Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Oooops...I dun did it again. She asked for it making terrible music like that. Well, what do you expect when you let everyone but yourself run your life. First off, I never really thought that she was dope looking. Second, this chick could have any dude on the planet (myself excluded), and she decided to go with a cheezy backup dancer that has interracial luggage. What a waste, I'm glad that she is getting fatter by the hour and maybe she will be the next Kirstie Alley.

Yet another pop icon that has hit the bottom hard...and I'm not talking about little tykes behinds. There is a misprint in the report though, under race (RAC: B) , He looks caucasion to me.?? I just don't believe that he could do something like that, I believe that he is just an easy target and because he's paid his way out of trouble before. That is even more of a motive for people that seek fame and money. This is the guy that has HAD a fun park on his ranch since the beginning of time. This is the dude that invites the 7 dwarfs and Webster over for poker tourneys and Easter din din. I guess the jury will decide tho...let's just pray that this doesn't push him to take his own life. He seems super unstable. Maybe he'll just bounce like "the juice" did...GO MIKEY GO!!!!!!!!

"Fuck a benz, cause I can pull skinz on a pedal bike" -Big L.

Fever Pitches...What one Boston fan was doing after the World Series. I'm not sure if he got snuffed because he said the wrong thing to the wrong guy at the wrong time, or if the fasion police billyclubbed his ass for wearing a sportcoat over a hoodie. By the looksof things his girl will never tell him to dress like Ryan Seacrest again. uhaha!

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