Friday, March 23, 2012


The new Bumpy Knuckles/ DJ Premier collab drops this coming Tuesday. It's been a long wait for the album, and I can tell you it was totally worth the wait. I've had an advance copy of the Kolexxxion LP for some time now and it is getting a ton of spin in my Iphone. Support that real grit and pre order the album here. I couldn't help myself and had to post this little preview. Also know that the song 'BAP', the first single off the album was made for Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, but was sent in too late. I wish I had those problems as a producer, damn. Enjoy.

01. Stoodiotyme [02:41]
02. Fake [03:12]
03. That Preemo Shit [02:55]
04. TakeIt2TheTop [02:51]
05. Inspired By Fire [02:05]

Download "stoodiotyme"

Man Bites Dog Records are proud to present the offical music video for Copywrite's "Workahol" song off of his new album God Save The King. Song is produced by Stu Bangas. Video was shot and directed on location in South Africa by Tumi Motang ( for inquires). Please support underground hip hop and independent music by buying this album today.
Cop the new Copy album here.


Hardknock TV caught up with Curren$y at SXSW for a Q&A segment. Spitta speaks on performing at SXSW, how he linked up with Styles P to release #The1st28 EP & his upcoming Stone Immaculate project, which he hopes to have out by June. Watch the interview up above and be on the look out for another EP from Spitta, this time around, the New Orleans native will release the project with producer Harry Fraud. I told you not to sleep on Lamusica De Harry Fraud.


The latest video "Forever (feat. Large Professor)" from Gensu Dean's debut album "Lo-Fi Fingahz". This was directed by Calvan Fowler for DayDream Film Works. 2012. Gensu Dean is on the come up and has more projects with people we all know in the works. In the meantime you can grab his album on Itunes. If you are a vinyl collector like myself, head over to Fatbeats or click on the banner below and grab the limited electric blue edition of it.

Download "forever"

"see ya, and I wouldn't want to be ya" -nino

Thursday, March 15, 2012



Mass Appeal magazine is back and they come to you with the official SXSW mixtape featuring hip hops finest up and coming artists. No download yet, but as soon as it's available I'll let you know. In the meantime just rock the stream.

Mass Appeal SXSW 2012 Mixtape by massappeal


New @Nas supposedly produced by Saalam Remi and Heavy D. This joint knocks and he may even be getting his groove back when selecting his beats. Nasty was dope and this is cool, but you know he always saves the conceptual joints for his full length. Good beat selection or not, I will take Nas ova Jay and Yay any day.

Download "Don"


Monday, March 12, 2012



Film what you want, just spell my name right.



New Action and Party Supplies presented by Complex Mag and Reebok. Most of these songs you probably already heard or have if you are a true Bronson fan. Others are exclusive and it is a cool listen. One thing I don't like is that people are claiming that Party Supplies is the next great producer to come out of NYC. If that was the case he wouldn't be using all the same old drum loops that have been overused in hip hop already. Anyone can take the impeach beat or the cracker breaks, loop it and put a few sounds over it. When you get a chance to work with some of the best in the game you should take into consideration that you are in a position that a ton of producers would love to be in. If Danny Brown never came out would anyone know who he was? Everyone was flipping out over the "hookers at the point" track, claiming it was a great track, even Dante Ross, I played it once and hated it, for me, no replay value whatsoever with that song. I know Party Supplies has other talents, because the other half of this record is just that, original digs, and ideas. For all I know Bronson himself could've asked Supplies to flip up some of the samples he picked. It's a ok listen like I said, and I know I'm being blunt, but I see my argument as relevant. Either way, support and enjoy the mixtape, lord knows Bronson doesn't need anymore help promoting, but I am a huge supporter of his music, smart crew, and whatever else he has going on, hence my post. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I will say what I feel because I'm not as fake as half these other fucks on blogs and sites just looking for a handout . That's why you continue to come back and check this blog, because you know it's going to be a straight and honest opinion regardless if you are my friend or not. No frills. For me Action Bronson is becoming exactly what I wished he wouldn't... another artist that is sacrificing quality for quantity and becoming played out just like everything else in hip hop culture. Bronsolino has 3 other albums in the works including 2 already completed. Here is what is due out soon from Action in 2012...

"Rare Chandeliers" entirely produced by The Alchemist
"Saab Stories" entirely produced by Harry Fraud
"Mr. Wonderful" entirely produced by Tommy MAS (who also produced his debut album Dr. Lecter and is the producer for Duck Down's Team Facelift) that is... if they are still with DD.

01. Pouches Of Tuna ft. Roc Marciano
02. Steve Wynn (previously released via youtube)
03. Tan Leather
04. Double Breasted
05. Thug Love Story 2012
06. Hookers At The Point (previously released via youtube)
07. Dreamer
08. Ron Simmons
09. Expensive Pens ft. Meyhem Lauren
10. 9-24-11
11. Arts & Leisure ft. Kool AD
12. Intercontinental Champion
13. 5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps
14. Blue Chips (previously released via internet)
15. 103 And Roosy
16. Tapas (previously released on rosenberg popchips comp.)

