Friday, April 08, 2005

139 and LENOX

It's too much of a shame that this guy had to go so early. Forreal, I miss him, dearly...never met him but yet I still feel like I knew so much about him. Here's a question you all can't you think that he would've been the G.O.A.T. if he was still around????? I think so, actually, I know so. I also know that whenever I get an exclusive mix cd with some Big L. on that shit the first thing that I do is go to the tracks I haven't heard yet...but it seems like these dj's are just using him and his name to sell cds. The reason I say that is simple, almost every tribute cd I have has all different names for songs that we all know already. That's why the bullshit needs to stop...true fans getting fooled into buying, or in my case downloading a disc that is suppost to have some exclusives on it. It always ends up being another weak dj that doesn't even deserve to own the music. Unappreciative Cocksuckers! The freestyle record that came out like a year and a half ago is still the best collection of Big L. tracks to date. Find it....if you can.

"So You Wanna Be a Gangsta" --Too Short
Well it seems that nowadayz everyone is trying to be hard somehow. Punching the Easter bunny, starting shit with the cops, posing as federal agents, etc... Ever wonder what it would be like if there were no "gangsters"??? I don't. I guess that every homothug rapper wouldn't have any "gangster movie scenes" in thier videos. Fat Joe is a perrrrfect example...In his new video he is standing in the subway in a scene identical to Christopher Walken in King Of New York...The only problem is, Frank White was skinny and White! Not Black...and the next time you fags complain that we are taking your music, slang, dress code and trying to be black, remember who is really trying to be who. Dirty moneycountin' crackers are the real gangsters. I'm not racist in any way, I just think that people get this shit mixed up. Maybe I should write a letter to Dave Chappelle and suggest that he do a skit on how may "fake" gangsters there really are out there. Like this guy. Fuckin Fool.

That ain't Gangsta...This is Gangsta:

That's exactly what I feel like doing to my shit because all the music that is out on the radio is fuckin' garrrrbage!

"peace...I'm outtie 5000!!!" ---EPMD

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