. If you are lucky you may catch a encore performance some time next week. Tune in and find out what all the spit is about.

When you love your Range Rover just a little too much.

That's real sad when you have to crossdress and sneak up on your own vehicle to get a piece...and I wonder if this conserves on gas. This dude almost looks like this guy Brady I know from an old job. sup crust?

Ok dat's enough for today...more dumb shit to come...and if you don't like it...


Saturday, June 25, 2005


It's Official!!!! I just got the cover back today and I was very impressed with Mastodon Media...They even had those shit pre cut and on some hard card cover shit. (thx derrick and rich, hope you like the cage) The original release date was set for Memorial day weekend, but fuck ain't like I got this mass following of fans camping outside my house. (i wish).., but anyway maybe someday. I'm going to do what I can to get this on all the top mixtape sites along with other releases from my catalog. Oh, and don't even ask me what's on it...if you have to ask dipshit, it ain't for you. You'll get a tracklisting when you cough up the lute.
WTF U Looking At! Bitch.

If you love the movie Rocky and would like merchandise from the movie...hit up the website.

You knew it was coming...My long awaited review of Quizno's Subs.
A new Quizno's just opened in Green Island and in Troy, and by the looks of it everyone is biting. I tried to go there last week, but changed my mind when 5 cars pulled up and all rushed to the front door. I was pissed...hungry as hell, wanting to try some toast on my tastebuds and I cruzed on by. When I passed the place there was like one car in the parking I figured that I would just pull and U turn and go for broke. After pulling into the parking lot I was surprized to see that in less than 20seconds there were 4 people walking up to the door and now a full parking lot. BULLSHIT!!!!...I was so mad I droke reckless out of there and ended up no eating shit. A few days later we decieded to try again...even though we had to wait 15 minutes to order, and another 10 for the new employees to make the sub, it was good. Subway and Mr. Subb are gonna have a run for thier money. The prices are a few dollars higher at Quizno's, but in my eyes it is well worth it. Chicken Carbonara is the shizzznit.
Eye Candy ---------0-O------------

Vida Guerra...Yum.

Tyrone Shoelaces.

Bobbito a.k.a. DJ Cucumber Slice has scored a deal with ESPN2 for a new show called "It's The Shoes". All the beats are done by DJ Mighty Mi and the first episode featured Spike Lee talking about why he is a sneakerfreak. The retro hunters aren't a secret anymore and for me they weren't a few years ago. It was just myself and a few the shit is beginning to get out of hand with the throwback jerseys. All companies that have died in the past are trying to cash in on this phase of the old school classic kicks. I mean seriously...if you see someone trying to rock a pair of British Knights, talking about "these shits are hot yo, they're retro." Do me a favor and kick them in the knees, then bitchslap that stupid thought right outta thier head as soon as they hit the floor. That shit ain't retro...Variants (fakes made to look exactly like the real thing) aren't retro, they're mass produced by little chinese kids and are sold with boxes and retro cards to make you think that they are worth your money. See the FAQ section of for more info on the fakeness that is out there circulating today. And oyu better be damn sure to check out ESPN's Sneaker Bracket and vote for you favorite pair of kicks. I'm out to go buy the new '90's that just dropped.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I am delighted to tell everyone that The Vinylcologist record collection is expanding rapidly due to a large supply of untouched records that were recently discovered. After building the wall of wax I never thought in a million years that I would have to build another one. It's XMAS in June and that is all I can expose for now. I will keep you all updated though on what rare finds I catch in the coming weeks. woooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!

This past week Afleet Alex went on to win The Belmont by about 7 lengths with Jeremy Rose aboard. Can this horse be stopped????!!??? Before you answer, get your wallet out of your pocket and put a 10 spot aside for this years running of The Travers. I know that I'm already getting my OTB account ready for this season, but I will be putting a little something extra away for a rainy day. Bottom line: If you don't bet on this horse to win The Travers, your a reeeeeeetarrdddddd!. Nuffsaid.

