Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The Comeback of the Year.

Due to being a buzy ass I have to apoligize to everyone who checks this on a regular basis. I've been so buzy with projects and work that I haven't been able to put the proper time in. There's been a ton of things going on and even more to bitch about. In some recent underground hip-hop publications Rawkus Records has just signed a distribtion deal with Sony/BMG and expects to have some artists released before the end of 2005. This being the same label that helped Mos Def break into movies and pop culture, and also helped a ton of underground rookies gain a claimstake in the world of raw beats and breaks. One bad thing about this is that rumors have circulated about how they screwed people out of money and some even out of thier own masters. When you are under the radar tho it really doesn't matter who owns the long as you can still collect off them. It gonna be great to see them releasing records again, but I'm curious who is going to risk trust for a shot at the bigtime.

To Quit, or not to Quit...

It almost took me by surprise when I answered a phone call from Jack of all Trades...or maybe now I should just start calling him Jim, because he has announced that he may be hanging up music all together. Whatever the case may be I told him that I could never stop...this shit is too much a part of me to give it up. I've invested way more than I should've when it comes to time, money, and sacrifice. Everyone can think what they may...but a determined man doesn't stop, it may be just a hobbie, or a quick way to make money to some people, but to me this is life, my end of the rainbow (no homo), and the only bitch that has never done me wrong in life. Yes, I admit I should be a lot further in my career than I am now, but I just really don't know what it is that keeps holdin' me back. I have a 4 year degree in Music Industry and I'm still struggling to get my shit heard and get away from these shitty 9-5's. Maybe I just haven't caught my golden ticket...One thing that all you can count on...I will be there. If it takes me 20 more years I could give 2 shits, I love what I do and I'm one of the best at it. That's why I couldn't leave this game if I tried. Bottom Line...If Jim quits I'm laughing. Hard. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he dosen't though. There's too much talent in those pussysmelling fingertips of his.

New Mike Jones f. Jay-Z...remember where you heard it first...not on clue's cd. assnaps.
"Like a blind man at an orgy, I was gonna have to feel things out."
EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!! Origin f. Justice - Good -prod. by The Vinylcologist
...brand spankin new taken from the album "This Is Me" ta ta ttold jew we wuz gonna be putting more audio up in dis piece. These links will self destruct after a week.

The Dunk Hemp Edition...(extremely rare) currently I'm working on a tribute to all who are obsessed with Nike and thier sneaker lines. I won't expose too much about what it is, but to a tru sneakfreak it will be the mecca of all footwear tributes. Speaking about shoe, don't forget now...Bobbito's show. "It's The Shoes"!!!!! ...still going on you know?

After a few more skits, chorus', and level adjustments the new S.M.O.G. album will be done and ready for press. Special thanks to Pope for the use of the studio and the superproducer discount. Let's get this $$$$$$$ from Sony. Dickheads.
Recently Elliott Spitzer set up a sting operation to expose the amount of payola that is goin on in the music business. Part of which is why we got shelved and why Lil' Flip's cornball ass is still selling records. Not because he's good or anything, more because his label has greased the palms of so many disc jockey's
it isn't even close to being kosher. I've always respected Spitzer even though he looks like he bit a manhole cover, but this will be a win for the ages and upcoming artists everywhere. Read mo bout dat shiiiiiitt huuuuur.
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Julianne Moore. nice n smooth.

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