Saturday, April 23, 2005


NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH...We at it again wiggas!!!!
Currently we (Jack and Myself) are working on some heat due out near the end of the year. Stealing, Raping, and Pillaging the wax always. Mic Mangla stopped through yesterday and chose a few beats for a project he is working on. He wasn't trying to disclose too much information except that it is a solo album and it may feature guests. I'm glad to see that because other people are smart enough to resist the temptation of playing new material for friends, it is becoming contagious around the area. It really sucks when an album is put together very well as far as production, mastering and hot songs, but because everyone has heard a lot of the material early (before mastering, etc) it ruins the exclusivness of the real release. Yes, it is essential to promote the album and create a buzz, but you want to give them a sip, or even a swallow, not the whole bottle.
Some extra news for you dedicated fans of that upstate flava, Shyste is currently working on various joints to be released at a way later date. This guy still to this day has tons of unreleased material. I was dabbling with the idea of doing a best of Shyste cd because everyone is asking, but I still have to bring it to his attention and see what he thinks. Sween on the other hand is buzy working on the follow-up to Face Punch Music, Knucklenutz. This albums first single is a song called Hate Hop, and has piercing guitar riffs and some of the illest demonlyrics I've heard in a while. I'm working on the slumped over the bar remix of that song, which should be serious. Speaking of remixes...Sween has a dope Oxswinger remix that he did...this guy is getting better and better at producing, watch out for him.

JACK...I found your hat. 1982 Braves buddaz $25- Lemme know when you steal those tips from Friendly's, we'll order dis bitch right da phuck up.

C-RAYZ WALZ -(see-rays-walls)
After touring with Raekwon and various underground artists, C-Rayz is preparing for his new album release Year of the Beast. In addition to working on the finishing touches for a DVD version of the album with live footage, the queens native will be starring as an emcee coach on MTV's June 10th episode of Made. He will be trying to help prep a young emcee before a battle. This should be a good show, one thing I do know about C-Rayz is that he is a comedian at heart and cares about his fans deeply. During a show at The Hudson Duster for DJ Toast's 15th anniversary he gave me a live shout out during a freestyle... the funny thing about this story is that he came up with 3-5 words that rhymed with Vinycologist. You try doing that, bet you can't come up with more than 2 in 10min. Anyway, I have a copy of the new album and it is dope, I must say a lot better than Ravipops. I'm still waiting on the old "Fuck the Mayor" C- to make the comeback. There is evidence on the beast album, but the production is not as versatile as I would've expected. See should've took the cd of beats when I tossed it to ya. See you at the top.

This is why you should never trust a blonde...They have a tendency to become self absorbed pigs after a while. Plus they are usually too drunk or geeked out to remember anything that happened the day before. Do you think that she took the call????? I think so...actually I know so. Who's hands do you think those are on the cheeks. Parden my mess of dark fur, this is before I started watching porn and shaving my webbos.

1st round- #23 Fabian Washington (cornerback)
2nd round- #38 Stanford Routt (cornerback)
3rd round- #69 Andrew Walter (quarterback)
3rd round- #78 Kirk Morrison (inside linebacker)
TRADED- bitchass Buchanon...good luck fucker.
TRADED- jerkass Jolley
Oakland will be nasty this year no doubt, but they still need a few more things to be the ultimate squad. I myself am looking forward to this season and maybe if we are lucky we'll make it back to the superbowl. We'll be even more lucky if we go up against that fagfucker John Gruden...and then if we win I will personally make a special trip to his house with 10,000 raiders fans to dump 3 years worth of blunt guts dipped in semen on his head.

"Poker grill you cause I'm the rap Phil Helmuth" --The Vinylcologist
You fold, I already know.

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