Download "Blue Chips"

You know I couldn't give you just one.


Here's a best of 2011 done by HHIR. This should get you caught up if you've been sleeping on Bronson. No tracklist, sorry, but the good news is there is no DJ on any of these.

Download "bronsolino"

Friday, March 09, 2012



I was never a BIG fan of Biggie. I liked him just about as much as I like everyone else in hip hop. 2Pac also had a ton of fans and I can't hate on that, and I viewed him the same way. I just didn't see why everyone claimed that he was the GOAT or the best to ever do it. He was wonderful at bridging the gap between underground and commercial, but remember all that jiggy shit ruined some of the culture of hip hop. Yes, other artists did it back in the day but only after they struggled. BIG was lucky to have great believers around him. It wasn't just BIG's lyrics that made him famous, a large part of it was his producers like Primo, Easy Mo Bee, and The Hitmen. On BIG's birthday I didn't load up a playlist of all Biggie, or post old pix of him, or tweet his lines like a true fan would. I acknowledged it, and moved on as I do every year. I really don't view him any higher on the totem pole than anyone else. To be honest his 'Ready to Die' album was great from end 2 end, but I can't tell you the last time I played it. Probably 5 years ago. It's unfortunate what happened to him in his prime, and we will never get to see the true potential and influence he would've had working with the artists of today. I figured I'd post this mix because Mister Cee was the guy who found BIG, and gave him his shot. Not Ditty. Puff just had the money to back him and push his product putting the moves into motion. If BIG was still underground I'm convinced he would still be around today ripping up kids on street corners. Everyone and their mothers had a BIG post on the anniversary of his death and that is exactly why I didn't do one. I backdated this post to March 9th just so that it would be relevant to the anniversary. I couldn't not put something up and have people claiming that I didn't care or that I wasn't a "true fan of hip hop" because I didn't show love. This is the 3 hour tribute mix from Hot97 for all of you to enjoy. They say "Spread love is the Brooklyn way", but wait, I'm not from Brooklyn now am I. Maybe that's what it is.

Download "The BIG Tribute"

Tuesday, March 06, 2012



Today is the day that the lords have made. The 7 song EP is here on schedule. This entire release is free of swear words and totally radio friendly.
The all instrumental Sinderblock EP will be available soon, but I'm sure for some of you, not soon enough. Until then enjoy the fruits of our labor.


01 Say Peace 04:43
02 Right and Exact 03:39
03 Sacrifice 03:56
04 Life Sentance 04:09
05 Represent 'chall 03:00
06 Step Lightly 03:57
07 Go Bonkers Feat. Dephyant and Gorilla Tao 03:41

TOTAL 27:05 min

Download "Sinderblock"

You know this is sittin' on here for a minute. Don't lose hope if you don't see new post for a few days. I need some time off anyway.

Say peace!

Sunday, March 04, 2012



Brand new beats...well, some are new some he did for rappers albums. The Alchemist brings us part 2 in his Rappers Best Friend series. You know it's always heat whe Alan the chemist hits the boards. Be sure to tip your doorman on the way out.


01 The Alchemist - Chemistry Wars
02 The Alchemist - Ten Dollars
03 The Alchemist - Perfection
04 The Alchemist - Lullabye (curren$y)
05 The Alchemist - Gangster Shit Pt. 1
06 The Alchemist - Gangster Shit Pt. 2
07 The Alchemist - The Microphone
08 The Alchemist - Pain
09 The Alchemist - Far Left
10 The Alchemist - Death Wish
11 The Alchemist - Wet Wipes (cam ron)
12 The Alchemist - Whole Lotta Thug
13 The Alchemist - Killing Me
14 The Alchemist - The Meeting (prodigy)

Download "PT.2"


This is required listening for those tender, gentle, fantastic romantic moments, when you need to get ‘buck nutty’ with that special friend of yours. The Rickster accompanies DJ Smoke L.E.S. adding his trademark and joyously ’round the way’ ramblings… courtesy of NO B.S. Allowed and

Download "eccentric mixtape"

This guy is in my eyes the best NYC street photographer to ever do it.
Check some of his work.

The Knickerbockers

Louie Whip


L.L. and Troop



Fab 5 Freddy


Milk Gallery

Self Made

...and here's the previous mixtape and notes as well.


"New York City based lifestyle agency and creative collective TheGoodLife! has partnered with famed photographer and noted music historian Ricky Powell and OG DJ Smoke L.E.S. to produce The Funky Uncle’s Park Bench Mixtape.

Released on the occasion of his 50th birthday, The Funky Uncle’s Park Bench Mixtape is Ricky Powell’s sonic interpretation of what it means to live TheGoodLife! and features a collection of rare tracks from the golden era of funky jazz . Curated to, in his words “be like a collage of colorful characters who make the kind of music that enhances the ambiance of any occasion,” the mix is nearly an hour and a half of funk flavor sprinkled with Ricky-isms.

