Tuesday, July 12, 2005


...Make My Day Off.

Ok, so I've sucked on the blog tip lately, but we are going to be posting videos and music soon enough. There's not too much to talk about considering how buzy I've been. As you know the S.M.O.G. album is coming and will be mopping up all other releases in the underground hip hop category. The release date is set for sometime the last week in July depending on how the mixdown goes. Most of the songs were pre-mixed to begin with and the final mixdown with be done by none other than Dirty IO. There may be a few hidden tracks and also some unreleased collabos that could be released if I feel the need. Other than that we also can expect "Gone But Not Forgotten" series 2 to be better than the first. After loads of great feedback, and people rockin' the "wiggas know" tees, I think I may be on to something.

Bottles and Rockets...

Aight, hopefully none of you fools blew your hands off this 4th of July. They were talking about some crazy shit on Capital News 9 about how many firework accidents there are every season. It was pretty amazing concidering that I don't know anyone who buys legal fireworks. Guess it doesn't apply to me then. Taken from Capnews9: Hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 9,600 fireworks-related injuries in 2004. And while sparklers are common problems, firecracker injuries pose a threat as well. Notice they didn't even attempt to talk about the retards that think it's ok to hold Roman Candles in thier hands. Oh, and how could they think that other people have large human size dolls in thier backyard...and if they did, that they would test fireworks on them. That scares kids more than the noise itself...what a bunch of idiots. I say let your kid blow off a finger or three and then they know not to play with fireworks that they bought from an old Italian guy in a busted '72 beetle. I still remember having Jumpin' Jack fights in the back of the bus on the way to school...boy that stunk like shit.
Funny as Shit.

If you do not own this box set you need to go purchase it. This will have you and your high ass friends cracking up till your abs are in shape. This is a great addition to any party...birthday, Halloween, 4th, after hours, theme, whatever...just pop the dvd's in and prepare to cry. If you don't know yet...there has also been 2 trilogy dvds released and a x-rated version of the more popular "cky2k" . All are worth the money, and all have people getting shitted on in them. Grrreeat.

"Did he just say Fuckabees?????!"

They must be listening to that bangin' joint that I produced recently for the AKIRA Project...Or could it be the "take a leak" promo for the S.M.O.G. album...well, anyways let's discuss some shit that YOU could relate to. Recently I purchased the dvd "I Heart Huckabees" and if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it. If you are into movies that are a little weird with a comic twist this is the flick for you. Starring a lineup of famous faces, they explore how everything and everyone are connected, but at the same time everything in nature has it's own seperate path and are not connected..sound crazy??? Go rent that shit and watch it for yourself. You'll be glad you spent the chedda.

Danny Way: Out There

Danny Way just jumped The Great Wall Of China on his trusty skateboard. Travelling over 50mph he completed the task not once, but three times with all different spins on each jump. Check It. This is to new for a video, but I'll try to post it up soon.

"We'll always love BIG Poppa..."

In recent news, the family of the late Biggie Smalls has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the L.A.P.D. They claimed that they (the LAPD) intentionaly hid evidence including wire taps and audio documents that could've helped aid in the investigation and search for the murderer of the Notorious B.I.G. I can't wait to see VH1's new version of the Biggie special with all the new leads in the case. They probably will not release, nor start filming interviews until the case is solved and over with. This could sway or cause unwanted problems in the already sketchy investigation. Read about it here.

Remix The World...

DJ's Bake and Rocc1 are putting on a show of all remixes, mashups, and blends by local producers and dj's...you didn't think they were gonna get away without playing some vinylcologist remixes, did ya?????? I've created a few brand new remixes along with some exclusive blends for tonites show. If you want the real hip-hop shit local or non-local you can tune in live every Tuesday from 8pm - 2am by going to the website http://wcdb.albany.edu/
or you just click the direct winamp/media link here. I may even make an appearance on his show to give out some goodies. Tune in and zone out.


********VH1 Special Update!!!!!!!********

VH1 has launched the new season of reality TV shows that have yet to live up the last season's hilarious episodes. Celebrity Fit Club 2 stars Gary Busey, Phil Margera (Bam's dad), The Snapple Lady, and a bunch of other overweight nobodys. Just Busey alone is gonna make this show a success because that dude is def not living in the same world we are...it's almost like he got real coked up and never came down. The first episode was just the cast picking teams, weight loss targets, and balancing the oversized scale. It should be funny, but not as good as the first season...we can only hope.

Hogan Knows Best is new show added to the lineup and after watching the first episode I can already tell that this is gonna suck...although I'm really not to sure what I would do if a girl took me home to meet her parents and her dad ended up being Hulk Hogan. This show would have been such a better idea if it was called "Busey knows best".

The new season of The Surreal Life looks to me like it is gonna be better than all previous seasons. After seeing the first episode (and believe me it was an episode) I was already waiting on the previews for next week. The house was decorated in circus flare and came complete with a dog...a three legged dog named lucky. This should add some tention to the already livid crew. If you want a great laugh and don't feel like popping in your George Carlin cds I encourage you to check this shit out. If it sucks i'll let you kick me in the balls. Happy now.?

EYE CANDY -----------O-0--------------

More blogs to come, enjoy the view.

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