If you happen to make your way over to Crossgates Mall you'll notice a new Daniel Swarovski Store on the corner next to Macy's upstairs. I was shocked to see this because I've been fucking with these for over a year now. Some people laughed at the hats and others viewed them in awe, asking "how much?". Right now...too much. This is a better time than ever to start putting my custom crystal hats on Ebay. I really don't know why I've already waited this long. Stupid me. Anyway there is a huge crystal craze going on internationally and people are customizing everything from cell phones, to tee shirts, to Gucci shoes and dresses for women. You heard it here first...a year ago, this shit is the bling for 05-beyond. Snooze and lose.
Still Guilty:

I said from the beginning that I thought that he was innocent, and he was being targeted but that doesn't mean that he didn't do other things. He has to know to be careful and that people out there are gonna want to get to his money any way that they can. The fact that he did some stupid things in the past gives people more reason to form a case against him. I really don't feel sorry for heads that put themselves in these positions. Look at our good friend Kobe, Terrible rapper, great baller, stupid fuck. This guy has a wife that is a perfect 15 and who has stuck with him thru all this mess, and you better believe that this wasn't the first time this shit has happened. It was just the first time he met a freaky bitch that turned out to be a psycho and opened her mouth. Same shit with that ogre Shaq. They probably been fucking all sorts of bitches on the road, doubleteaming for the Lakers, Kobe's spot just got blew up to the public. He tried to drag Shaq into it, but he wasn't having it. Shaq's wife has it too too good so I'm sure she just turns her head and believes his lies. If she didn't he'd just knock that bitch out and send her back to the ghetto. All these superstars, role models, entertainers, and musicians have tons of skeletons in thier closets, it's just a matter of time (and money) when the secrets will come creeping out. Hillary Duff looks innocent enough right, but that chick has fucked more dudes than Lindsay Lohan, and the Oslen twins put together. It's all in how you carry yourself. Just keep believing everything you see and hear off the idiotbox and see how many times the stories change.
Clan In The Front...

If you haven't had a chance yet to catch the US OPEN of Karate on ESPN, I really don't know what to say except that it was some of the illest shit I've ever seen in my life. I found myself swapping back n forth between that and game 3 of The NBA Finals. The saddest part was that the game was in the PIP and I had the Karate championships on the main screen for most of the night. I'm sure that they will be re-running it so be on the looky looky for dat shit. Fyahhhhhhh!
Oh yeah and the above image is from the new Ninja Gaiden game...the graphics are ridiculious and from what I hear so is the game play. I don't have an XBOX, I could never get down with that big ass seashell that they use for a controller. Fuckall that. and speaking of ninjas...
THIGH CANDY ... on a Kawasaki Ninja. -----O-o---- ewwwwww. OMfuckingGOD! HA

...And from the way she is grilling you can tell she's happy with her figure. That bike has some serious shock absorbers and her toliet proly does too. One too many Gus's hot dogs and Red Robin burgers will get you like that so stay on the low fat treats. Popcorn, yogurt, fruits and veggies, and even beef jerkey is better for you than that shit.
Try Jackie Chan's Late Night Favorite...