The Funky Uncle’s Park Bench Mixtape was mixed by DJ Smoke L.E.S., another NYC native and music purist who had this to say about the project, “To be in the realm of an iconic figure like Ricky Powell, whose credibility speaks for itself, was amazing and I was humbled and honored to take part. Ricky’s music knowledge is incredible he’s literally like an encyclopedia.”

Download "park bench mixtape"Link


The new Godfathers is set to drop so I had to post this prelude to the massacre.

01 Kool G Rap – What’s More Realer Then That
02 Necro – Thugcore Cowboy
03 Kool G Rap – In Too Deep
04 Necro – F.U.B.A.R.
05 Kool G Rap – Typical N*gga
06 Necro – First Blood
07 Kool G Rap – The Life
08 Necro – Brutalized
09 Kool G Rap – Fight Club
10 Necro – Braaains
11 Kool G Rap – Wishful Thinking
12 Necro – Keep On Driving
13 Kool G Rap – Real Life
14 Necro – No Remorse
15 Kool G Rap – Let The Games Begin
16 Necro – Creepy Crawl
17 Kool G Rap – The Realest remix
18 Necro – Revenge
19 Kool G Rap – Foul Cats
20 Necro – South Of Heaven
21 Kool G Rap – Stick To Ya Gunz
22 Necro – Do It
23 Kool G Rap – No More Mister Nice Guy
24 Necro – Who’s Ya Daddy?
25 Kool G Rap – I Ain’t Trickin’
26 Necro – Edge Play
27 Kool G Rap – Hey Mister Mister
28 Necro – Who*e
29 Kool G Rap – Keep It Swingin’
30 Necro – You B**ches Love To Get Fucked In The Azz
31 Kool G Rap – Executioner Style
32 Necro – Beautiful Music For You To Die To
33 Kool G Rap – Take ‘Em to War
34 Necro – Death Rap
35 Kool G Rap – Blowin’ Up in the World
36 Necro – Watch Ya Toes
37 Kool G Rap – Ghetto Knows
38 Necro – Dead Body Disposal
39 Kool G Rap – Two 2 The Head
40 Necro – Poetry In The Streets
41 Kool G Rap – 4,5,6
42 Necro – 12 King Pimp Commandments
43 Kool G Rap – F**k U Man
44 Necro – I Need Drugs
45 Kool G Rap – Crime Pays
46 Necro – Your Fu**in’ Head Split
47 Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues
48 Necro – I’m Sick Of You
49 Kool G Rap – On The Run
50 Necro – Underground

Download "pre kill"


The brand new video from the homie Chris Webby who recently sold out Northern Lights in Clifton Park. That was a dope show and he is one of the coolest artists I've ever met. This kid is creating his own buzz without a major label or help from radio spins, all on the independant tip. He is a talented emcee that can hold his own freestyling with the best of them. For this tour he brought his father on the road to play guitar and he also kills it. Shouts out to Chris, Dana, DJ Semi and the rest of the fam for showing people that hard work in this industry pays off. Be on the look for a Chris Webby / NINJAHAZE / Treeshurts collabo coming soon.

Download Link"gone"


Representing Renegades And Squadron
Congrats To Roxrite For Winning RedBull BC One
P. Diddy - I'm Coming Home
DJ Four Eyez - Hometown Glory Mix


Thursday, March 01, 2012



Back going all Gumby gold in ya faces is STS a.k.a. Sugar Tone Slim. This guy is on the come up and now this is the second time I am bringing him to your attention. Staying with the 'gold' theme and inspiration, Slim flips over some favorites and brings a few people in on this new mixtape. Like him or not, He has his own lane and definitely his own style of sound. He tends to pick a ton of bouncy, dance sample based tracks. Go back thru the blog and download his Illustrious CD as well. I'm not a huge fan of dough flashin, but it was one of my favorite's of 2011. If i'm lucky enough he will see this and maybe I'll get a chance to send him a few beats.

Download "gold rush"


From what I have heard this record was pulled from streaming, due to Blu not clearing it with Stonesthrow. Either way I'm sure this isn't the last version you will hear. Hence, why I am marking it as a promo. The sound quality is all over the place, but if you follow Blu, you know that some of his shit is totally random level style. Yes, that is the real cover.

Download "UCLA"


This dropped just a few days ago. I love both these emcees, so I couldn't help myself. You probably already have it, but if not, you know we got you. Remember, blogging is also a form of journalism, in which I have many journals... that have been on many journeys. Actually, more journeys than the girl who left her husband for the guitar player in Journey. Court Adjourned.

Download "the 1st 28"


The new disc entirely produced by Jake One by Fatal Lucciauno. He has a ton of music out there and if you want to grab some of it head to his bandcamp page.

Download "the message"


Sheek and Ghost flip over each others jawns. No need to say any more. This project is shaping up to be amazing. Hopefully, it won't be a letdown.

Download 'classics'


The latest from Mirk based right here in the Cap DI. This joint features King Dreams.
Go and grab Mirk's new album and the limited edition Treeshurt (if still available) . You will be ultra mega proud of yourself later.

Till the next time compadres'.