Thursday, May 19, 2005


Haven't touched up da blog in a minute so I feel like I owe all of you. I'll make it worth wild...I promise. Jack of all Trades and myself recently went on a crate digging mission in Saratoga (Land of Milfs) at Last Vestage. Beforehand, I got to witness Jack indulging in his first Red Robin Hamburger. I told him to take it easy on the fries, but he didn't. I told him to go light on the mayo, but he didn't. I told him to ask the chicks next to us to go digging for records too, but again, he didn't. Although he had a smile that would make Sammy Davis Jr. look like a chump, I knew that he was gonna be feeling that quarter pounder rush to the gut after his third iced tea. I was just plain hurt, trying to smoke to the last bit of dignity I had away. Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Red Robin. To me that place is just like a Chuck E Cheeses' with a fully stocked bar. I can't wait to go back for more Freckled Lemonade and USDA classic ass droppage.
During our digtime we came across some bomb samples (some of which I have already used) and a strip of 45's marked down to a quarter a piece. The thing that freeked me out about Vestage was that the employees were all looking at me like I was gonna steal shit from thier dollar bins. Gimme a break buddy, I got enough shit records of my own sitting around that keep finding thier way home after i throw them in the trash. Thanx for the Santana Joints though you fuckfaces. At the end of the day I spent around $35 on records and food. I guess Rachel Ray should watch out, I can get buzy on $40 a day. Boink!

All I wanna know is why? Why would you cut you hair off? Why would you wanna look like a Sinead O'Connor look-a-like. Why would this help her career? Why... are they releasing a G.I. Jane 2? Why did Jada Pinkett think that shit was cool? Why is Jadakiss' song not played anymore? Why does Adrian Brody's picture come up when I search this bitches name? Why am I wasting my time even on this hoe? Why? Why.

By The New York Times
SEATTLE, May 16 - Jason Giambi said Monday that he was finished talking about the Yankees' standing offer that he go to the minors to regain his batting stroke. Giambi was annoyed that the offer, made by General Manager Brian Cashman and Manager Joe Torre in a meeting last Tuesday, became public knowledge. "I said what I needed to say," Giambi said before Monday night's game against the Seattle Mariners. "It's done and over with, and move on."
But Giambi remains convinced that someone in the organization leaked information about his meeting with Cashman and Torre to the news media.
"I was ambushed," Giambi said.
Giambi, who did not speak to reporters after his game-deciding double in Oakland on Sunday, said he did not know what the Yankees would do with him at the end of this trip.
Giambi, 3 for 12 in the three games in Oakland, started again at designated hitter Monday night and was 1 for 4.
"I have no idea," Giambi said. "I can only control what I can control."
But Giambi said he no longer felt lost after working with the Yankees' hitting coach, Don Mattingly, which is why he didn't want to get sent down.
"I wanted to work a few things out," Giambi said. "There's definitely progress."
Yeah, there's progress, it's just too bad it has nothing to do with your career you baby of a meathead mother. Question of the day: Should Giambi be forced to give back his 2002 Home Run Derby trophy to the MLB since he was probably juiced up during that competition? ...Should he be able to keep it and have to take more abuse from the Yankee's bullpen and the unforgiving fans? Or....Should he have to drive it to Sammy Sosa's house and then make a special trip to the Century 21 winner and tell them that he cheated to get them that nice new house they live in? Any one of these would do justice and make me happy. I've always hated much that his name dosen't even deserve to be capitalized. The only Yank I hated more was Scott "arsenio ass" Broscous. Enough about that tho.

Still a bitch... and always a bitch. From what I hear Barry plans to try to slip his way into retirement by using the good 'ol bum knee excuse. I just think that he wants to sit home and show his kids how to cheat at all the reindeer games. Sorry, Barry...actually...nah, fuck you. Go eat a cockskin sammich.

The new Star Wars Movie hit theaters this week and wouldn't you know it... a few copies have been circulating on the internet already. I guess they didn't check those stormtroopers helmets for micro cams and mini mics. I believe that this will only hype the film more because who wants to sit home watching a bootnik copy of the new Star Wars movie. The whole point of the film is based on a new story with new characters and special effects, and the only special effects you get in a bootleg is assholes getting up every five minutes to get soda and popcorn or when the battery on the persons camcorder is going low. Now we all know that dat ain't fun. Pay the money and stop searching for the shit on the net you cyberwhorez.
Enough of this shit...


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