Lata Nukka...uh I mean Ninja.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Whit the days getting hotter and longer I find myself becoming more and more tired and not wanting to work on any music. This is partly because I have a mess of other shit going on and also because my studio gets just too fuckin' hot. Anyway the point of this whole thing is to give you some summer cool down tips if you are in a situation similar to mine.
tip 1: --You could always just wet your tee shirt, ring it out and then put that shit back on again. It may look stupid like a tiedye that didn't work, all wrinkly n shit but it will def cool dat ass.
tip 2: --Another trick is to get yourself a cool ass drink with crushed ice similar to our long time favorite the slush puppie. If you are an alcoholic like myself and need some liquor to spice that darn ding up, you can find various mixers like mudslides, pina coladas, and strawberry daquiris that already have the stoopidjuice inside them. I find that mixing up your own concoctions are much more fun tho. Here are a few of my favorites.
--Absolute Apeach, Arizona Arnold Palmer Half n Half Tea and Ice (blended)= Peachy Keen Palmer
--99 Bananas, Stoli Strasberri, and Fruit Punch Kool Aid, with chunks of Strawberries blended with Ice of course=Jungle Juice
--Bacardi Vanilla, 2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream, and IBC Root Beer unblended=Root Buuur Floater
--Bacardi Black, Cherry Coke, 1 scoop of Vanilla ice cream and 2 marichino cherries blended with ice=Black Cherry Fun Punch
--Kaluha, Milk, Ketel 1, Hangar One, or Grey Goose Vodka, 1 scoop of Coffee ice cream blended with ice=Mullato Russian
Those should get you drunken bastards started, more drinks to come as they are invented.
tip 3: --Stop wearing black tees that go down to your ankles. These attract heat and not to mention look stupid as fuck. Unless you are 6ft someshit, you shouldn't be buying clothing that has a big and tall tag on it. You=XL or XXL...Shaq=XLT. Stop being idiots and buy shit that doesn't look like a fuckin' nightgown. I don't know weither to give you the pound or cook you an egg sandwich. ...and by the way, take that played out size sticker off your hat, I know it won't make it look new anymore, but people won't be able to tell that you dick is as small as it is. Bitchass.
tip 4: --Find a swimming pool. This shit goes back to when we were all in high school, but with a twist. Whatever you prefer, in ground or above ground. I like the ones that have a slide. Scout out a few pools and the wait till everyone hits the sack and then go pool hopping. If you don't wanna wait till nighttime which is understandable since this is suppost to be for the now. The best thing to do is find a graduation party, wedding reception, or just a backyard picnic and crash dat shiieeeeet. Walk right into whatever function it is and make some friends, they will help your plan of action. Try to find people that are just stopping thru. If they happen to ask who you are, just reply "a friend of the family" this is not untrue, you are thier friend, just long enough to use them for thier pool. Make yourself at home grab a beer and a bite to eat and blend in as best possible. Pretty soon the family dog will be eating out of your hand your bellyflopcannonballs will be the life of the party. If the host of the party or bbq questions you, just tell them that you are a friend of whoever you talked to first. By this time that person will have left or will be too buzy with thier own shit to worry about you.
tip 5: --The finally of all tips...If all these other options fail you, just don't get dressed, freeball, freetit, or freeass it all day long. That should do the trick. Oh, and if you are a fat bastard, take your ass to Wal-Mart and get a roll of screen (like you would use for windows) and hook yourself up an outfit, but just make sure that it holds in all those bakery bumps.

..and to think that if this guy gets charged, Hollywood will have a level 3 sex offender on the walk of fame. What a joke. The jury is entering thier 4th day of deliberation and from the looks of it they are pretty well protected by security. If Jacko was smart he would've hired John Cusack to hide in the jury and sway the verdict. During the 2nd day Jackson's father had to deal with a false alarm due to some miscommunication. He raced to the courthouse thinking that the jury had come to a decision, too bad. After three speeding tickets and one sweaty forehead later he realized why he is so concerned for his son. Because he has no fame, it's all from his kids...all 1300 of them. I think that is true what they said about him taking away Jackson's childhood...I mean why else would he have his own Great Escape on the premises.

Just recently The Capital Region has taken on a new name... "Cap City". I'm not sure which yokel came up with this corny term, but be sure to hear it a lot more often. All the mediocre DJs on the radio are using it, it's in the night club commercials now, and wannabe thugs are throwing the term around like a b-ball at Washington Park. It will always be Upstate or just plain Albany to me. This is where I live, where I grew into what I am now, and where I will call home even if I did get my own star on the walk of fame. Actually, especially where I will build a big fat house that everyone can see from across the river so that I can laugh at these dicks that all the sudden see potential in this city. I could've chose to go to NYC after college and become some big shot producer that kissed ass and sucked dick to get record deals, but I didn't...I stayed here, home, with all my friends and fellow musicians. I've finished a ton of music that I am extremely proud of and wouldn't change it for the world. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean much to the 10,000,000 people out there buying the garbage that is ringing in there ears because they play it so much, but like Jada "we goin make it". The U.K. knows whats up. Read more here.
At The Movies...

