Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kanye recently went on the Today show with that dickhead Matt Lauer. I had such a hard time trying to figure out who to hate more. Matt or Kanye? Kanye hates white people, or maybe he's just pro-black as they say. He tends to think that the people that lined up to buy his records are apparently oppressing him in some sort of way. Here's what everyone wishes they could say to Conyeah. Buddy, fuck off and be happy that you actually have a voice! It's too bad that the news of your death today was a hoax. As for Matt Lauer, the truth will come out about your hidden affairs, ricedick. Stop acting like you have clout, you're just a morning show journalist that thinks he's untouchable. I may have to come down there with my own sign that says "Limpdick Lauer Loves Rokerass" Run and tell that homeboy. Anyway, this clip shows you just how fucked in the Kanye really is. I don't know who is a better interview for Lauer, West or Bush. Bush is just looking for publicity for his new book, and West is looking to promote his latest in a string of racist releases. Make sure you go and support. Keep allowing assholes like that to become more and more out of your league. Kanye called and told me to thank you all for being so gullible.

Uckin' Kanye.

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