Thursday, May 26, 2005


Special American Idol Update!!!!!!!!

Last night was the night that every yokel in love with American Idol was waiting for. The showdown between Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood. From the beginning I picked Carrie to win, this was even before they were in Hollywood. The girl is extremely photogenic and not to mention she can blow. Not dicks...with her voice I mean, get you dickhead out of the gutter there calamari breath. Anyway, because Bo was so laid back I think that he kinda shot himself in the balls with the voters. He just tried to act a little too cool for everyone. We all know that in the music bizness you have to be cheezy to sell records, simpleton. You also have to know people to get put on...forget talent...that shit is tossed out the door when they know that you can make them (the industry leeches) money to paid for thiers cars, houses, and boats. If you are marketable than that is another added bonus that they view as 1,000,000 more records sold. The real reason why Bo didn't only is he a little concieded, but everyone felt sorry for Carrie because she made them. Bo acted like he could give a fuck what people though...and we all know what happens when you don't give a fuck. The voters take on the same mind state. Plus a lot of Bo's fans were to reliant on him winning, meaning that they may have not voted as many times as before. To bring this gay ass blog entry to a close, I just wanna say thank you Carrie for proving all these grungy muthafuckers wrong. Bo...go back to that weak band of yours and write some songs about how you shouldn't have acted like you had the shit won. Carrie...I'll be waiting in your bedroom with just Timberland boots, a box of halls cough drops and a pitched tent, see you when you get home. Don't forget to bring you friend Mikalah Gordon home. I know she wants me too. No woman can resist going to The Vinylcologist. ;)


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