Classic Mob Flicks...if you haven't seen these, you ain't gangsta bitchass.
--The Godfather I, II, III
--A Bronx Tale
--King Of New York
--Once Upon a Time in America
--Married to the Mob
--Donnie Brasco
--The Freshman
--Analize This / Analize That
--8 Heads in a Duffel Bag
--Bullets Over Broadway
--Harlem Nights
--Johnny Dangerously
--The Last Don I, II
--The Untouchables
--Carlito's Way
--The Whole Nine Yards
--Mean Streets
--State of Grace
--Raging Bull
enjoy favorite blog bud is out to hit bud. If you have any questions or comments...

Friday, June 03, 2005


DJ Green Lantern is the man behind various hits like Ludacris's "Number One Spot", D-Block's "Mighty Mighty D-Block", and a slur of mixtapes that have been cirulating the streets for years. Originally from Rochester, NY, this guy received his stripes from putting out a lot of unheard and new underground artists to the scene. After scoring some random production deals he ended up working as the official DJ of Interscope records and Shady's Aftermath camp. Eminem is getting ready to go on the Anger Management 3 Tour, and all of a sudden he is left without a DJ. Em's record spinner, DJ Green Lantern, not only resigned from his tour post late last month, he left the whole Shady family. Confusing? Well, the street DVD "The Come Up, Vol. 5" is at the heart of the conflict. Green has his own interview on the DVD, but that's not what landed him in hot water. The DJ actually split from Em and company because of a Jadakiss interview. In a separate segment, Jada was being asked about his beef with 50 Cent when Green coincidentally called him. The two spoke about their wins at the previous night's Mixtape Awards (see "Jadakiss Named Artist Of The Year At Mixtape Awards"), as well as discussing the 50/ Jada/ Fat Joe battle (see "Jadakiss Looking Forward To 'Airing 50 Cent's Ass Out' "). Jada had Green on speakerphone, and unbeknownst to Lantern, rolling cameras picked up the entire conversation.Green Lantern believed that 50 Cent would be upset by the talk, so rather than put Em in the position of choosing between the DJ and 50, the producer of Ludacris' "Number One Spot" left on his own. No longer affiliated with Sirius hip-hop channel Shady 45, the DJ now hosts the syndicated radio show "Mixtape Radio."While Jadakiss could not be reached to speak on the subject, Green Lantern and "The Come Up" producer Fendi had plenty to say.MTV News' Rahman Dukes got the whole story from DJ Green Lantern.
MTV: What exactly happened in this situation stemming from the DVD?
Green Lantern: Basically, I was recorded without my knowledge, speaking with Jadakiss about his response record to 50 Cent. ... There was a rumor going around that, in the conversation, I was giving Kiss inside information on what 50 was going to do. And that's really why I'm saying anything, because that is absolutely false.I will admit to the fact that I was speaking to Jadakiss, somebody that was in a rap battle with 50 Cent, but at the same time, Jada's my dude. I've worked with him for years, so it wasn't nothing for me to be talking with him. The inappropriate action on my part was when I'm commenting on his song, telling him, "That's a jab. Where's a knockout?" ... That was some bullsh--. It really looks like I wanted to take 50 Cent out, and there really isn't any feelings toward 50 Cent on my part, even though it looks like that. ... If I'm Green Lantern from Shady/ Aftermath and I shouldn't be commenting with Jadakiss on his song going at 50 Cent, at the same time I'm also an individual that has a relationship with this guy.
MTV So what would be the problem?
Green Lantern: Choosing to put the conversation on the DVD created an unfortunate situation. We have conversations with other people on the phone where other people's names are mentioned that you still mess with, but you wouldn't want that to go to the world. I didn't want to create a tension between Em and 50 with Em going to bat for me and all that when it's a crazy situation. For what? I'll just be out.
MTV: Have you seen the DVD?
