Wednesday, June 29, 2005


What happens when you've pissed all those lottery dollars (and dreams) away.

Good day my bloggy friends and fans...I'd like to start my bitching for the day with these lottery picks..uhhh I mean, pricks. Ok, Ok, sure, play like you don't know who they are...or are you one of them? Anyway, I'm really having a hard time understanding people that can't stop throwing thier money away to the stupid lottery. Seriously, if you are one of these fools, please find the closest mirror and ask yourself..."do I really think that I can win?" now very fast, answer yourself. I'll bet you 2 Lucky 7 scratch offs that you said "no" shithead. Now, smash the mirror and take the shards of glass and imbed them in your head. I know what your thinking..."why in my head?" here's why einstein...because you deserve to die for being stupid enough to believe that you could actually win more than $1,000.00 playing the lotto. Ever notice that even though they put up all the winning tickets there is never any that are really high in the pay off? The state of New York and a bunch of other states could print rolls and rolls of lotto tickets and even give $1,000,000 in payouts, you would never know how much they actually made that year. Now you are saying to yourself..."nah, it just carries over to the next drawing." WRONG!!!!, not on scratch off's fuckass...maybe with the pick 6, but how many people actually even won that. Not many, trust me, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I mean, they make me laugh with thier little lotto booklet that they keep all those losing tickets in, and thier retard mentality that yells at them when they have just won $2..."please, please...don't walk away a another losing ticket with those winnings, hell you may win another $2, what if you had never won...might as well just spend what you wouldn't have had." It's beyond funny now...when you get these budgethappy soccermoms that have three kids and one in the oven that they already can't support waiting on that lottery dream. Remember the slogan "all you need is a dollar and a dream." sounds easy enough, right? Too's what the slogan should've really been..."all you need is a dollar and a dream, and another dollar, and another dollar, and into infinity. Till your scraping change out of you neighbors car cushons at 3am with a double cheeseburger covered in Big Mac sauce on your mind. The best ones are the idiots that think that playing the same numbers everyday will increase thier chance...hahaha, you fools. Even poker players don't bet on pocket 10's if they come consistent. Lemme ask this...If you could walk away from a casino breaking even every time, would you go more often???? Sure you would...and if you could walk away from a horserace breaking even everytime would you take up handicapping...of course you would, you'd be a fuckin' fag not to. I can't be anymore clear here, just think of what you could've owned if you had every dollar you lost playing that fixed shit. A new house, a Ferrari, or even something small like a new set of golf clubs, or plazma tv. Your friends would've been in awe of you. But no...sadly enough you got ran by the state for more money...don't they get enough out of you with taxes, insurance, and surcharges for everything??? But yet you keep on playing...playing that losing game...just let me know when you wanna start paying me for making you look stupid as hell. I'll gladly give you my paypal account snakebrain.

C-Rayz Walz hosted MTV's Made tonite and for me this show meant a lot...aside from how funny it was, it just goes to show you that everyone is down to earth, but when it comes to hip-hop some people just know how to live it cause it's the norm to them. Ghostface Killah made a special appearance and gave the young "blizzard" some pointers on how to be original and how to scribble on a pad. Other appearances included Snoop and The Game. If you are lucky you may catch a encore performance some time next week. Tune in and find out what all the spit is about.

When you love your Range Rover just a little too much.

That's real sad when you have to crossdress and sneak up on your own vehicle to get a piece...and I wonder if this conserves on gas. This dude almost looks like this guy Brady I know from an old job. sup crust?

Ok dat's enough for today...more dumb shit to come...and if you don't like it...


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