Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The green leaf is dead. The Cigarellos is where the shit is at...that is if you can find them. Only sold in some states across the US, NY being one of them. Cigarellos taste sorta like a Swisher Sweet, but with a stronger after taste. They cost about $20- a box or about $1.50 a piece, but if you do try one, wet it good because they have a tendency to suck up every bit of moisture like a piece of sheetrock. As long as you fill it with the dankest of trauma, you have nothing to worry about. I really mean nothing to worry about.

Fast as a Speeding Bullet...

The Preakness was this past weekend and to everyone's suprize, Afleet Alex overcame an almost tragic stumble that could've cost Jeremy Rose his career or his life. After catching the legs of Scrappy T while trying to get over to the rail, Alex lost control of his stride, but regained it to come back for a long awaited win. Check this shit...
The Official Results:
-win --Afleet Alex
-place --Scrappy T
-show --Giacomo
-4th --Sun King
The sad part about this is that if you scroll down in the blog, you can see my picks before the race. I picked three out of four horses that came in the top four.
My Picks:
-win --Sun King
-place --Giacomo
-show --Afleet Alex
-4th --didn't pick.
But...assuming that I picked Scrappy T, I would've been $5,150.00 richer. That is also if I bet the Superfecta and boxed the wager. Still tho, better than being broke or winning the triple straight that paid $872.00 . damn I could'a used that lute for this weekend. AWWWWWW SHHHHIIIIT!!!!!

This is the bed and breakfast up the hill from our townhouses...and the view from thier is just as good. They just finished renovating the building this season so it should be open for biznezz. This trip has been a long time coming, and everyone we are going with should have a ball. Bluntz, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Poker, and Drunken nakedness. Plus the CD is slamming and we will have a Henny and Bluntz listening session on Friday night. So bring you weed and your liver. Jack of all Trades may even smoke. That would be great to see. The other thing that would be great is if the weatherman would stop fuckin with all of us so I don't have to hunt down his Mike "molester grill" Bono ass and make him eat seagull shit. The weather better be nice .......Or Else!

I'm not sure when I will be updating could be tommorrow or it could be after the long weekend. Until then. Bye Bye