Green Lantern: I saw it like two weeks ago, and I immediately put things in motion as far as notifying the powers that be and then trying to reach out to people, letting people know as far as Shady and what not. That's what you would do in that situation. I would want you to hear it from me rather than anybody else, because I know you're going to hear it.
MTV: What is your relationship with 50?
Green Lantern: I have no relationship with 50. I never really did. We were just kind of, "What's up?" you know? I might have had one- or two-minute conversations with him the whole three years. He does him, he goes all around the world and does his shows, his whole thing. I don't even want to comment on 50 Cent, because I don't even know him.
MTV: Did Eminem try to prevent you from leaving because you're part of his success?
Green Lantern: Nah. I think he knew it was that big. Before he even talked to 50, I told him, "Yo, listen. He's gonna tell you to get rid of me. He's going to say, 'Cut the grass and get the snakes out.' That's just what it is, how it looks on the tape." This is a mutual thing. It's a mutual break, a clean break down the middle.
MTV: Do you see a time when you rectify things and go back to making music with Shady?Green Lantern: I can't see that far into the future. I know that I just really want to hear what Jadakiss has got to say, though. I know I've got my own theories, but this ain't even like me to be talking. This is personal business. I don't want to seem like I'm talking on the Internet about things that's personal. It's personally got to get handled between me and him. Whether we work together or not, people are gonna see it.
MTV: It seems like you tried to stay neutral though the whole situation, because you never played any of the dis records.
Green Lantern: I thank you for that. I always wanted to put that out there. I felt like people would think it was petty, but I made it a point not to play any of those dis records.
MTV News' Shaheem Reid spoke with "The Come Up" producer Fendi and heard his side of things.
MTV: OK, Fendi — let's air it out. What happened with the whole Jadakiss and Green Lantern fiasco?
Fendi: Green Lantern is my man. I f--- with Green Lantern. I would never ever do nothing to f--- up Green Lantern's career. That n---a helped me. I got artists. I know better than to put a DJ against the wall when I know he helps me. Jadakiss is doing part two to the interview where he's talking about 50. [In the middle of the interview] Green Lantern calls Jadakiss' phone. Kiss don't know what Green Lantern is about to say on his phone. He put the n---a on speaker, like 'Yo, my n---a Green Lantern is calling me.' He's just adding to his interview. First thing Green says is, 'You hit him with a jab. Where's the knockout?' Kiss already has him on speaker. Green was like, '[G-Unit]'s mad ass n---as. This is hip-hop.' It was Green Lantern who contacted G-Unit with, 'Yo, I did a DVD. It's about to come out, and I look f---ed up on it.' He alarmed them.
MTV: So if you have the man on tape and he doesn't know, and you think he might look a little crazy on there, why not just edit it out?
Fendi: The point of the story is that Green called Jada and he started yapping at the mouth. Green felt that I could've edited it out, and you're right. But when you think about Green Lantern, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
MTV: Shady.
Fendi: You don't think about 50. I'm not thinking it's gonna be as big as it is. That sh-- is huge. I didn't think to edit it out. Plus my editor is one of them braniac n---as where he takes the words Green was saying, he has the words coming up on the bottom [of the screen]. You would think you was watching a subtitled Japanese movie or something. Now Green feels like, 'You and Jadakiss set me up.' I'm not speaking for Jadakiss, but he had no intention of violating Green Lantern. Green Lantern did all of that himself. Green Lantern called Jadakiss.
MTV: Have you talked to Green Lantern since all his happened?
