Thursday, June 02, 2005


Ok, aparently our weekend friend Philly Vinegar has ended up in the hospital with some blood clotting problems. I've come to find out, that he has some health issues and shouldn't have been drinking in the first place. This info was givin to me late today and we all hope for his fast recovery. I guess he was way beyond sane and really didn't know that he did any of the stuff that happened. Nor does he even remember any of it. From the 12 packs of triple x, to the Ping Zing sand wedge, and the Abercrombie muscle tee that was left in the closet with bbq sauce all over it, we all had a good time as much as people thought that we didn't. Phil if you can hear us and have a laptop in the hospital.... GET WELL SOON! ps. I have your phone charger, let Danny know what you want me to do with it or where I can send it to you.

Everyone should hit up Red Robin as soon as you can after that place opens. We all know the way the word spreads around here and if you don't then "you betta ask somebody". I've been waiting for this spot to open ever since I injested my first Red Robin burger. If anyone has ever been to Dirty Dan's downtown, they know how good a burger with bacon and a fried egg on top is. Plain and simply put...the fuckin bomb! Stop your sleepin' if your van winkle ass hasn't touched one yet. The opening date for the Latham Farms location is June 5th. They will supply you with endless steak fries (go easy, don't eat too many) and a burger menu fit for...well we can't say that. How about, fit for a fat fuck. Cause that is exactly how you will feel walking out of that place. After eating like Lardass from Stand By Me you'll wanna join the shitter of the month club. Having the craziest milkshakes (Kelis go home), Freckled Lemonade (my personal fav), and a fully stocked bar you feel like you're at a Chuck E' Cheese without the bad pizza, piss stench ball pool, and crusty tokens. I can't wait either...can you?

...You feel the heat when you stand by me like River Phoenix ---Yak B@llz
Speaking of the Heat...

Tonites game should be a good one between the Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons. The series is tied 2 -2 for anyone who needs the info. Both teams really want a shot at the finals, but I think that the Heat may want it more. Dwayne Wade is just flat out too nasty, and when he wants to prove something, he does. In fact the Heat recently hired a Santa Claus look-a-like to smack the players in line with some Tae Bo tactics. Buuwhut?

"No pork sausages mom please hey..." --Das Efx
...No more whale bites and indian burns either. That nigga above looks like the dude from that old ass Nintendo game, Karnov.
-----EYE CANDY-----O-o---

Damaged Goods a.k.a. Britney Spears in London on vaca. Her show starts tonite on MTV...I'll be sure to deprogram channel 57 from my autoprogram list till this series is officially over. I still never even saw BET. That channel was never programmed. Can I get a Protesticle???? Buuwhut?