Friday, March 09, 2012



I was never a BIG fan of Biggie. I liked him just about as much as I like everyone else in hip hop. 2Pac also had a ton of fans and I can't hate on that, and I viewed him the same way. I just didn't see why everyone claimed that he was the GOAT or the best to ever do it. He was wonderful at bridging the gap between underground and commercial, but remember all that jiggy shit ruined some of the culture of hip hop. Yes, other artists did it back in the day but only after they struggled. BIG was lucky to have great believers around him. It wasn't just BIG's lyrics that made him famous, a large part of it was his producers like Primo, Easy Mo Bee, and The Hitmen. On BIG's birthday I didn't load up a playlist of all Biggie, or post old pix of him, or tweet his lines like a true fan would. I acknowledged it, and moved on as I do every year. I really don't view him any higher on the totem pole than anyone else. To be honest his 'Ready to Die' album was great from end 2 end, but I can't tell you the last time I played it. Probably 5 years ago. It's unfortunate what happened to him in his prime, and we will never get to see the true potential and influence he would've had working with the artists of today. I figured I'd post this mix because Mister Cee was the guy who found BIG, and gave him his shot. Not Ditty. Puff just had the money to back him and push his product putting the moves into motion. If BIG was still underground I'm convinced he would still be around today ripping up kids on street corners. Everyone and their mothers had a BIG post on the anniversary of his death and that is exactly why I didn't do one. I backdated this post to March 9th just so that it would be relevant to the anniversary. I couldn't not put something up and have people claiming that I didn't care or that I wasn't a "true fan of hip hop" because I didn't show love. This is the 3 hour tribute mix from Hot97 for all of you to enjoy. They say "Spread love is the Brooklyn way", but wait, I'm not from Brooklyn now am I. Maybe that's what it is.

Download "The BIG Tribute"

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