Fendi: Green Lantern was calling me like 'Yo, Fendi. That's f---ed up what y'all did. You did me greasy. You was just being greedy.' I'm not a DVD n---a. Smack [of "Smack DVD"] is a DVD n---a. I'm just a n---a who had some footage of Biggie. I felt it was an outlet for my artist Gravy to win, but I don't eat or sleep for DVDs. I just have some exclusive footage, and now I'm winning. That Green Lantern sh-- was some sh-- Green brought on himself. My DVD was already going to be hot before Green Lantern called.
You knew there was no way Eminem was going to tour without a DJ. So when Green Lantern left the Shady camp a few weeks back amidst the controversy he caused with his appearance on the street DVD "The Come Up, Vol. 5," it was only a matter of time before a new turntablist filled the vacancy (see "DJ Green Lantern Explains Eminem Split").That time is now. Producer Alchemist, a frequent collaborator with Mobb Deep, has been given the nod by Slim Shady."It's a real step up for me. I'm excited, to say the least," Alchemist said Friday (May 13) in New York.Alchemist is managed by Em's manager, Paul Rosenberg, and Al's brother Neil also works with Rosenberg. The two recently called a meeting with the producer and offered him the position on the Anger Management 3 Tour, which he gladly accepted (see "Eminem, 50, Lil Jon, G-Unit, D12 Team Up For Anger Management 3 Tour This Summer"). Although fans know Al largely from his production work for such artists as the Mobb and Jadakiss, he's been a DJ for years."From day one, before getting with Mobb, I used to roll with Cypress Hill," he said. "I used to roll heavy with Muggs, setting up the turntables, getting that onstage experience for years. Moving to New York and getting down with the Mobb, the last three or four years, I've been doing shows with them, just experiencing the adrenaline and the rush."Al said he's also prepared for a role that may be more than just spinning records. Just like Green Lantern, he may be called on to give his input on how the show should go."I'mma play it by ear. This is Em's show. When it comes time, I will have my creative ideas, [but] I will also follow Em's ideas," he said. "I'm quick. I know Em's a perfectionist, and so am I. We both try to make things better. I already know all his and D12 and Obie Trice's music, but I'm studying it so I can know [the songs] like I know the Mobb stuff. I'm ready. Once I get my script, I'm on it. I'm taking this real serious now. I want to be the best DJ I can be, just like I want to be the best producer I can be."Going on tour doesn't mean Alchemist is going to slow up on beats, though. He says he'll have plenty of time to do both."Anybody who knows anything about touring knows there's a lot of downtime, a lot of long tour bus rides. I'm already loading up for the drives. I'll have more than enough stuff to do. Creative people vibe off each other. If I'm in a circle where I see Fif and Em and Jon everyday, that puts more juice into me. I remember when I was on the Smokin' Grooves Tour with Freddie Foxxx and Gang Starr. I was making beats on the back of the Cypress bus. I remember the energy. This is gonna be the 2005 version of that."Twista, Sheek Louch, Scarface, Tony Yayo and Pharoahe Monch are among the MCs he has already worked with. Lil Jon has also approached him about working with Lil' Scrappy. Meanwhile, Al and Mobb Deep are going to keep flooding the mixtape circuit because of their competitive natures."I been just dropping joints on the streets. To the mixtapes, to the DJs," he said. "To me, that's what's it's all about. Instead of me waiting to compile a bunch of joints, make an album and do numbers first week, through this period of time when I don't have an album, I want them to feel like these guys are the truth. Me and the Mobb have so many joints. We dropped this joint called 'I Got This.' I don't know what we're going to do with the record, but for now it's just a record to represent us for the summertime. If I have to take a little loss and just give it to the people, it serves its purpose. When I hear something hot on the radio, I feel like I gotta drop something next week." Basically to sum this story all up Green Lantern got caught out there trying to be an insigator. What a fuckin' dip shit.

