Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The weekend we all waited so patiently for has come to an abrupt end. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and didn't get too fat from all the jerky. Jaime and myself stayed for an extra night which acted more like a wind-down reality check for the both of us. As I was driving out of Lake George I thought to myself...Now how the hell am I gonna have a boat for next year and a house on the lake the year after that. We'll have to just make some more trips to NYC and hope for the extreme hook-up from someone who wants the dope beats.

Uh Oh...Some dudes just can't handle thier beer. I'd just like to say thanx to everyone who put up with that fucking douchebag Phil. I'd also like to apoligize for the way he acted and the fact that his broke ass caught the free ride for two days. That wasn't suppost to happen, and now I know who to invite and who not to. I know that I was constantly hounding everyone to bring food and to fork up some of the dough for the rooms. Sorry to have misled you about the split bill shit. I guess it worked out and I still have a ton of that food too, we may have to continue the festivities this coming weekend. Sure enough tho we always get that one asshole that takes advantage of everyone and doesn't give a fuck what he does or who's shit they break. JERKOFFS....fuckin JERKOFFS! We aren't 18 years old anymore and the place we stayed was far from a dump. We are grown men and women and we all should act that way. Danny did call me to apoligize for what happened with Phil "Salty Vinegar Chest" and his other friends, and I did thank him for that. I told him that I was mad about what happened, but more because it effected everyone elses good time and that it was unfair to them. I also told him that it was sad that his friend would disrespect him like that and take advantage of the situation that he was invited into. No one wants to be a babysitter on a weekend like that, that is of course unless you are babysitting Josh "Slosh". Much props to the whole gang (you know who youz are) that talked that fool into jumping into the lake at 2am. WOAH! funny shit, I can't wait to peep that video.
Anyway, $450 dollars worth of food, 6 cases of beer, 7 bottles of liquor, 3 new pairs of Jordans, 2 tattoos, 1hr of video footage, 1 golf club, 10 bags of ice, and 30+ blunts later, I think it was well worth it. Jaime and I offically claimed that this was by far the best time we had since we have been renting those places. Thank You all again for partying with us and we look forward to next year.

If you look close with a magnifying glass, you can still see some of Danny's Jerky barf on the townhouse deck. Until next year.
NEW BLOG COMING SOON...after I get over this hangover.