Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Liquid Swords Entertainment: It comes as no surprise that The GZA/Genius has signed a deal with Babygrande Records for releases under his own label, especially having featured with the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and Jus Allah. Liquid Swords Entertainment has gone through a roster change over the years but the current line up is bound to include the likes of Armel (C.O.I.N.S), Young Justice (Gza's son) and possibly more. The first release later this year would be an official mix tape entitled "GZA Presents:...." and possibly a film/music project releases in the near future. Peep out www.babygrande.com for more updates.

Meanwhile the RZA is keeping buzy as always.

Having already conquered hip-hop, The RZA, a.k.a. Bobby Digital, is now proving to the publishing industry that the Wu-Tang Clan is indeed nothin' ta fuck wit. Kung fu face-punching provided the inspiration for the nine-man collective, but the RZA soon began using the teachings of Shaolin monks to fuel his personal and professional growth. The Wu-Tang Manual: Enter the 36 Chambers, Volume One recalls the origin and influences of the Clan before they hit it big with 1993's Enter the Wu-Tang. A common desire to rhyme, seek spiritual guidance, and smoke superior weed united the group on the streets of Staten Island, New York, later spawning such personalities as Method Man and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Citations for some of the Clan's most puzzlingly popular lyrics, advice on how many sizes too big you should buy your Wu-Wear pants (eight extra inches at the cuff), and the identity of the local ho (Dirty Tasha) are just a few of the insights that'll make any reader feel like an honorary Wu Gambino. Just some extra info for all you relishounds...Rza will be re-making the score for the film Ong Bak: Thai Warrior, which was released in 2003.

Pretty soon MF Doom will have his name on more plastic than Hasbro; this March, the metal-faced villain released his first live record, Live From Planet X, on Nature Sounds Records. The album, Doom's 921st, apparently features tracks from Operation Doomsday, Madvillainy, MM Food, and more. While watching Dumile twist his rhymes through the grill of his mask is a huge part of the appeal of his live show, most backpackers'll probably be elated just to hear Doom's live improvisations/variations and the quotables they yield.
As expected, the most prolific man in hip-hop (with an average higher than Ichiro's, natch) has his metal fingers on a few other projects. Pizzo at hiphopsite.com reported that an MF Doom/Ghostface collaboration is becoming a reality. Though details at this point are sketchier than a carnival at Michael Jackson's house, the two have apparently been recording together in the studio, and Doom is reportedly producing songs for Ghostface's next Def Jam LP, the follow-up to last year's phenomenal Pretty Toney Album. A project featuring two of hip hop's brighest would either be an immediate classic or the most disappointing album of the '00s. We hope it's the former. There are also rumors circulating about a remixing project he is planning on doing with the acapellas to Enter The 36 Chambers and a few other Wu classics. As we know he remixed a plethora of his own material, and did a 2CD set of homecooked remixes from past Nas albums.

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