The way real men water ski. Next year, Lake Gizzorge...Knuff Said! Buuwhut?

The new Necro and Ill Bill "Street Villians Vol. 2" soon to hit stores across the U.S. He has also lived up to his own expectations releasing 12 albums in 12 months. Downloaders will be beaten to death with street signs...Survivors will be shot in the head.
"...and at a fagit funeral you see alotta fuckin' men cry" ---Necro KCR Freestyle

Peace...I'm outtie 5000.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Ok, aparently our weekend friend Philly Vinegar has ended up in the hospital with some blood clotting problems. I've come to find out, that he has some health issues and shouldn't have been drinking in the first place. This info was givin to me late today and we all hope for his fast recovery. I guess he was way beyond sane and really didn't know that he did any of the stuff that happened. Nor does he even remember any of it. From the 12 packs of triple x, to the Ping Zing sand wedge, and the Abercrombie muscle tee that was left in the closet with bbq sauce all over it, we all had a good time as much as people thought that we didn't. Phil if you can hear us and have a laptop in the hospital.... GET WELL SOON! ps. I have your phone charger, let Danny know what you want me to do with it or where I can send it to you.

Everyone should hit up Red Robin as soon as you can after that place opens. We all know the way the word spreads around here and if you don't then "you betta ask somebody". I've been waiting for this spot to open ever since I injested my first Red Robin burger. If anyone has ever been to Dirty Dan's downtown, they know how good a burger with bacon and a fried egg on top is. Plain and simply put...the fuckin bomb! Stop your sleepin' if your van winkle ass hasn't touched one yet. The opening date for the Latham Farms location is June 5th. They will supply you with endless steak fries (go easy, don't eat too many) and a burger menu fit for...well we can't say that. How about, fit for a fat fuck. Cause that is exactly how you will feel walking out of that place. After eating like Lardass from Stand By Me you'll wanna join the shitter of the month club. Having the craziest milkshakes (Kelis go home), Freckled Lemonade (my personal fav), and a fully stocked bar you feel like you're at a Chuck E' Cheese without the bad pizza, piss stench ball pool, and crusty tokens. I can't wait either...can you?

...You feel the heat when you stand by me like River Phoenix ---Yak B@llz
Speaking of the Heat...

Tonites game should be a good one between the Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons. The series is tied 2 -2 for anyone who needs the info. Both teams really want a shot at the finals, but I think that the Heat may want it more. Dwayne Wade is just flat out too nasty, and when he wants to prove something, he does. In fact the Heat recently hired a Santa Claus look-a-like to smack the players in line with some Tae Bo tactics. Buuwhut?

"No pork sausages mom please hey..." --Das Efx
...No more whale bites and indian burns either. That nigga above looks like the dude from that old ass Nintendo game, Karnov.
-----EYE CANDY-----O-o---

Damaged Goods a.k.a. Britney Spears in London on vaca. Her show starts tonite on MTV...I'll be sure to deprogram channel 57 from my autoprogram list till this series is officially over. I still never even saw BET. That channel was never programmed. Can I get a Protesticle???? Buuwhut?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The weekend we all waited so patiently for has come to an abrupt end. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and didn't get too fat from all the jerky. Jaime and myself stayed for an extra night which acted more like a wind-down reality check for the both of us. As I was driving out of Lake George I thought to myself...Now how the hell am I gonna have a boat for next year and a house on the lake the year after that. We'll have to just make some more trips to NYC and hope for the extreme hook-up from someone who wants the dope beats.

Uh Oh...Some dudes just can't handle thier beer. I'd just like to say thanx to everyone who put up with that fucking douchebag Phil. I'd also like to apoligize for the way he acted and the fact that his broke ass caught the free ride for two days. That wasn't suppost to happen, and now I know who to invite and who not to. I know that I was constantly hounding everyone to bring food and to fork up some of the dough for the rooms. Sorry to have misled you about the split bill shit. I guess it worked out and I still have a ton of that food too, we may have to continue the festivities this coming weekend. Sure enough tho we always get that one asshole that takes advantage of everyone and doesn't give a fuck what he does or who's shit they break. JERKOFFS....fuckin JERKOFFS! We aren't 18 years old anymore and the place we stayed was far from a dump. We are grown men and women and we all should act that way. Danny did call me to apoligize for what happened with Phil "Salty Vinegar Chest" and his other friends, and I did thank him for that. I told him that I was mad about what happened, but more because it effected everyone elses good time and that it was unfair to them. I also told him that it was sad that his friend would disrespect him like that and take advantage of the situation that he was invited into. No one wants to be a babysitter on a weekend like that, that is of course unless you are babysitting Josh "Slosh". Much props to the whole gang (you know who youz are) that talked that fool into jumping into the lake at 2am. WOAH! funny shit, I can't wait to peep that video.
Anyway, $450 dollars worth of food, 6 cases of beer, 7 bottles of liquor, 3 new pairs of Jordans, 2 tattoos, 1hr of video footage, 1 golf club, 10 bags of ice, and 30+ blunts later, I think it was well worth it. Jaime and I offically claimed that this was by far the best time we had since we have been renting those places. Thank You all again for partying with us and we look forward to next year.

If you look close with a magnifying glass, you can still see some of Danny's Jerky barf on the townhouse deck. Until next year.
NEW BLOG COMING SOON...after I get over this hangover.