Saturday, June 25, 2005


It's Official!!!! I just got the cover back today and I was very impressed with Mastodon Media...They even had those shit pre cut and on some hard card cover shit. (thx derrick and rich, hope you like the cage) The original release date was set for Memorial day weekend, but fuck ain't like I got this mass following of fans camping outside my house. (i wish).., but anyway maybe someday. I'm going to do what I can to get this on all the top mixtape sites along with other releases from my catalog. Oh, and don't even ask me what's on it...if you have to ask dipshit, it ain't for you. You'll get a tracklisting when you cough up the lute.
WTF U Looking At! Bitch.

If you love the movie Rocky and would like merchandise from the movie...hit up the website.

You knew it was coming...My long awaited review of Quizno's Subs.
A new Quizno's just opened in Green Island and in Troy, and by the looks of it everyone is biting. I tried to go there last week, but changed my mind when 5 cars pulled up and all rushed to the front door. I was pissed...hungry as hell, wanting to try some toast on my tastebuds and I cruzed on by. When I passed the place there was like one car in the parking I figured that I would just pull and U turn and go for broke. After pulling into the parking lot I was surprized to see that in less than 20seconds there were 4 people walking up to the door and now a full parking lot. BULLSHIT!!!!...I was so mad I droke reckless out of there and ended up no eating shit. A few days later we decieded to try again...even though we had to wait 15 minutes to order, and another 10 for the new employees to make the sub, it was good. Subway and Mr. Subb are gonna have a run for thier money. The prices are a few dollars higher at Quizno's, but in my eyes it is well worth it. Chicken Carbonara is the shizzznit.
Eye Candy ---------0-O------------

Vida Guerra...Yum.

Tyrone Shoelaces.

Bobbito a.k.a. DJ Cucumber Slice has scored a deal with ESPN2 for a new show called "It's The Shoes". All the beats are done by DJ Mighty Mi and the first episode featured Spike Lee talking about why he is a sneakerfreak. The retro hunters aren't a secret anymore and for me they weren't a few years ago. It was just myself and a few the shit is beginning to get out of hand with the throwback jerseys. All companies that have died in the past are trying to cash in on this phase of the old school classic kicks. I mean seriously...if you see someone trying to rock a pair of British Knights, talking about "these shits are hot yo, they're retro." Do me a favor and kick them in the knees, then bitchslap that stupid thought right outta thier head as soon as they hit the floor. That shit ain't retro...Variants (fakes made to look exactly like the real thing) aren't retro, they're mass produced by little chinese kids and are sold with boxes and retro cards to make you think that they are worth your money. See the FAQ section of for more info on the fakeness that is out there circulating today. And oyu better be damn sure to check out ESPN's Sneaker Bracket and vote for you favorite pair of kicks. I'm out to go buy the new '90's that just dropped.

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